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vrm.1.33 "While that sage is in the practise of asceticism a Gandharva female Gandharvi by the name Somada served him at the place of his ascesis, safety be with you oh, Rama.
vrm.1.33 "Perceiving that the sage is contented that Gandharvi Somada who is aware of making good sentences is highly delighted and spoke with her melodious voice to that pedantic sage.
vrm.1.33 So said Somada to sage Cuulii.
vrm.1.33 Somada", the Gandharvi and the mother of Brahmadatta, is gladdened to see her son Brahmadatta, for the worthwhile deed done by him in removing the blemish caused by the Vayu to the girls, or in bringing those worthwhile girls as her daughter in laws.
vrm.1.33 Thus Somada has gone on caressing each of her hundred daughter in laws, and in doing so she is gladdened to do so over and over again, she is gladdened.

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