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vrm.1.34 Even Rama with a little astonishment coming upon him, applauding that tigerly sage, and glided into the lap of sleep along with Soumitri.
vrm.3.2 "To me, oh, Soumitri, the grief of others touching Seetha is more, than father s demise or grabbing away my kingdom.
vrm.3.4 Soumitri indeed severed the left arm of that ferocious one, while Rama rent the right arm of that Rakshasa.
vrm.3.5 And oh, manly tiger Lakshmana, those that are there in hundreds and hundreds around Indra, those youthful ones with their ear ornaments and swords in hands, with wide and broad chests, with club shaped arms, and clad in glimmering red garments, all are like Tigers, all are unapproachable, all of them are wearing ornamental chains on their chest place that are akin to flaring fires, and in their appearance, Soumitri, they always bear a look of twenty five year olds.
vrm.3.8 Rama along with Soumitri is well revered by Sage Suteekshna, spent that night there and awoken in the morning.
vrm.3.8 "My dear Rama, you may go and Soumitri you too also may go.
vrm.3.11 We arrived at the threshold of the hermitage, oh, Soumitri, you enter firstly and submit to Sage Agastya about my arrival at this place along with Seetha.
vrm.3.13 When thus said by Sage Agastya, Rama along with Soumitri venerated and bade
vrm.3.15 On taking Lakshmana s hand by his hand Rama paced that beautiful place intended for the construction of hermitage up and down and spoke to Soumitri this way.
vrm.3.15 "This place is holy, this is delightful and this is with many animals and Birds, hence Soumitri, let us reside here along with this bird Jatayu.
vrm.3.17 On taking bath Rama with Seetha and Soumitri, then went to his own hermitage from that bank of River Godavari.
vrm.3.20 "Oh, Soumitri, briefly tarry at the close of Seetha as I wish to eliminate these Rakshasas who have trailed the path of that Rakshasi to here.
vrm.3.40 "On hearing that, and further hastened by Seetha, even Soumitri apprehensively follows the path of Rama in all his fondness for Rama.
vrm.3.43 Oh, Soumitri, presently no other deer indeed with such an excellent form exists in this forest.
vrm.3.43 b, a "I wish to catch this deer, Soumitri, if not I will kill it, and I will be going forthwith to fetch the deer.
vrm.3.45 b, a "You are like a foe of your brother in friend s mien, Soumitri, as you are not making a move towards a brother even if he is in an emergency.
vrm.3.45 How can I long for another commoner when I have put my faith only in the lotus blue complexioned and lotus bright eyed husband of mine, Rama? a "If that comes to that, I will just discard my life in your presence, Soumitri do not mistake it.
vrm.3.57 Else if Maithili listens, she will hasten him to go over here and Soumitri instantly rushes here leaving her off.
vrm.3.58 Vaidehi" who is dearer to me than my lives, will she be alive somehow! Oh, valiant Lakshmana, this peregrination of mine, will it not become futile, someway! "When I am dead for the sake of Seetha and when you get back to Ayodhya lonesomely, and when Kaikeyi s wishes are accomplished thus, oh, Soumitri, will she be comfortable, somewhat! Kaikeyi" is with her son, with a kingdom, and further her purposes are achieved, oh, gentle Lakshmana, and because of the death of her son will my austerely mother Kausalya humbly get into the servitude of Kaikeyi, anyhow!
vrm.3.59 Rama the descendent of Raghu, again asked Soumitri who strayed from the hermitage and whom his own anguish is distressing now, in the middle of path towards their hermitage.
vrm.3.59 Rama who is deluded by angst said to Soumitri who is speaking thus, that "your arrival without her is an improper deed, oh, gentle one.
vrm.3.61 Oh, Lakshmana, possibly where can be Vaidehi? Or, to which place she has gone from here? Or, Soumitri, who stole her away? Or, who has gorged up my ladylove? Oh, Seetha, if you have concealed yourself under trees wishing to poke fun at me, enough is your fun and games, get in touch with me now, as I am highly anguished.
vrm.3.61 When Lakshmana good heartedly spoke this way, Rama self collectedly made a headway for the search of Seetha along with Soumitri.
vrm.3.61 On exploring everywhere on that mountain Rama said to Lakshmana, oh, Soumitri, here on this mountain I do not descry auspicious Vaidehi.
vrm.3.63 To such a Rama whose physique is routed by his anguish in this way and who is insensately bewailing in that way, Soumitri whose courage is un dispirited gave a justifiable and timely suggestion.
vrm.3.63 When Soumitri of towering bravery is speaking this way, Rama, the enhancer of Raghu s lineage, gave no heed to it, and since he castaway his fortitude he again encountered an inexplicable anguish.
vrm.3.64 See Lakshmana, many beads of jewellery and many bits of garlands of Vaidehi have indeed fallen down, and oh, Soumitri, they are strewn around.
vrm.3.64 A deadly clash has occurred here, Soumitri, while two Rakshasas were clashing between themselves on account of Vaidehi.
vrm.3.64 If the Gods are not going to safely restore Seetha to me, oh, Soumitri, they can see what my blitzkrieg is, at this very moment.
vrm.3.64 b, a Whether she is abducted, or even if she is killed, oh, Soumitri, if the Gods are not going to give back my Seetha I will now jeopardise these worlds with my arrows.
