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vrm.4.40 "You strive hard in the island of Yava, which will be splendorous with seven kingdoms, like that even in Golden and Silver islands that are enwreathed with gold mines, in and around Yava islands.
vrm.4.49 Those vanara s who are the best among Vanaras who are desirous of getting a glance of Seetha have clambered up a magnificent Silver Mountain which in statuesque is like an autumnal silvery cloud, and which has many zeniths and caverns, and searched there in the delightful woods of Lodhra trees, and even in the groves of seven leaved banana plants.
vrm.7.104 O thou having long arms, let Bharata go before with a million of beasts carrying rice, sessamun seed, Kindneybean, Chickpea, pulse, Masha a sort of Kindney bean salt, oil, clarified butter and a hundred Koti of Silver and golden coins.

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