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vrm.1.4 features, Rama spoke to Lakshmana, and Shatrughna, and Bharata likewise.
vrm.1.18 Queen Sumitra then gave birth to two sons who are the embodied epitomes of Vishnu, namely Lakshmana, and Shatrughna, who are valiant ones and experts in all kinds of weaponry.
vrm.1.18 The fair minded Bharata is born under Pisces where Pushyami is the star of day, and the so ns of Sumitra, namely Lakshmana and Shatrughna are born under Cancer, where Aasresa is the star of the day and when sun is rising.
vrm.1.18 Elapsed are eleven days and the naming ceremony is performed, then Vashishta, the chief priest, named the high souled elder one as Rama, Kaikeyi s son as Bharata, and one son of Sumitra as Lakshmana and the other as Shatrughna The king feasted Brahmans, urbanites and villagers and he gifted many
vrm.1.18 b, a Lakshmana s younger brother Shatrughna is a dear one to Bharata, like that Bharata too held Shatrughna dearer than his own lives.
vrm.1.72 Oh, king, the pair of daughters of this right minded Kushadhvaja is nonpareil in comeliness in this world, hence, oh, grand sire, we choose to pair them off with Bharata and Shatrughna.
vrm.1.72 Oh, king, for the sake of those two honourable boys, for that young man Bharata and for that smart man Shatrughna, we opt your brother s
vrm.1.72 So be it! Safe betides you all! Let the pair of Kushadhvaja s daughters, namely Maandavi, Shrutakiirti, devout themselves as a pair of wives to the paired brothers, namely Bharata and Shatrughna, respectively.
vrm.1.73 b a That honourable king of Mithila even said to Shatrughna, oh, dextrous Shatrughna, take the palm of Shrutakiirti into yours.
vrm.1.73 Oh, Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata, Shatrughna
vrm.1.74 b, a But while going with the assemblages of sages and with young Raghava s, namely Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata, Shatrughna, the sky bound Birds started to screech with startling voice from all around facing that tigerly man Dasharatha.
vrm.1.77 And those best men among men, Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata, Shatrughna, who are by now accomplished persons in weaponry and whose marriages have also come to pass, occupied themselves in the welfare of kingdom while assisting their father and moving around with good hearted people.
vrm.1.77 On hearing the opinion of Dasharatha, Bharata, the son of Kaikeyi, then readied himself to travel along with Shatrughna to Kekaya province.
vrm.1.77 b, a That valiant and best one among men Bharata on asking leave from his father, from Rama, an uncomplicatedly dextrous one in undertaking deeds, and even from his mothers, Kaikeyi, Sumitra, and Kausalya, travelled on along with Shatrughna.
vrm.1.77 b, a Yudhajit on clinching not only Bharata, but Shatrughna also, that valiant one is highly gladdened and entered his own city, indeed to the high rejoice of his father, King of Kekaya.
vrm.2.8 Shatrughna is as faithful to Bharata as Lakshmana to Rama".
vrm.2.8 Shatrughna" was drawn towards Bharata and went along with him.
vrm.2.8 Just as Lakshmana joined Rama, Shatrughna joined Bharata.
vrm.2.18 The object of happiness is indeed difficult to be attained always!" "I hope that no bad thing occurred to Bharata, the delightful man to look at or to Shatrughna, the man of great strength or to my mother.
vrm.2.37 "Wearing pieces of bark, Bharata along with Shatrughna will live along with Rama their brother residing in the forest and moving in the forest.
vrm.2.70 Being protected by the army, the high soled Bharata, who was free from enemies, taking Shatrughna along with other companions good enough to him, started from the palace of his venerable maternal uncle, as a Siddha would start from Indraloka the world of Devas.
vrm.2.75 Bharata, the younger brother of Rama on his part, along with Shatrughna started out to Kausalyas place.
vrm.2.75 Shatrughna and Bharata wept in sorrow, approached her painfully and embraced her.
vrm.2.77 Seeing Bharata, Shatrughna was also overwhelmed with grief and while recollecting the king, fell unconscious on the ground.
vrm.2.77 Remembering the many gestures of his father resulting from his loving qualities made from time to time, Shatrughna was lamenting as follows like one who has lost his wits, bewildered as he was.
vrm.2.77 Both Shatrughna, and Bharata were wearied with grief and began to roll on the ground, like two bulls whose horns have been broken.
vrm.2.77 Even Sumantra, who knew the Truth, raising up Shatrughna and pacifying him, told him about the origin and dissolution of all beings.
vrm.2.78 Thereafter, Shatrughna the younger brother of Lakshmana spoke the following words to Bharata, who was tormented with grief and who desired to undertake an expedition to Rama.
