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vrm.1.45 b, a Keshava" then reached out his hand and grasped the mountain top as he is the Cosmic Soul, and thus staying amid Gods that Supreme Person Vishnu participated in churning the ocean by holding the stirring mountain upright.
vrm.1.66 Oh, godly sage, there was a king renowned as Devaraata, sixth one from Nimi, the originator of our lineage, and this bow was handed down to him for custodial care by the Sublime Soul, Shiva.
vrm.1.66 And that Sublime Soul Shiva gladly gave that bow to all of the great souled Gods, and oh, godly saint, then those great souled Gods gave this gem of a bow of Shiva, the God of Gods, to our ancestor Devaraata, for
vrm.3.11 Then those five Apsaras have led that sage astray who discerned the nature of this and the other world, or good and bad, or the nature of Absolute Soul
vrm.3.11 and Body bound Soul, towards the passional restraint by, as though to achieve god s task.

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