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vrm.1.26 b, c Rama while being eulogised by the Suras and Siddhas for complete elimination of Yaksha s daughter, namely Tataka, stayed there along with the sage only to be awakened by the next days sunrise.
vrm.1.51 "Moving sequentially about the provinces, cities, rivers likewise mountains, king Vishvamitra arrived at the threshold of a hermitage which is with numerous flowered trees and climbers, overspread with very many herds of animals, adored by the Siddhas and Caaranas, frequented and embellished with Devas, Danavas, Gandharvas, and Kinnaras, spread out with equable deer, adored by flights of Birds, compacted with the assemblages of Brahmarshis, and also with the assemblages of Devarshis who are fully accomplished in their ascesis, where the personal resplendence of each of the great souled sage is similar to each of the Ritual fire available in each of the Ritual Fire Altar before which he is sitting, and which hermitage is bustling with the activity of great souled sages who are comparable to Brahma, among whom some subsist on water alone, and some on air alone, likewise some more on dry leaves, while some on fruits, tubers, and with such of those sages and also with particular sages like Vaalakhilya s, also with others like Vaikhanasa s, who are all self controlled, who have overcame their peccabilites, who have overpowered their senses that hermitage is occupied, and while everyone of the inmates is engaged in meditations and oblations into Ritual fire, and with such sages and their activity whole of the perimeter of that hermitage is brightened and rendered splendent, and king Vishvamitra arrived at such a magnificent hermitage of Sage Vashishta.
vrm.2.55 Reaching the River Yamuna belonging to olden times, having a rapid stream and perceiving in it a passage for descent into the river, which is too much frequented the river, which is too much frequented, you cross the River Yamuna the daughter of the sun god by preparing a raft there, Oh Rama! After crossing the river Yamuna and approaching a large banyan tree named Syama dark green having green leaves surrounded by many tress and visited by Siddhas, Seetha should, joining her palms, recite her auspicious prayers to the tree.
vrm.2.95 "The trees, their crowns agitated by the breeze, that shower down leaves and flowers on both sides of the river cause the mountain to appear as though it were dancing!" "See this River Mandakini with its crystal like clear water at some places, with its shining sand dunes at some places and crowded with Siddhas who are bathing at some other places.
vrm.2.95 "I consider this sight of Mandakini River and of Chitrakuta, particularly at your sight, to be more delightful than dwelling in the City of Ayodhya, O, lovely woman!" Here are Siddhas, free from impurities and rich in asceticism, with their senses and mind under control, who perpetually stir the waters.
vrm.3.25 b, a On seeing lone Rama beset by many Rakshasas, then the Devas, Gandharvas, Siddhas and Sages are dispirited.
vrm.5.1 Then they heard words of Charanas, Siddhas and pure hearted Rishis who were located in that clear sky.
vrm.5.1 Seeing Hanuma perform that very difficult second task first one being the flight over ocean, all Devas, Siddhas and great sages praised Him.
vrm.5.1 Thereafter, Devas together with Gandharvas, Siddhas and great sages spoke thus to Surasa, the mother of Nagas, equal to the Sun in brilliance.
vrm.5.1 Siddhas and Charanas saw Hanuma sinking in her mouth, like the full moon on a full moon day being swallowed by Rahu.
vrm.5.13 Or I think the heart of the noble Seetha being stolen in the path served by Siddhas must have sunk at the site of the ocean.
vrm.5.26 "Whoever is seeing my husband Rama with eyes resembling a lotus flower such Devas, Siddhas together with Gandharvas and great sages are fortunate.
vrm.5.47 Thereafter, Hanuma with his prowess equal to that of wind, approaching Aksha moving in the sky, which is often frequented by Garuda the eagle, the wind and Siddhas the ascetics endowed with supernatural powers, slowly grasped his feet firmly.
vrm.5.48 Nagas and Yakshas, great Sages moving in astronomical circles, Siddhas and a multitude of Birds going around the sky, gathered there and clamoured loudly with a great rejoice.
