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vrm.6.20 Thereafter, an energetic Rakshasa named Shardula came and saw the army, commanded by Sugriva, which was drawn up in a battle array.
vrm.6.29 Those spies on their part delightfully replied, May it be so, kept Shardula in their front and made their circumambulation clockwise around Ravana.
vrm.6.29 Accidentally, the deomons there were caught by Vibhishana, who said that the Rakshasa Shardula among them was wicked and got him alone seized.
vrm.6.29 That Shardula also, who was going to be killed by the Vanaras, was got released by Rama.
vrm.6.30 Hearing from the spies about the arrival of Rama, the exceedingly strong man, Ravana became a little perturbed and spoke to Shardula as follows: O, Rakshasa! Your complexion is not so as it should be.
vrm.6.30 Thus questioned by Ravana, Shardula afflicted with fear, then sluggishly spoke the following words to Ravana the tiger among Rakshasas:
vrm.6.30 Having heard those words, Ravana the lord of Rakshasas reflected on it and thereafter spoke the following significant words to Shardula.
vrm.6.30 After uttering the aforesaid words, the heroic Ravana again spoke as follows: Has the army been espied by you? Who are the valiant Vanaras among them? O, the virtuous gentle Shardula! What radiance do the Vanaras, who are difficult to be conquered possess of? what kind? Whose sons and grandsons are they? You tell me that information.
vrm.6.30 Hearing Ravanas words, Shardula the excellent spy then started to narrate these words for Ravanas information: Certainly, king Sugreeva, the son of Riksharajasa, is difficult to be conquered in battle.

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