vrm.2.78 While Shatrughna the younger brother of Lakshmana was talking thus, the hump backed Manthara duly adorned with all types of ornaments, appeared at the eastern gate.
vrm.2.78 Beholding that hump backed Manthara, the very much sinful and insensitive woman, the door keepers caught her and delivered her to Shatrughna with the following words: "Here is that sinful and cruel woman, by whose act Rama is in the forest and your father has laid down his body.
vrm.2.78 Hearing those words, Shatrughna who was very much in grief and was firmly resolute, spoke to all those inmates of that gynaecium, as follows:
vrm.2.78 Then, her companion, having conceived Shatrughna s anger and extremely agonised as they were, ran away helter shelter in all directions.
vrm.2.78 That Shatrughna, the tormentor of enemies, with his raging red eyes then violently dragged the crying hump back along the floor.
vrm.2.78 Shatrughna, the strong and the eminent man, thus violently seizing her with rage, sharply rebuked Kaikeyi and spoke harsh words to her.
vrm.2.78 Agonised very much by those harsh and painful words, Kiakeyi overwhelmed as she was with the fear of Shatrughna, took refuge with Bharata.
vrm.2.78 Seeing that enraged Shatrughna, Bharata said: "Among all beings women are not to be killed.
vrm.2.78 Hearing the words of Bharata, Shatrughna the younger brother of Lakshmana renouncing his guilty design forthwith released that Manthara.
vrm.2.81 Then, the awakened Bharata proclaiming that I am not the king, caused to stop that sound and spoke the following words to shatrughna: Behold, O, Shatrughna! How much harm was done to the world by Kaikeyi! The king Dasaratha left us, leaving all sorrows to me.
vrm.2.81 Bring Shatrughna with his royal attendants, the illustrious Bharata, Yudhajit Bharatas maternal uncle Sumantra the charioteer and those people who are royal well wishers there.
vrm.2.85 The illustrious Bharata, lodging that army in camps, felt delighted by Guhas hospitality, returned to his camp and took rest along with Shatrughna.
vrm.2.86 "By beholding Shatrughna, my mother perhaps may even survive.
vrm.2.86 "Those who have accomplished their purpose Shatrughna and others will perform all the funeal honours to king Dasaratha, my father when the time comes for it.
vrm.2.87 Shatrughna, who stood near, taking Bharata, who was in that unconscious state in his arms, becoming non pulsed, cried loudly, overcome as he was with grief.
vrm.2.88 Shatrughna" will bear company with me, residing in the forest on behalf of Rama.
vrm.2.89 Bharata, born in Raghu race, having passed the night in that place on the banks of Ganga, rising at dawn, said to shatrughna as follows: "O, Shatrughna! Wake up! Why sleep longer? Bring Guha the king of Nishadas quickly and be happy.
vrm.2.89 Thus urged by Bharata, his brother Shatrughna said, "I am not sleeping.
vrm.2.89 Vasishta, the royal priest and whatever elderly Brahmanas were present there ascended the boats, even before Bharata, Shatrughna, Kausalya, Sumitra.
vrm.2.92 Both Lakshmana and Shatrughna, the two heroic princes of god like appearance and unfailing prowess are the sons of this godly woman, Sumitra.
vrm.2.93 "Behold, O Shatrughna, this mountain, hitherto frequented by Kinnaras, now teaming with Horses on every side, as a sea is infested by allegators.
vrm.2.93 "Behold, O Shatrughna, these chariots yoked with Horses and mounted by the chief charioteers are rushing together rapidly in the forest.
vrm.2.97 "If there be happiness that I could enjoy without Bharata or you or without Shatrughna, may it be without Shatrughna, may it be burnt to ashes by fire, O the honour giver!" "I think Bharata was back to Ayodhya, with full of affection for his brothers.
vrm.2.98 Soon after encamping the army in a well behaved manner per the guidelines, Bharata spoke the following words to Shatrughna: "O, gentle brother! You, along with a troop of men and trackers, ought to search on all sides of this forest.
vrm.2.99 Having stationed his forces, Bharata set out eagerly to see his brother, pointing out the sign of Rama s habitation to Shatrughna.
vrm.2.99 Sumantra also, equally desirous of seeing Rama followed Shatrughna at a little distance.
vrm.2.99 Then, proceeding further, the valiant and the mighty armed Bharata spoke to Shatrughna in joy, as also those ministers who surrounded him.
vrm.2.99 Shatrughna too, weeping, threw himself at Rama s feet and Rama too, embracing them both, allowed his tears to fall.
vrm.2.102 Shatrughna and I have previously done it.