vrm.3.67 Jatayu is supine on a single strait passable for a single person and he is suspiring for several times, and on seeing such Jatayu Rama became anguished and spoke this to Soumitri.
vrm.3.68 Rama on seeing that eagle felled to ground by the atrocious Ravana, said this sentence to Soumitri who is an asset for good
vrm.3.68 mountainous eagle whose eyes are bloodshot and whose lives have gone, said this way to Soumitri.
vrm.3.68 Universally noticeable are the protective, prepotent, principled ones that are the followers of probity, oh, Soumitri, even though their births are avian or bestial.
vrm.3.68 Oh, Soumitri, get the firewood and I will produce fire by friction of two sticks, as I wish to cremate this lord of Birds who expired because of me.
vrm.3.68 Oh, Soumitri, I will mount this lord of realm of Birds onto the pyre and cremate him who is killed by a feral Rakshasa.
vrm.3.68 Then that resolute Rama on going into forest along with Soumitri hunted a robust bodied, big Rohi animal, or, Kesari animal, and then he spread sacred grass on ground to place that offering to the deceased soul of that bird.
vrm.3.69 quot Closeting Soumitri in her embrace she told him this sentence, I am Ayomukhi, by my name.
vrm.3.69 b, a But when Lakshmana said that way, Rama said to Soumitri, Fret not thyself, futilely.
vrm.3.69 a firmly and factually valorous one, by which he earned a great renown, and he on telling thus, and on looking over that recalcitrantly vengeful Soumitri, then Rama readied himself by his own steadied thinking.
vrm.3.74 Those knowers of probity, highly providential, and eminent saints have told me, Rama will come to this highly blest hermitage of yours along with Soumitri.
vrm.3.75 b, a To that brave Rama who is speaking thus, Soumitri said this, my heart too is hastening me, let us go there promptly.
vrm.4.1 "Oh! Soumitri, magnificent is Pampa Lake with its cat s eye gem like waters, and she with her fully bloomed lotuses and costuses is beaming forth, along with many trees around her.
vrm.4.1 "Oh! Soumitri, see the forest of Pampa, the auspicious one in its appearance.
vrm.4.1 "Pleasing is this breeze, oh! Soumitri, and Manmatha, the Kamadeva, prevails at this time, and prideful is this month with its fragrance, flowers, fruits and trees.
vrm.4.1 "See this figuration of these forests enriched with these flowers, Soumitri! Outpouring is the flower rain, like the rain from rain clouds.
vrm.4.1 "This spring with the soundings of many Birds, oh! Soumitri, is enkindling grief in me, for Seetha is disunited.
vrm.4.1 "Well mingled are these female Birds with their male ones, for which they are well admired by their own flock, oh! Soumitri, and such Birds are calling gladsomely together with the pleasing humming of king bees.
vrm.4.1 b, a "And if she with slender eyelids on her eyes, decent hairdo, and a soft spoken one, Oh! Soumitri, if she is unseen by me will there be any purposefulness of my life? b, a "My dear Seetha has an enchantment for these enchanting woodlands bustling with koels up to their horizons, and Lakshmana, similarly enchanting is this vernal season to her.
vrm.4.1 Lakshmana, these mango trees bearing greenish yellow flower are appearing like men whose hearts are flirtatiously aroused, and who have creamed their bodies with greenish yellow body cream "Oh, tigerly man Soumitri, see these Pampa s amazing forests ranges.
vrm.4.1 Soumitri", see those flowered Karnikara trees with their tree trunks on those southern hill terraces of Pampa, they are highly splendorous.
vrm.4.1 "On the mountainsides, Soumitri, all over fully flowered are the exquisite Kimshuka trees, while their leaves are hidden under those reddish flowers, and with them that mountain is as though aglow.
vrm.4.1 "See the splendorous trees of Pampa here, oh! Soumitri.
vrm.4.1 Soumitri" see the bloom of flowers in spring after winter, as if the trees have indeed bore the flowers in competition with one another.
vrm.4.1 "See the cool water of this Pampa Lake, Soumitri, filled with blue lotuses, and with ruddy geese well moving in, and well venerated by the partridge Birds.
vrm.4.1 "I live along for sure, Soumitri, if that slender waisted Vaidehi basks in this benignant breeze of Pampa along with me.
vrm.4.3 Soumitri, with this minister of Sugreeva, the knower of sententiousness and a pleasant worded one, and one with friendliness you exchange pleasantries with that enemy destroyer Hanuma.
vrm.4.27 a "This delightful mountain cave is spacious and breezy, hence, oh, enemy destroyer Soumitri, let us stay in this during rainy nights.
vrm.4.27 Aha"! Soumitri, very exhilarating is this locale and we can happily reside here, oh, enemy eliminator, we can certainly take delight in this environ.
vrm.4.28 "Elsewhere, well befogged by vapour intimately, well enthused by the advent of rainy season, you see Soumitri, at those wild jasmines flowered on those mountain terraces.
vrm.4.31 On hearing the words of Lakshmana Angada is muffled up in grief, and on arriving in the presence of his father Sugreeva he informed Soumitri" has come.
vrm.4.36 My prosperity, prominence and this perpetual kingdom of Vanaras are once mislaid, but oh, Soumitri, I regained all this just by the beneficence of Rama.

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