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vrm.1.20 b, a Sixty thousand years have passed from my birth, oh! Vishvamitra, and this Rama is engendered at this age, that too with tribulations, hence taking Rama with you will be inappropriate of you.
vrm.2.54 Sixty miles from here, dear son, lies a sacred mountain on which you may takeup your dwelling, which region is inhabited by great sages, is charming to look at from all sides, infested by the black species of Monkeys with a long tail, haunted by Apes and Bears, known by the name of Chitrakuta and which closely resembles Gandha maadana mountain.
vrm.2.83 Sixty thousand chariots filled with archers, furnished with weapons of various kinds, followed the illustrious prince Bharata.
vrm.6.74 Sixty seven crores of powerful Vanaras were struck down by the cherished missile of Brahma, the self born creator, in the fifth and last period of the day.
vrm.6.74 From that mountain, Hanuma then ascended Mount Malaya, appearing as Mounts Meru and Mandara, filled with several kinds of cascades, full of many trees and creepers, having Kamala and Utpala lotuses blooming, visited by Devas and Gandharvas, having a height of Sixty Yojanas four hundred eighty miles, frequented by Vidyadharas, a number of sages and Apsaras, filled with various kinds of animal troupes and illuminated by many caves, Hanuma grew his body, appearing like a cloud, bewildering Yakshas, Gandharvas and Kinnaras.

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