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vrm.2.94 Having dwelt for some time in that mountain, Rama, who resembled God, who liked mountains and groves, who desired Seetha s happiness and himself delightful in his mind, began to point out the beauty of Chitrakuta to his consort, as Indra converses with Shachi the wife of Indra, saying: "O, my good lady! By seeing this beautiful mountain, neither the loss of kingdom nor the non existence of friends distresses my mind.
vrm.5.37 I now well the energy of Rama, as Shachi the wife of Indra knows the energy of Indra
vrm.5.39 You are indeed having Rama your husband as your protector like Shachi having Indra her husband as a protector.
vrm.5.59 The auspicious Seetha is devoted to Rama in all ways, giving her undivided thought to Rama like Shachi the goddess, giving her concern to Indra the destroyer of strong holds.
vrm.6.113 Hearing those words of Seetha, the highly intelligent Hanuma, the son of Marut, bringing delight to Seetha, spoke the following words: You shall see today, Rama whose countenance is like a full moon, whose friends like Sugreeva and Vibhishana are alive, whose enemies have been killed along with Lakshmana, as Shachi the consort of Indra would see Indra the lord of Gods.

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