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vrm.1.1 "That lotus eyed Rama on his entering the vast of Dandaka forest eliminated the Rakshasa Viraadha, and indeed descried Sage Sharabhanga, also even Sage Suteekshna, also Sage Agastya and likewise Sage Agastya s brother.
vrm.1.1 b, a "While Rama is staying in the forest of Sage Sharabhanga, all the Sages and forest moving ascetics,
vrm.3.4 Oh, Sire, att one and half Yojana s of distance from here Sage Sharabhanga, a great saint of virtue, and an efficacious sage with sun like resplendence dwells, you shall quickly approach him for he advises you opportunely.
vrm.3.5 lets go quickly to that ascetically rich sage Sharabhanga.
vrm.3.5 b, a On his approach at the hermitage of Sage Sharabhanga, a sage with a divine effect and the one with a purified soul, saw a great wonder at the nearby of that hermitage of Sharabhanga.
vrm.3.5 On seeing Indra speaking there to sage Sharabhanga, Rama spoke to Lakshmana.
vrm.3.5 Rama proceeded towards the hermitage of Sage Sharabhanga.
vrm.3.5 Then, on seeing Rama arriving there, Indra, bade farewell to Sage Sharabhanga and said this to the Devas attending him.
vrm.3.5 On the transit of that Thousand eyed Indra, Raghava with his adherents namely Lakshmana and Seetha, came nearby the Sage Sharabhanga, who is sitting nearby the altar of fire.
vrm.3.5 Touching the feet of that Sage Sharabhanga Rama along with Seetha and Lakshmana, and duly permitted and invited by that Sage Sharabhanga they sat there, as they obtained a shelter.
vrm.3.5 Then, Raghava enquired with sage about the arrival of Indra and Sage Sharabhanga narrated all that to him.
vrm.3.5 So said Sage Sharabhanga to Rama.
vrm.3.5 Thus said by the Sage Sharabhanga to that Manly tiger Rama, being the scholar in all the scriptures he spoke this sentence to that sage.
vrm.3.5 Thus said by Raghava, who is like Indra in strength, that supremely intellectual Sage Sharabhanga again spoke this sentence this way.
vrm.3.5 Then that hymnist on invoking the sacred fire and offering oblations with clarified butter into it, that radiant sage Sharabhanga entered that sacred fire.
vrm.3.5 The fire burnt down that great soul Sharabhanga from head hair to body hair and thus his shrunk skin, bones and whatever flesh and blood are there, they are also burnt completely.
vrm.3.5 He that Sage Sharabhanga, then reappeared as an youngster in the semblance of Fire, o\n resurrecting from that altar of fire he shone forth.
vrm.3.5 He that Sage Sharabhanga, transcending the ethereal worlds of fire worshippers, of saints, of great souls, and also of divinities, has ascended to Brahma s abode.
vrm.3.5 He that meritorious and best Brahman Sharabhanga has seen Brahma in Brahmas abode, and Brahma too, on seeing that Brahman happily spoke to him.
vrm.3.6 On Sage Sharabhanga attaining heaven, groups of sages assembled and approached Rama of Kakutstha dynasty, who is glowing with resplendence.
vrm.3.6 All have Vedic resplendence and firm yogic control, and they have arrived at the hermitage of Sage Sharabhanga for Rama.
vrm.3.7 "You are an expert in all affairs, and you are interested in the welfare of all the beings, so said the great souled Sage Sharabhanga of Sage Gautama s dynasty.
vrm.3.30 "He that great resplendent one, the controller of Paka, and the destroyer of enemy s cities, namely Indra, once came to the meritorious hermitage of Sage Sharabhanga only for the purpose such an elimination of Rakshasas.
vrm.6.123 And over there is seen the great hermitage of Sharabhanga, where the thousand eyed Indra, the destroyer of Citadels, came.
vrm.6.123 And over there is seen the great hermitage of Sharabhanga, where the thousand eed Indra, the destroyer of Citadels, came.
vrm.6.126 "Offering salutation to all the hermits when Sharabhanga ascended to heaven, Rama who truly mighty, reached the region of Janasthana.

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