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vrm.2.28 Snakes" dwelling in rivers, moving crookedly like rivers, stay obstucting the pathways.
vrm.2.103 Boars, Wolves and Lions, Buffaloes, Snakes, Monkeys, Tigers, Gokarnas and Gavayas two distinctive species of deer along with spotted Deer felt frightened.
vrm.4.1 rambling Snakes and Elephants and restless are the deer and Birds flocks, as well.
vrm.4.59 Passion is exigent to the Gandharva s, aggression is exigent to Snakes, fear is exigent to Deer, like that hunger is exigent to us, the Eagles.
vrm.4.60 Bears, Antelopes, Tigers, Lions, and diverse Reptiles and Snakes are following him at his heel, as with living beings following a donor, or all donating Brahma.
vrm.6.59 The other resembling a thunder bolt, of large and well developed chest, who has an attentive mind, has the King of Snakes as his standard, who is moving and twanging his bow, he is Kumbha.

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