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vrm.6.84 Fixing his gaze on Vibhishanas face and looking at Sugreeva and those Vanaras, Lakshmana with tears pouring down, spoke the following words, with a splendid meaning: O gentle Sir! Just on hearing through the words of Hanuma, saying that Seetha was killed by Indrajit, Rama entered into a swoon.
vrm.7.38 Thereupon offering him Maduparka, cow and water to wash feet, the king of Haihayas, in accents obstructed with delight, addressed the ascetic saying: "Reverend Sir, thine visit, it is hard to obtain.
vrm.7.41 Hearing the whole history, Rama, the descendant of Raghu, said to Agastya "O Reverend Sir, Riksharaja is the name of the father of Vali and Sugriva but thou hast not told me the name of their mother.
vrm.7.59 O illustrious Sir, she on the look out for a protector do thou protect her.
vrm.7.61 "O illustrious Sir, how long shall my family remain in existence ?What is the extent of the lease of life granted to Rama and my other sons ?How long shall the descendants of Rama live ?And what shall be the end of my race ?Do thou relate all this unto me.
vrm.7.72 O worshipful Sir, thereupon they both said "The lotus eyed Rama is the king of all people Let us go to him and he will decide to whom the nest belongs.
vrm.7.78 And having bowed unto that high souled one he, with folded palms, said "O illustrious Sir, I wish to wait here this day ;I have come here for some business of our master Rama.
vrm.7.79 In the midnight the Muni boys came to Valmiki and communicated unto him this auspicious intelligence, saying "O illustrious Sir, the beloved spouse of Rama hath given birth to two sons ;do thou so protect them that evil spirits might not injure them.
vrm.7.85 The night being over, he first went through the morning rites and then with folded hands addressed the foremost of ascetics, Valmiki, saying "O illustrious Sir, I am anxious to see Rama, the enhancer of the delight of the Raghu race.
vrm.7.89 Thereupon meditating upon the duties of the Kshatriyas, the heroic Rama, the foremost of the intelligent, said "O illustrious Sir, the Brahmanas only can accept presents how can the Kshatriyas do ?To take gifts is the function of the Brahmanas for Kshatriyas it is a source of censure.
vrm.7.96 Heaing the words of Raghava, Bharata, well skilled in the art of speech, with folded hands, said "O pious Sir in thee are established piety, earth and fame.
vrm.7.97 "O worshipful Sir, amongst sacrifices Asvamedha is the best and the remover of all sins ;it is my prayer therefore that thy desire might be turned towards this great and highly puifying sacrifice.
vrm.7.97 O illustrious Sir, if his ascetic powers grow more we shall be constrained to live under his control for ever from the creation.
vrm.7.102 Thereupon after the expiry of a month, the graceful king Ila, son of the pariarch, awoke from sleep and beholding Budha, the son of Soma, engaged in austerities with uplifted hands in the midst of waters, said O illustrious Sir, with my followers I entered this dense forest I do not see them now anywhere.
vrm.7.118 Hearing the words of the ascetic, Lakshmana, the slayer of enemies worshipping the feet of that high souled one, said "O illustrious Sir, kindly mention thy business.

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