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vrm.2.92 The exile of Rama with indeed become ultimately a cause for happiness!" "Now, due to Rama s exile, there will indeed be a benefit to the Devas and Danavas and the sages whose souls are purified by meditating on the Universal Spirit.
vrm.6.67 Thereupon, that Rama got hold of an arrow spelled with a missile presided over by Indra effulgent as sun s rays, resembling the rod of Brahma the lord of creation as also the destructive Kala, the Time Spirit, and having its speed equal to the wind.
vrm.6.125 At a distance of two miles from Ayodhya Hanuma saw Bharata, living in a hermitage, with the bark trees and the skin of a black antelope wrapped round his waist, looking miserable and emaciated, wearing matted locks on his head, his limbs coated with dirt, afflicted through separation from Rama his elder brother, subsisting on roots and fruits, with his senses subdued, engaged in austerities, protecting virtue, with a very high head of matted hair, covering his body with the bark of trees and a deer skin, disciplined, whose thoughts were fixed on the Supreme Spirit, with a splendour equalling that of a Brahmanical sage, ruling the earth after placing the wooden sandals before him, protecting the people belonging to all the four grades viz.

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