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vrm.5.54 Leaving the house of Vibhishana, Hanuma of great splendour, went successively to the houses of Rashmiketu, Surya shatru, Hrasvakarna, Damshtra, Romasha the Rakshasa, Yuddhonmatta, Matta, Dhvajagreeva the Rakshasa, the terrific Vidyujjihva, Hastimukha, Karala, Pishacha, Shonitaksha, Kumbhakarna, Makaraksha, Yajnashatru, Brahmashatru, Narantaka, Kumbha as also the evil minded Nikumbha and burnt the houses.
vrm.6.75 By the orders of Ravana, Yupaksha, Shonitaksha, Prajangha and Kampana along with the aforesaid sons of Kumbhakarna set out for the battle.
vrm.6.76 Then, seeing Kampana killed in battle, Shonitaksha fearlessly rushed there towards Angada quickly in a chariot.
vrm.6.76 Then, Shonitaksha quickly took a sword and a shield.
vrm.6.76 That valiant Shonitaksha, wearing golden armlets, restoring his consciousness, took an iron mace and rushed quickly towards the same Angada.
vrm.6.76 Angada, the chief of Vanaras, between the two warriors, Shonitaksha and Prajangha, shone like a full moon between the two asterisms known as Vishakhas.
vrm.6.76 Shonitaksha, the valiant and the powerful Rakshasa, chopped off the trees uplifted and hurled by Dvivida and Mainda with his mace in the midway itself.
vrm.6.76 Seeing his mighty brother being seized, Shonitaksha, of great splendour, then struck Dvivida on his chest.
vrm.6.76 That mighty Dvivida, struck by Shonitaksha was tottered but pulled off the platters mace when lifted again on him.
vrm.6.76 Those two Rakshasas, Shonitaksha and Yupaksha, who were full of violence, carried on a keen contest with the two Vanaras in the battle field, by pulling and overthrowing them vehemently and severely.
vrm.6.123 The valiant Shonitaksha was also killed.

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