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vrm.5.31 Thereafter, that Seetha whose consciousness was enshrouded by affliction, whose hair ends were curved and who was of a fearful nature, lifted her face and looked towards Shimshupa tree.
vrm.5.58 Amidst that Ashoka garden, I saw a large Shimshupa garden.
vrm.5.58 "Not far from that Shimshupa tree.
vrm.5.59 "In the midst of Ashoka garden of the evil minded Ravana and underneath a Shimshupa tree, the virtuous Seetha was seen staying dejected, encircled as she was with female Rakshasas, agonized with grief and anguish, lusterless like a digit of the moon encircled by a line of clouds and disregarding that Ravana who is arrogant of his strength.

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