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vrm.2.31 Thereafter Rama of great splendour spoke to Lakshmana the valiant man who was standing in front, intending to preceede Sri Rama and soliciting with joined palms.
vrm.2.33 The same Sri Rama who was followed by a strong four wings of army comprising Elephants, Chariots, Cavalry and Infantry, is walking lonely with Seetha followed by Lakshmana.
vrm.5.1 "You are fit to raise up after seeing the gentleness of Sri Rama, and the exile of Seetha, and the effort of Hanuma.
vrm.5.1 "The ocean was developed by people born in Sri Rama s dynasty.
vrm.5.1 That such ocean is worshipping in lieu of Sri Rama, you who is desirous of Sri Rama s welfare.
vrm.5.1 This Vanara Hanuma is going for the benefit of Sri Rama, the son of Dasaratha.
vrm.5.1 "When that Sri Rama, with a bitter enmity towards Rakshasas, was diverted in another task, His famed wife Seetha had been taken away by Ravana.
vrm.5.1 O subject of Sri Rama! You are suited to help Rama.
vrm.5.1 "Otherwise after seeing Seetha and informing that to Sri Rama who makes Seetha without troubles, I will obtain your mouth.
vrm.5.1 Bring Seetha together with the great Sri Rama.
vrm.5.2 "Even if He reaches this very difficult and impenetrable Lanka ruled by Ravana, what can that Sri Rama with mighty arms do"?
vrm.5.2 After that, that Elephant among Vanaras Hanuma who was interested in the welfare of Sri Rama, stood on that mountain peak and thought for an instant.
vrm.5.2 "How can the task of Sri Rama, one who knows self, not be destroyed? How can I alone see Seetha alone in a place devoid of people?.
vrm.5.2 "If I were to be seen by rakshasas, this task of Sri Rama, with a famed mind, who desires the slaying of Ravana will become wasteful.
vrm.5.2 "For that reason, I will become small in my appearance and will enter Lanka at night for the success of the task of Sri Rama.
vrm.5.3 Considering the long armed Sri Rama s strength and Lakshmana s valour, Hanuma became happy.
vrm.5.4 That glorious Hanuma, performer of beneficial deeds for Sugreeva the king of Vanaras, moved around the city of Lanka which had wonderful garlands and jewellery, for the sake of Sri Rama.
vrm.5.5 Hanuma did not see that Seetha who stood in the path of ancient righteousness with Her sight on Sri Rama, who was possessed by the love for Sri Rama, who entered the glorious mind of husband and always the best among women who were the best.
vrm.5.5 Hanuma did not see Seetha, tortured by separation from Sri Rama, with unabounding tears in her throat, in earlier times who had invaluable and best jewellery on her neck, born with beautiful eyebrows, with a sweet voice, like a she hen who did not dance in a forest because of Her current sorrow.
vrm.5.5 Hanuma became a numb minded one for sometime, stricken with grief not seeing for a moment Seetha, wife of Sri Rama the best among those who talk, and the lord of all humans.
vrm.5.7 Thereafter that Hanuma nearing that city of Lanka worshipped by Rakshasas, ruled by arms of ten headed Ravana, moving thereabout became very gloomy on not seeing that Seetha well worshipped by all and greatly conquered by the virtues of Her husband Sri Rama Thereafter then the heart of the great souled Hanuma who contemplated supreme spirit in many ways with a disciplined mind following righteous path, with good observant eyes, moving about in the city of Lanka became greatly sorrowful on not seeing Seetha.
vrm.5.13 To wherever I see Seetha, the wife of Sri Rama and one with fame, till there I will search the city of Lanka again and again.
vrm.5.13 Based on words of Sampati if I bring Sri Rama then Sri Rama not seeing wife will burn all Vanaras.
vrm.5.13 Defeating all rakshasas, I will give Seetha, who gives happiness to Ikshvaku dynasty to Sri Rama as the fruit of austerity to an ascetic.
