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vrm.1.1 b, "That Rama whose arms are highly powerful has eliminated and cremated that Rakshasa Kabandha, and Kabandha while going heavenward told Rama, oh, Raghava, proceed to the ascetic lady of right conduct and an expert in rightness, namely Shabari.
vrm.1.1 a "He who is a great resplendent one and an enemy eliminator, that son of Dasharatha, Rama arrived close at Shabari, and Shabari venerated him, thoroughly.
vrm.1.3 Rama s seeing Shabari, a hermetic lady and eating fruits and tubers given by her in utmost adoration Rama s bemoaning for Seetha his sighting Hanuma at Lake Pampa.
vrm.3.73 b, "Oh, Rama of Kakutstha, albeit the passing of those sages through the pearly gates, their maidservant, a long lived one and an anchoress, named Shabari, can be seen there, even today.
vrm.3.74 Then on getting at the westward moorland of that lotus lake Pampa, there those two have spotted the idyllic hermitage of Shabari.
vrm.3.74 On getting at that hermitage and on perusing at that picturesque environ that is wreathed round with several picturesque trees, those two came nigh of Shabari.
vrm.3.74 On seeing them that sublimated yogi Shabari instinctively made palm fold, got up imperatively, and then she braced the feet of Rama, and even that of sagacious Lakshmana, impressively.
vrm.3.74 isn t it! Thus Rama enquired with Shabari.
vrm.3.74 When Rama asked her in this way she that Shabari who is a senescent anchoress, sublimated yogin and an adherent to the sublimated yogis of higher rank, informed Rama remaining in his vis vis.
vrm.3.74 So said Shabari to Rama.
vrm.3.74 When that graceful souled Rama is addressed thus by Shabari, he that Raghava enquiringly said this to that Shabari who is never ever debarred from esoteric knowledge and gnosis.
vrm.3.74 b, a On hearing those words voiced by Rama, Shabari started to show that unique woodland to both of them.
vrm.3.74 Rama on hearing those duty congruous words of Shabari along with Lakshmana, obtained a uniquely high rejoice and he also said, astonishing is this.
vrm.3.74 Then Rama spoke to that Shabari who is firmed up in her faith towards her masters, oh, saintly lady, you treated me with deference.
vrm.3.74 b, Shabari who is a perfect yogin with perfected meditative concentration, now went to that sanctum locus where the blest souls of those sublime sages, namely her masters, saunter.
vrm.3.75 While Shabari ascended to heaven with her own divine self resplendence, Raghava who is with Lakshmana started to cogitate over the magnificence of Matanga disciples.
vrm.6.123 "The virtuous Shabari was seen by me at the bank of this river.

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