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vrm.1.14 Those posts draped in cloths and worshipped with flowers and perfumery are irradiant, and they shone forth like the constellation of Seven Sages in the sky.
vrm.2.91 Shimshapas Ashoka trees, Amalakis Emblic myrobalan, Jambus rose apple trees, Malati, Mallika Jati and other creepers in the forest had been changed into dancing girls in the hermitage of Bharadwaja and they spoke as follows: "O, wine bibbers! Drink the wine, however much you desire! O troops stricken with hunger! Let milk thickened iwth rice and the meats which are very much fresh, be eaten as you will" Seven or eight young women bathed every single man on the beautiful river banks, after massaging their body with oil.
vrm.3.75 That Pampa Lake is wraparound with the trees of Tilaka, Citron fruits, Banyan, White trees, likewise flowered are flowery trees like Red oleanders, Punnaaga, shrubs of Malati and Kunda, likewise flowered are the trees of Madder, Nicula, Ashoka, and Seven leaved banana plants, and plants of
vrm.4.13 "There were hermits named Saptajana Seven Persons, who were dourly vowed with their heads pendulous downward and legs up, as in Shiirsaasana the upside down yogic body posture, and who always reclined in water.
vrm.4.13 "Offer salutations determinedly and adjoining palms addressing the sages called Seven Persons, oh Raghava, along with brother Lakshmana "Those that offer salutations to those sages with contemplated souls will evince no bodily trauma in the least.
vrm.4.13 Then Rama along with brother Lakshmana adjoined palms, addressed himself to the great souled sages known as Seven Persons, and offered salutations to them.
vrm.4.13 Having gone a long way from that hermitage of Seven Persons they have seen that unassailable and Vali ruled city namely Kishkindha.
vrm.4.14 b, a Seven saala trees are rived with a single of arrow of mine in your presence, thereby be sure that Vali will be dispatched now, by my might.
vrm.6.37 Seven of us will attack the foe in our human form, I, my brother Lakshmana, who is full of valour, my friend Vibhishana and his four companions.
vrm.6.67 Seven hundred, eight hundred and thousands of Vanaras struck by Kumbhakarna, lay scattered on the ground.
vrm.7.26 There is a highly powerful king the lord of Seven islands, well known by the name of Mandhata; he shall enter into an encounter with thee.
vrm.7.26 The king of Seven islands proceeded in a golden and well painted car resplendant like that of Mahendra, shining in his beauty and sprinkled with celestial unguents.
vrm.7.27 He then went to the seventh aerial region which is ten thousand leagues above and where dewell the Seven Rishis And again going up ten thousand leagues he reached the eighth aerial region where Ganga, known as the Ganges of the sky, having strong currents and sending high roars, and upheld by air, is situated on the sun s way.

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