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vrm.1.54 Oh, Son of Brahma, why I am discarded by you, whereby oh, god, the king s attendants are weaning me away from your proximity.
vrm.2.24 While the dependants and the servants of Lord Rama eat pleasant foods all the while, how can he eat roots and fruits himself in the forest Hearing that Rama the beloved and virtuous is being thus sent to exile by the king, who will believe these words? Who will not develop fear Oh, Rama If you, the charming in the world are to go to exile, then it can be certainly said that everything is ordered by a strong destiny Oh, Son! Soon after your departure to a distant forest,
vrm.2.24 Oh, Son! A cow follows its calf wherever it goes.
vrm.4.15 Son" Angada said this account when he returned from forests, and to him spies are said to have reported this.
vrm.7.11 O Son, Ravana always cherisheth this wicked desire to have Lanka for himself.
vrm.7.79 And according to this I shall name the first Son Kusa and the second Lava ;and by those names they shall be celebrated on earth.

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