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vrm.1.39 "The father in law of god Shankara who is well known by the name of Himavan sets eyes on Mountain Vindhya, which stands as loftily as Himalayas, and those two mountains peer at each other.
vrm.1.43 "Thus Ganga came from heavens onto Shankara s head and from there onto the earth, and there on earth her waters advanced with a tumultuous sound advancing them.
vrm.1.43 b, a "That impeccable and immaculate water of Ganga then became outstanding as it has flounced down from heaven primarily onto the head of Shankara, and therefrom it has coasted down onto the earth.
vrm.2.50 Rama, the mighty armed, reached the river Ganga, which is devoid of sins and which dispels all sins, which had fallen from the mass of matted hair of Lord Shankara through the spiritual power of Emperor Bhagiratha, which is rendered noisy by Cranes and Herons, which is a consort of the ocean and which is in the vicinity of Shringaverapura the modern singraur.
vrm.4.11 "A sublime shelter for sages and the father in law of Shankara is there in great forests, well know by the name Himavan, the king of mountains, and he embodies great cascades, cataracts, and caves, and he alone is capable to accord a matchless happiness to you in the form of a fight.

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