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vrm.6.10 Serpents are seen at the corner of the sacrificial post which is nearest the fire, also in houses keeping sacrificial fire and in places where sacred studies are made.
vrm.6.103 Let Birds such as Crows and Vultures tear out your bowels, as Eagles would drag Serpents when you fall down dead when pierced by my arrows today.
vrm.7.24 Serpents and scorpions are his hairs his tongue is hard as the lightning, his teeth are dreadful his eyes are red and he is gifted with great velocity and a terror unto all beings.
vrm.7.33 And they all stood there in a half sensible mood, some holding the car, some Elephants, some Asses, some Camels, some Serpents, some Horses, some Porpoises, some Boars, some Pisacha mouthed animals and some embracing the Pannagas.

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