vrm.2.103 "In my misfortune, what can I do for that high souled one? He died of grief on my account and I did not perform the last rites for him!" "O, Bharata the faultless one! Alas! Happy are you, by whom as well as by Shatrughna the king was honoured by all obsequial rites!" Even after the end of my exile, I do not want to return to Ayodhya which is i a disarranged state, deprived of a chief and made bereft of a king.
vrm.2.107 "O, the valiant Bharata! Go to Ayodhya along with Shatrughna and all the Brahmanas and give joy to the people there.
vrm.2.107 "O, Bharata! The wise Shatrughna is helpful to you.
vrm.2.112 "So be it" promised Rama, embraced that Bharata with affection, took Shatrughna also in his arms and spoke to Bharata as follows: "O Bharata! Protect your mother, Kaikeyi.
vrm.2.113 Thereafter, keeping the sandals on his head, Bharata delightfully ascended his chariot along with Shatrughna.
vrm.2.115 Hearing the affectionate words of his counsellors, who spoke according to his wish, Bharata said to his charioteer, "Let my chariot be made ready!" The illustrious Bharata, looking pleased and having offered salutation to all his mothers, entered his chariot along with Shatrughna.
vrm.2.115 Both Shatrughna and Bharata, having quickly mounted the chariot and exceedingly rejoiced, set out, accompanied by ministers and family priests.
vrm.3.16 "When can I really reunite, oh, Lakshmana, with great souled Bharata, valorous Shatrughna, and with you and Seetha.
vrm.5.13 Seeing the dead Bharata, Shatrughna also will not exist.
vrm.5.55 "How can the virtuous Bharata together with Shatrughna, who are affectionate to his brother, survive after hearing this news?"
vrm.6.41 O, the mighty armed! O, annihilator of enemies! If you have come by some misfortune, I would have had nothing to do with Seetha, Bharata, Lakshmana or still younger Shatrughna or even with my own person.
vrm.6.43 The Rakshasa with great fury, Vibhishana the younger brother of Ravana confronted with Shatrughna possessing fiery velocity in battle.
vrm.6.49 "How shall I tell Shatrughna and the illustrious Bharata when I return without Lakshmana, who followed to the forest along with me?" "Alas! I should not be able to endure Sumitra s reproaches.
vrm.6.101 What shall I pay to kausalya the mother or what shall I say to Kaikeya?" "What shall I say to Bharata or to the mighty Shatrughna, when they ask me, how I came back without Lakshmana even though I went to the forest along with him?"
vrm.6.115 "O Seetha! Otherwise, set your mind either on Shatrughna or on Sugreeva or on Vibhishana the Rakshasa or according to your own comfort.
vrm.6.120 "O destroyer of adversaries! See Bharata, your brother, who is practising austerities through grief caused by separation from you, the great souled Shatrughna and all your mohters.
vrm.6.127 Hearing the news of a great happiness from Hanuma, Bharata the truly brave ruler and the destroyer of enemies, commanded as follows to Shatrughna, who too felt delighted at the news.
vrm.6.127 Hearing the words of Bharata, Shatrughna the destroyer of valiant adversaries called together, laborers working on wages, numbering many thousands and dividing them into gangs, ordered them as follows:
vrm.6.127 On hearing that command of Shatrughna, Dhrushti, Jayanta, Vijaya, Siddhartha, Arthasadhaka, Ashoka, Mantrapala and Sumantra proceeded with joy.
vrm.6.127 Then, the valiant Shatrughna offered his salutation to Rama, along with Lakshmana and offered his reverential salutation to Seetha s feet, by bowing in humility.
vrm.6.128 Thereafter, on instructions from Shatrughna, skilled barbers with gentle hands who can do their work with a good speed, encircled Rama all round.
vrm.6.128 Shatrughna, the valiant and charming man, the promoter of Ikshvaku dynasty made arrangements for personal adornment of Rama and Lakshmana.
vrm.6.128 Later, on the orders of Shatrughna, the charioteer by name Sumantra made his appearance, yoking chariot to Horses which were completely beautiful in all respects.
vrm.6.128 Shatrughna held the Parasol on Rama s head.
vrm.6.128 Thereupon, some men as ordered by Shatrughna, quickly brought oil lamps, beds as also mats and entered the house.
vrm.6.128 Then, Shatrughna, accompanied by the counsellors, reported to Vasishta, their chief priest and his friends, about that water intended for Rama s coronation brought by those foremost of Vanaras.
vrm.6.128 Shatrughna held over him, a white and charming Parasol Sugreeva the king of Vanaras, a white whisk and vibhishana the lord of Rakshasas, another whisk shining like the moon.

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