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vrm.1.1 b, "While Rama is living there in Dandaka forest, a guise changing Rakshasi named Shuurpanakha, who is a resident of Janasthana, a place in Dandaka forest, is disfigured.
vrm.1.1 "Then in a combat Rama eliminated all the fourteen Rakshasas who rebelliously came at him in the first round of combat incited by the provokes of Shuurpanakha, and then in second round Rama eliminated Rakshasa chiefs called Khara, Trishira, Duushana, who are none but the cousins of Shuurpanakha and Ravana, together with all of their hench Rakshasas.
vrm.3.17 She is but the sister of ten faced Rakshasa Ravana, Shuurpanakha by her name and she has seen him on reaching the paradisiacal being like Rama.
vrm.3.17 b, a "You are an ascetic yet with a wife, handling bow and arrows yet in the appearance of a sage what for you have come to this province frequented by Rakshasas it will be apt of you to tell the purpose of your coming here, in actuality b, Thus asked by Rakshasi Shuurpanakha that enemy scorcher Rama started to inform all about it, straightforwardly.
vrm.3.17 "I will tell you truth, Rama, nothing but truth, I am a guise changing Rakshasi named Shuurpanakha, and I will be freely moving in this forest in a solitary manner and unnerving all.
vrm.3.17 So Shuurpanakha said to Rama.
vrm.3.18 So Shuurpanakha ran after Lakshmana.
vrm.3.18 Thus said by the Rakshasi that meaningful sentence maker Lakshmana, the son of Sumitra, then smiled and appropriately replied Shuurpanakha.
vrm.3.18 "Oh, best complexioned one with best waist, is there any wiseacre to simply discard your kind of best personality, indeed, in preference to human females?" Lakshmana said so to Shuurpanakha.
vrm.3.18 Thus said by Lakshmana that despicable one with slouching stomach Shuurpanakha presumed those words to be truthful, for she is equivocal of that equivoque.
vrm.3.18 Said Shuurpanakha to Rama.
vrm.3.18 Speaking that way she that torch eyed Shuurpanakha dashed towards the deer eyed Seetha in high exasperation as a great meteor would dash towards Rohini, the brightest star in the sky.
vrm.3.18 On hewing off her ears and nose she that ghastly Shuurpanakha blared highly and discordantly, and very speedily fled into forest as she came.
vrm.3.18 Then she who is deformed neared her brother Khara who possess violent vigour, who is abiding in Janasthana and who is presently surrounded by his band of his hench Rakshasas, and before him she that Shuurpanakha fell onto ground like a thunderbolt from the sky.
vrm.3.19 Thus Khara spoke to Shuurpanakha.
vrm.3.19 On hearing this kind of words of her brother, especially who is rancorous, then Shuurpanakha spoke these words, tearfully.
vrm.3.19 Thus wailed Shuurpanakha before her brother Khara.
vrm.3.19 In this way when Khara ordered those fourteen Rakshasas, they have gone to Panchavati along with Shuurpanakha like black clouds glided by gales.
vrm.3.20 Then on arriving at Raghava s hermitage that ghastly Shuurpanakha has shown the brothers, Rama and Lakshmana, along with Seetha to the fourteen Rakshasas.
vrm.3.20 On seeing the arrival of the Rakshasas, and the Rakshasi Shuurpanakha too, that magnificent Rama of Raghava dynasty said to the radiantly brilliant Lakshmana.
vrm.3.20 b, a On seeing the Rakshasas falling onto ground that Rakshasi Shuurpanakha is convulsed in rage, and she with a blanched aspect returned to the near of Khara in an agonising manner like a creeper exuding resin on incision, and fell before him as before.
vrm.3.20 Shuurpanakha having seen the fall of Rakshasas quickly fled from Panchavati of Rama to trikanTaka, the capital of Khara, and she being the sister of Khara she reported to Khara all about the destruction of those Rakshasas, in its entirety.
vrm.3.21 On seeing Shuurpanakha who came back only to wreck havoc on Rakshasa race and again fell before him as before, Khara spoke this sentence to her in clear terms in all his fury.
vrm.3.21 Thus Khara said to Shuurpanakha.
vrm.3.21 She that Shuurpanakha who is otherwise an unassuageable one is wholly pacified when Khara spoke to her thus that way, and she on dabbing her tearful eyes then spoke to her brother Khara.
vrm.3.21 in this way on saying Shuurpanakha bawled variously in the presence of her brother, Khara, and then anguished by her own affliction that Rakshasi with a cave like belly started hitting her paunch with both of her hands, and what is more, she swooned.
vrm.3.22 Thus when Shuurpanakha disparaged that valiant Khara amidst Rakshasas he is infuriated and spoke these highly hurtful words.
vrm.3.22 So Khara assured Shuurpanakha.
vrm.3.32 On seeing the fourteen thousands Rakshasas of heinous crimes, and even on seeing Trishira, Duushana, and even Khara, who are all exterminated by lone Rama, then Shuurpanakha emitted a thunderous blare like a thundercloud.
vrm.3.32 An invincible one either for Gods or Gandharva s, or to sages with exalted souls, or even to any other entity worth its name, whose appearance itself is catastrophic, and who is sitting identical to the Terminator, as though that Terminator himself is sitting with a wide gaped mouth, at such a Ravana Shuurpanakha saw.
vrm.3.32 One who is severally bruised in several combats of Devas and Asuras with the thunderbolts from the Vajra weapon of Indra, and one who is severally blotched on his chest when the prongs of the tusks of Airavata, the lordly Elephant of Indra, gored his chest, at such a Ravana Shuurpanakha saw.