vrm.5.13 There definitely guards will be protecting assigned, trees, omnipresent Lord Vayu also will be blowing by without force, and by me this body has been made small for the sake of Sri Rama and to avoid Ravana.
vrm.5.14 I will see by Gods grace, Seetha who is interested in the sight of Sri Rama while she is moving here and there with grief.
vrm.5.14 This pond also served by groups of Birds is beautiful that wife of Sri Rama definitely will come for this pond.
vrm.5.14 The wife of Sri Rama dear to Sri Rama, a chaste wife, soul captivating one, expert at moving in forest, that Janaki will definitely come.
vrm.5.14 Otherwise one with the eyes of a deer, emaciated by the thought of Sri Rama, that noble one will come for this garden.
vrm.5.14 Tortured by grief for Sri Rama, with beautiful eyes, interested always living in the garden, that Devi moving about in the garden will come.
vrm.5.14 The beloved wife of Sri Rama, the daughter of king Janaka, the chaste wife, earlier always was interested the denizens of the garden.
vrm.5.14 Whoever Seetha, the auspicious wife, a dear one of Sri Rama, the king of kings, to that Seetha this Ashoka garden, an auspicious one, is well suited also.
vrm.5.16 The best among vanaras praising that Seetha who is fit to be praised, and also praising Sri Rama pleasing with His virtues, became immersed in thought again.
vrm.5.16 Knowing the effort of Sri Rama and of sagacious Lakshmana, Seetha is not worried a lot, like Ganga in the rainy season.
vrm.5.16 Sri Rama is suited to Seetha with Her well matched character, age and conduct with well matched pedigree and characteristics this black eyed Seetha is also suited to Him.
vrm.5.16 Seeing that Seetha with the radiance of new gold, like the goddess Lakshmi, delightful to the world, Hanuma went by heart to Sri Rama spoke these words also.
vrm.5.16 If Sri Rama for Her sake turns upside down the earth with the ocean at the end, and the entire universe it is fair, this is my opinion.
vrm.5.16 Sri Rama likes to see this Seetha who is endowed with excellent character and tormented by Ravana, like a thirsty one for a place where water is available freely.
vrm.5.16 By Her gain again Sri Rama definitely will get happiness like a king who lost kingdom getting back the land.
vrm.5.16 Left by coveted enjoyments, lacking relatives also Seetha is keeping body desirous of meeting with Sri Rama.
vrm.5.16 She is not seeing Rakshasi s, not flowers, fruits or trees and with a single heart is meditating only on Sri Rama this is sure.
vrm.5.16 Husband is indeed the greatest adornment for a woman greater than jewellery this Seetha though deserving of decoration, is not looking charming without Sri Rama.
vrm.5.16 Sri Rama although bereft of Her that Lord Rama is doing an impossible task by retaining His body and not being depressed by sorrow.
vrm.5.16 Whoever Seetha with earth like patience, with eyes resembling lotuses, was protected by Sri Rama and Lakshmana, that Seetha now is being guarded by Rakshasis with crooked eyes at the base of a tree.
vrm.5.17 Hanuma on seeing Seetha there with intoxicating eyes shed tears of joy and also paid obeisance to Sri Rama.
vrm.5.17 Being joyful on seeing Seetha, Hanuma the mighty one paid obeisance to Sri Rama and to Lakshmana and became covered with leaves.
vrm.5.19 Seetha was like a celestial being, tormented by grief and by thought with joined palms, desiring the defeat of Ravana at the hands of Sri Rama.
vrm.5.19 Ravana was trying to allure and threatening death to Seetha who was looking at every direction, crying, without blame, with good eye lids and reddish and white eyes, with an excessive vow to follow Sri Rama.
vrm.7.5 O son of Raghu, she had three daughters, resembling Sri, Hri, and Kirti in splendour.
vrm.7.72 Thou art the very lord of riches or art even superior to Kubera ;like Padma unto the lord of riches, Sri is always by thee.

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