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vrm.1.52 So be it! "When Vishvamitra said that way then Vashishta, the best one among meditators, and one whose blemishes are laved is gladdened, and started calling his speckled cow, namely Shabala, yclept Kaamadhenu.
vrm.1.52 Come on, oh, Shabala! Come quickly and listen to my words.
vrm.1.52 Oh, Shabala, you create heaps of savourily foodstuffs comprised of masticable items like crunchy foods, drinkable items like soft drinks, tasteable items like honey like viscous dishes, squeezable items like pulpy fruits, and be quick.
vrm.1.53 "Oh, enemy chastener Rama, when the Divine Cow Shabala is spoken in this way by Sage Vashishta, then that milker bestowed each and every fancy, fancied by each and every fancier, according to one s own fancy.
vrm.1.53 Thus Sage Shataananda continued the legend of Shabala or Kaamadhenu, as a part of the legend of Vishvamitra to Rama and others.
vrm.1.53 Shabala bestowed dishes of sugar cane and honey, and flakes of all sorts, like cornflakes, rice flakes, also best arracks and liquors in best wineglasses, further, the drinks and foodstuffs that are very diverse and verily apposite to royalties and army men.
vrm.1.53 Oh, godly sage, this Shabala may be given to me for a barter of a lakh, a hundred thousand, Cows.
vrm.1.53 b, a I cannot afford Shabala, neither by the barter of a hundred thousand Cows, nor by hundreds of millions of Cows, nor by lots and lots of silver, either.
vrm.1.53 Abandoning her from my proximity is unmeet for her, oh, enemy subjugator, you cannot even subjugate me terroristically and try to wean this cow away from me, as Shabala is everlastingly and inseparably mine, as with the everlasting and inseparable respectability of a self respectful person.
vrm.1.53 b a "In truth, this cow is everything to me and ever gratifier, that way by so many reasons, oh, king, I cannot afford Shabala to you or to anyone.
vrm.1.53 I award ten million diversely coloured and differently divisionalized Cows, whichever of them will be came of age as milker, thereby, let this do all cow Shabala be given to me.
vrm.1.53 Or, oh, eminent Brahman, if you yearn either for gems or gold, I gift that much of everything as much as you can yearn, let Shabala be given to me.
vrm.1.53 When the shrewd king Vishvamitra spoke to the reverential sage Vashishta, that sage has clearly said, whatever it is oh, king, I do not surrender Shabala, the cow.
vrm.1.54 "While the determined king Vishvamitra dragged her away from Vashishta, oh, Rama, Shabala is saddened and tearfully mulled over stung by the anguish of her secession from the sage.
vrm.1.54 "She that moaning and groaning Shabala staying before the Sage Vashishta spoke this bellowing like a thunderous cloud.
vrm.1.54 So Shabala urged Vashishta.
vrm.1.54 "When he is spoken thus, then that Brahma sage spoke this sentence to worrisome Shabala, whose heart is worrying with worry, as he would speak with his own sister in her worriment.
vrm.1.54 Neither I forswear you nor you fouled me, oh, Shabala, this king is forcibly weaning you away from me as he is beside himself with kingly arrogance.
vrm.1.54 "She who is spoken that way by Vashishta, that sententious Sacred Cow, Shabala, in her turn obediently spoke this sentence to that Brahma sage of un balanceable resplendence.
vrm.1.54 So Shabala started talking to the sage.
vrm.1.54 Thus Shabala implored the sage Vashishta.
vrm.1.54 "Oh, Rama, when spoken by her thus, that highly glorious Vashishta said to Shabala, the do all cow, create a power that can overpower the power of opponent.
vrm.1.54 Vashishta said so to Shabala.
vrm.1.54 "On hearing his sentence, oh, Rama, that Sacred Cow Shabala then created Pahlava kings, sprang forth from her mooing hums and hundreds of them annihilated the army of Vishvamitra in its entirety just while Vishvamitra is witnessing it.
vrm.1.55 "Then on seeing the flurrying warriors earlier created by the Sacred Cow, Shabala, who are perplexed by the missiles of Vishvamitra, Vashishta started to motivate her, oh, wish milker, generate more forces by your yogic capacity.

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