vrm.3.32 One who has twenty arms, ten faces and a broad chest, and a possessor of all regalia of Indra like white Parasol, white fanning instruments, colours and the like insigne, and at that brave one who is attributed with all of the kingly attributes, Shuurpanakha saw.
vrm.3.32 Blent with the gleam of the Lapis gems studded in his ornaments his glisten is alike that gem, while his ear knobs are made out of refined gold, and his arms strongish, teeth whitish, mouth widish and he is mountainous, and Shuurpanakha saw such a Ravana.
vrm.3.32 His body bears hundreds of welts caused when assaulted with Vishnu disc for hundreds of times in wars with Gods, and when assaulted for hundreds of times with the other assaults missiles in other gruesome wars as well, and Shuurpanakha saw at such a Ravana.
vrm.3.32 Likewise, whose limbs are thrashed with thrashing missilery of all Gods, whereby his body and soul have become harsh, thus he can perpetrate anything swiftly at his will, and he who can capably roil an un perturbable ocean at his wish, at such Ravana Shuurpanakha saw.
vrm.3.32 At him who is a volleyer of mountain peaks, a represser of Devas, an extirpator of ethical values, and a molester of others wives, Shuurpanakha saw.
vrm.3.32 He who is a marksman of every divine missile, and an ever interdictor of Vedic rituals, and who on going to the city named Bhogavati, the capital of Naga s, and on defeating Vaasuki, has abducted the dear wife of Taksha on molesting her, and Shuurpanakha saw such a molester of others wives.
vrm.3.32 a On going to Mountain Kailasa he who has defeated the one who uses humans as his vehicle, namely Kubera, and snatched away his Vimana aircraft, namely Pushpaka, which Aircraft transits at the wish of its steersman, and Shuurpanakha saw such a grabber of others possessions.
vrm.3.32 b, a He who enviously devastated the divine gardens of Kubera, called Caitraratha, along with a divine Lake of Lotuses pertaining to the same Kubera, called Pushkarini, and the gardens of Indra, called Nandana, along with other paradisiacal gardens of Gods, Shuurpanakha saw such an envious Rakshasa.
vrm.3.32 Shuurpanakha saw him who is similar to the pinnacle of a mountain, and who with his two hands forestalls the highly propitious ones and stiflers of their enemies, namely the Sun and Moon, when they tend to rise.
vrm.3.32 b, a Whereby, to whom there is an indemnity against death in war at the hand of Gods, Rakshasas, Gandharva s, Pisachas, Suparnas, Nagas, excepting humans, and Shuurpanakha saw such an unimperilled Ravana.
vrm.3.32 b, a He who is such an embezzler of the Vedic rituals at the time of their culmination, a malicious one, and one with cruel acts, a hinderer of Vedic rituals, or, the slayer of those Brahmans that conduct Vedic rituals contrary to his wishes, and one who is heartless and a rampant Rakshasa, who is a delighter in the iniquity to the people, at him Shuurpanakha saw.
vrm.3.32 b, a She that Rakshasi Shuurpanakha saw her brother who makes all beings to wail, an alarming one to all the worlds, an atrocious one and highly formidable Ravana.
vrm.3.32 b, a Rakshasi Shuurpanakha nearing Ravana, who is the highly fortunate king of Rakshasas, an enemy destroyer and a felicity of the dynasty of Sage Pulastya, and who is now surrounded by his ministers, she spoke this sentence.
vrm.3.32 b, She who is disfigured by the high souled Lakshmana, and who is still perplexed with the fear of Lakshmana and her own craving for Rama as well, on displaying her misfortune to everybody that fearless rover Shuurpanakha spoke this very caustic sentence to Ravana, whose eyes are broad and burning.
vrm.3.33 Then that doleful Shuurpanakha spoke these scornful words to Ravana who makes the world to wail in the presence of his ministers.
vrm.3.33 Thus Shuurpanakha declaimed Ravana about his worthlessness as a king.
vrm.3.33 In this way when Shuurpanakha extolled only his negative traits, he that lord of night walkers Ravana, who holds only his pride, power and prosperity dear to him, pored them over in his mind and contemplated over a time.
vrm.3.34 On observing Shuurpanakha who is speaking bitter words against him in the presence of ministers then Ravana is highly infuriated and queried her.
vrm.3.34 a When the king of Rakshasas has asked her thus, she that Rakshasi Shuurpanakha who is in a fit of fury then commenced to describe Rama in the point of fact.
vrm.3.34 Thus Shuurpanakha has earbashed Ravana.
vrm.3.35 On hearing the exciting advise of Shuurpanakha then Ravana bade adieu to ministers, and indeed on resolving his further task he proceeded to his personal palace chambers.
vrm.3.36 "You are aware as to how my brother Khara, and the mighty armed Duushana, also my sister Shuurpanakha, and even the highly fiery Rakshasa and devourer of raw flesh Trishira, and even numerous other night walking Rakshasas who are cocksure of hitting their targets have made Janasthana as their residency, and while residing there they put the sages of that great forest that tread a righteous path to torture, of course, all this as assigned by me.
vrm.3.39 "If Khara positioned in Janasthana has firstly overstepped his bounds and attacked Rama, that too owing to Shuurpanakha, and if Rama of uncomplicated actions has eliminated Khara in self defence, what really is the transgression of Rama in that matter, you tell of that in the final analysis.
vrm.3.50 "If Rama of indefatigable deeds firstly eliminated Khara who is stationed at Janasthana, and who transgressed for the sake of Shuurpanakha, tell me what in actuality is the highly overstepping behaviour of Rama in that matter, whereupon you are stealing off with the wife of such a lord of world? "Instantly deliver up Vaidehi.

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