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vrm.1.15 Then the Devas along with Gandharvas, Siddha s, and also other esteemed sages who by now are the residents of Heavens have duteously assembled in the firmament to receive their part of the oblations.
vrm.1.15 b, a "He that preposterous Rakshasa Ravana with his invigorated doggedness is torturing Devas along with eminent saints, Gandharva s, and Siddha s.
vrm.1.15 "We, the Siddha s, Gandharva s, Yaksha s along with sages have actually come for his elimination, and thereby we seek shelter in you.
vrm.1.17 The great souled beings, namely the Sages, Siddha s, Vidyadhara s, Uraga s, Chaarana s have created valiant sons amongst the forest rangers.
vrm.1.17 b, a Several of the Devas, great Sages, Gandharva s, Taarkshya s, Yaksha s, and the celebrated Uraga s, Kimpusha s, Siddha s, Vidyadhara s, Uraga s and Caarana s and even the prominent maidens of Apsara s, she Vidyadhara s, Naga, Gandharva s then gladly procreated all of the thousands of forest ranging and valiant Vanara sons from their bodies that are forest rangers.
vrm.1.29 b, Oh, god of Gods, as the works of my austerities are accomplished here, by your grace this hermitage will be renowned by the name Siddha ashram, Hermitage of Accomplishment, hence oh god, arise from here to become my son.
vrm.1.43 b, a "Later, they the Gods, sages, Gandharva s, Yaksha s, and the assemblages of Siddha s have then seen there the swoop of Ganga in that way from heaven to earth, with curiosity.
vrm.1.48 "On cursing immodest Ahalya thus, that great resplendent Sage Gautama shed this hermitage which was once adored by Siddha sand Chaarana s, and that great ascetic Gautama practised his asceticism on the pleasant peaks of Himalayas.
vrm.1.49 "The emasculated Indra then with panicked eyes spoke to Gods, Siddha s, Gandharva s, and Carana s, keeping Agni as their helms god.
vrm.1.76 Gods together with the assemblages of sages have come keeping the Grandparent Brahma at their fore, likewise the Gandharva s, Apsara s, Siddha s, Caarana s, Kinnara s, Yaksha s, sprites and reptilian beings have also come to see Rama who is now wielding the extraordinary longbow of Vishnu, and extremely amazing event that is going to ensue.
vrm.2.70 Being protected by the army, the high soled Bharata, who was free from enemies, taking Shatrughna along with other companions good enough to him, started from the palace of his venerable maternal uncle, as a Siddha would start from Indraloka the world of Devas.
vrm.3.5 a And the Gandharva s, Amara s, Siddha s and very many great sages as well are extolling Indra who is abiding in firmament.
vrm.3.11 There Gods with Gandharva s, Siddha s, exalted sages will be worshipping Agastya who is self regulating self disciplinary.
vrm.3.23 Then desiring to see the war of Khara with Rama, great souls like sages, Gods, Gandharva s along with Carana s and Siddha s have come together in firmament.
vrm.3.24 Gods with Gandharva s and great souled Siddha s along with Carana s have then met one another and came there aspiring to see the war.
vrm.3.24 b, Thus the assemblages of kingly sages, Siddha s and the eminent Brahmans, along with Gods that are staying in their Aircrafts, tarried there in the firmament peering inquisitively at Rama.
vrm.3.35 It is also refulgent with the self denying Siddha s, Carana s, and with Ajas, namely Vaikhanasa s, Maasha s, Vaalakhilya s, Mariicipa s.
vrm.3.51 On seeing Ravana who is foundered onto earth from his crumbled vehicle, all beings like sylvan deities, Caarana s, Siddha s and suchlike, reverenced that lordly eagle Jatayu.
vrm.3.54 b, a Then the Siddha s and Caarana s available in airspace averred saying, "this alone is the end of Dasamukha Ravana.
vrm.4.25 From all over it is well set in with strikingly carved figures of foot soldiers, and it is like an Aircraft of the gifted souls, namely Siddha s, with grills and ventilators.
vrm.4.40 "Then, having gone to the other coast of the ocean you reach River Shona, waters of which will be reddish with deep and speedy drift, and which is adored by Siddha s and Carana s.
vrm.4.41 Important Gods, sages, Yaksha s and even Apsara s will adore it, and it is overspread with the groups of Siddha s and Caarana s, and thus it will be heart stealing for a look.
vrm.4.41 "On crossing over that isle and after a Hundred Yojana s a mountain named Pushpitaka is there in that august ocean, which is adored by the Siddha s, Caarana s.
vrm.4.43 "On crossing over that province there is the hermitage adored by Siddha s, the resolved souls.
vrm.4.43 There the sages, namely Siddha s, vaikhanasa s, and vaalakhilya s will be there.
vrm.4.43 Those bamboos will be enabling the movement of Siddha s, accomplished souls, from one bank to the other.
vrm.4.43 There the radiantly bright Gandharva s, Kinnara s, Siddha s, Vidyadhara s will be delighting along with their own females.
vrm.4.59 Then those Siddha s, have informed me on showing her whose ornaments and ochry silk sari are disorderly, and who is vanquished by the speediness of her anguish, and who is yelling both the names of Rama and Lakshmana, as the wife of Dasharatha s Rama, the daughter of Janaka.
vrm.6.106 Then, the Devas along with the Gandharvas, Siddha and great Sages, desirous of Ravanas ruin, arrived to see the battle of both the chariot warrriors.

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