vrm.5.51 "The renowned Rama, who is equal in prowess to Vishnu is the foremost among Devas or Asuras or men, or among hordes of Yakshas or among all Vidyadharas, or among Gandharvas or among Uragas or among Siddhas or among excellent Kinnaras or among Patatris Suparnas or among all living beings at all places and at all times.
vrm.5.54 Seeing that city of Lanka burnt there, Devas, Siddhas and great sages along with Gandharvas, got a colossal surprise.
vrm.5.58 "I heard Siddhas and Charanas, moving in the sky, saying that Simhika the dreadful Rakshasa was instantly killed by Hanuma.
vrm.5.58 "Then, treading upon the path of the sky, frequented by the Wind, the Moon, the Sun, Siddhas and Gandharvas, I saw you all here.
vrm.6.22 With a desire to behold that marvel,Devas along with Gandharvas, Siddhas and great sages came then and stood up in the sky.
vrm.6.22 Seeing that Ramas accomplishment, which was amazing and arduous Devas, Siddhas and Charanas along with great sages, forthwith approached Rama and consecrated him with very splendid waters separately.
vrm.6.59 Beholding Ravana struck in the fight by Hanuma s palm the sages, Vanaras, Siddhas, along with Asuras and Devas raised a resounding approbation.
vrm.6.93 Then, the Devas along with Gandharvas, Siddhas and great sages acclaimed that feat of Rama, saying "well done, well done!".
vrm.6.97 Having attained victory in the battle front, Sugreeva then continued to be looked at by the multitude of Gods, Siddhas and Yakshas as also a host of beings standing on the earth s surface who were all overwhelmed with joy.
vrm.6.102 Seeing Rama afflicted, the Devas, Gandharvas, Charanas along with the Danavas, as also Siddhas and the great sages felt dejected.
vrm.6.107 Then, the Devas along with Gandharvas, Siddhas, great Sages and all including Kinnaras and Uragas became disquieted.
vrm.6.117 You are the refuge and the forbear of Siddhas and Sadhyas.
vrm.6.119 "These three worlds, including Indra Siddhas and great sages pay homage to the great souled Rama as a Supreme person, on approaching him.
vrm.7.6 And hymned by Siddhas and Devas and sages and mighty semi divine Nagas and Gandharvas and Yakshas, the enemy of the Asura hosts presented himself, bearing in his hands the discus, sword, that weapon Sarnga and the conch.
vrm.7.16 And Yakshas and Vidyadharas and Siddhas asked, What is this.
vrm.7.22 And Devas and Gandharvas and Siddhas, and the supreme saints, placing Prajapati at their head, presented themselves at the fight.
vrm.7.27 then proceeded to the third excellent aeial region where perpetually reside the high minded Siddhas and Charanas and the extent whereof is also ten thousand leagues.
vrm.7.28 The Adityas, the Maruts, the Siddhas, the two Aswins, Rudras, the mines, Yama, Kubera, the oceans, mountains, rivers, all the divisions of the Veda and knowledge, ie, Planets, stars, sky, Siddhas, Gandharvas, Charanas, the ascetics conversant with the knowledge of Vedas, Garudas and the Nagas, the other Devas, Yakshas, Daityas and Rakshasas, were all seen in their incorporeal forms, on the person of that great Purusha, lying down.
vrm.7.37 Dasagriva being thus bonded the Siddhas, Charanas and the Devas exclaimed, "Well done! Well done !!"showered flowers upon Arjuna.
vrm.7.45 the highly effulgent one narrated onto me the last portion of this story in the presence of the Devas, Gandharvas, Siddhas, ascetics and other great O lord of kings, O conferrer of honors, do thou listen to that story which removeth monstrous iniquity.
vrm.7.110 The Adityas, Vasus, Rudras, Viswadevas, Maruts, Sadhyas, Siddhas, Nagas and Rishis placing Brahma before them, all came there.

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