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This is only a small part of the total references of Seetha, which is around 1092.

vrm.1.1 Seetha", the best one among ladies, a possessor of all best qualities befitting to an ideal lady, the one who is as though fashioned by a Divine marvel, born in Janaka s family and became Dasharatha s daughter in law, and she who is the loving wife and an ever amiable alter ego of Rama, even she followed Rama to forests, as with Lady Rohini following the Moon.
vrm.1.1 And when Rama is teamed with Guha, Lakshmana and Seetha, he left off the charioteer and a minister of his father who charioted them thitherto, namely Sumantra.
vrm.1.1 b, a "That trio of Seetha, Rama and Lakshmana on treading forest after forest, and on crossing rivers with plethoric waters, reached the hermitage of Sage Bharadwaja, and by the ordainment of that Sage they arrived at Chitrakuta, and setting up a handsome cottage there, they who have enjoyed every comfort in Ayodhya enjoyed every comfort here also in no less a degree and that trio lived happily and exuberated themselves in woods at Chitrakuta, similar to Devas and Gandharvas.
vrm.1.1 b, a Ravana" stole the wife of Rama, namely Seetha, by getting the princes Rama and Lakshmana distracted distantly from their hermitage through the trickster Maricha, and after putting the eagle Jatayu, which came to Seetha s rescue, to sword.
vrm.1.1 Rama" then cremated that eagle Jatayu in that anguish, and while searching for Seetha in forest, he indeed saw a Rakshasa named Kabandha, who is misshapen in his look and monstrous to look to.
vrm.1.1 "That highly dynamic Rama detailed to Sugreeva, and even to Hanuma, all that has happened from the beginning in general, and the abduction of Seetha, in particular.
vrm.1.1 Sugreeva" being the ablest among Vanaras summoned all of the Vanaras and sent them forth in all directions in search of Seetha, the daughter of Janaka.
vrm.1.1 "On reaching the city Lanka ruled by Ravana, Hanuma has seen Seetha, where she is lodged in Ashoka gardens and meditating on Rama alone.
vrm.1.1 Hanuma" on presenting the remembrancer, an emblematic ring of Rama to Seetha, also on delineating the sad disposition of Rama to her, thus on solacing Vaidehi, he started to smash the welcome arch of that beautiful Ashoka gardens.
vrm.1.1 After an audience with Ravana Hanuma burnt that city Lanka, except where Seetha, the princess of Mithila is stationed, and then to narrate the pleasant news of locating Seetha, he again got back to Rama, for he is a great Vanara.
vrm.1.1 Seetha.
vrm.1.1 "On going to the city Lanka by that bridge and on eliminating Ravana in battle, Rama redeemed Seetha, but he subsequently came down with much humiliation, since redeeming Seetha in enemy s place might become controversial.
vrm.1.1 "Then Rama spoke harsh words to Seetha among the assemblages of Vanaras, Rakshasas, and others, but she that Seetha being husband devout has entered the burning fire intolerant of those unkindly words of Rama.
vrm.1.1 "Then, upon the word of Agni,, and Rama realised that Seetha is rid of sins and he is very highly gladdened.
vrm.1.1 Thus he, on regaining Seetha and on discarding hermit s role again became a householder, and he regained his kingdom also.
vrm.1.3 Of Rama, Lakshmana and Seetha, also of King Dasharatha and his wives, and what bechanced on Rama when he was in kingdom Ayodhya Valmiki veritably discerned all that.
vrm.1.3 Rama s visit to Sage Sarabhanga and Suteekshna their visiting hermitic lady Anasuya, and her smooth speaking with Seetha and also her giving a body cream to Seetha.
vrm.1.3 by applying which cream Seetha will not wither away in the rough weather of woods.
vrm.1.3 Raghava s anguish at the loss of Seetha Ravana s slaying the mighty eagle Jatayu Rama s seeing Kabandha, and also Lake Pampa.
vrm.1.3 Rama s seeing Shabari, a hermetic lady and eating fruits and tubers given by her in utmost adoration Rama s bemoaning for Seetha his sighting Hanuma at Lake Pampa.
vrm.1.3 Rama s giving his ring to Hanuma as a token for Seetha s recognition.
vrm.1.3 and the Vanaras thus searching see Riksha cave, bear cave and their fasting unto death for their quest remained unsuccessful, and their seeing Sampati, another mighty eagle and the brother of slain Jatayu, who guides the Vanaras to the destination where Seetha is held capitive.
vrm.1.3 In night Hanuma s entry into Lanka, for being lonely his thinking over the course to search for Seetha, and his going to the liquor consumption place, and also his seeing the palace chambers of Ravana.
vrm.1.3 Hanuma s seeing Ravana, and also his seeing Pushpaka, the divine Aircraft, and in Ashoka gardens, his seeing Seetha also.
vrm.1.3 Presenting his credential, the ring of Rama, to Seetha and his talk with Seetha, and also his witnessing the Rakshasi s scaring Seetha to oblige Ravana, and his witnessing Rakshasi Trijata narrating her bad dream, are all narrated in the epic.
vrm.1.3 Seetha s giving her bejeweled hairslide to be shown to Rama, Hanuma s uprooting of the trees of that beautiful Ashoka gardens, thereby the Rakshasi s fleeing in scare, his killing the guards of that garden.
vrm.1.3 Hanuma s action in presenting the jewel sent by Seetha solaces Raghava, and thus the meeting of Rama with the Ocean, and Nala s building the bridge on ocean.
vrm.1.3 Destruction of Kumbhakarna, another brother of Ravana, and the elimination of Meghanada, the valiant fighter and son of Ravana, and the annihilation of Ravana, and also retrieval of Seetha in enemy s city, which is a kind of disgrace to Rama and a successive event follows thereon, all these are narrated in the epic.
vrm.1.4 That sage with observed sacred vows has rendered the entire epic in the name of Ramayana Sublime Legend of Seetha and elimination of Ravana
vrm.1.4 this narration is endowing good fortune to me also, listen to that great efficacious legend of Seetha.
vrm.1.4 Then those two singers, motivated by Rama s words, sang the ballad in maarga system, for they are well versed in it, then even Rama, who is also in the congregation, again to pacify his mind, for the story of Seetha puts his mind to turmoil, became interested at heart to continue listening Seetha s story.
vrm.1.43 b, "Also thus Sucakshu, Seetha, and the excellent river Sindhu are the other three rivers which streamed to the westward direction with their holy waters.
vrm.1.66 since she is gained while consecrating the ritual field, she is named as Seetha, and thus she is renowned.
vrm.1.66 b, a Oh, eminent sage, as my daughter has surfaced from the surface of earth and has come of age, the kings, having heard my declaration that the bounty for Seetha is boldness alone, have come and besought for her.
vrm.1.67 My daughter Seetha on getting Dasharatha s Rama as her husband, she will bring celebrity to the lineage of Janaka s.
vrm.1.67 and my daughter Seetha who is nurtured well than my own lives is a worthy bride for Rama.
vrm.1.67 With their observant submissions those ministers will narrate in detail about the sincere endowment of Seetha as bravery s bounty to Rama, and they will lead king Dasharatha into my city that observantly.
vrm.1.68 Well known is the solemn promise of mine that my daughter Seetha is a bounty for bravery.
vrm.1.68 Seetha is the bounty for bravery and I shall have to
vrm.1.68 quot The ministers of king Janaka who are gifted with all talents are given grateful hospitality by Dasharatha, and they all dwelt that night in Ayodhya, overjoyed at the successful completion of their august legatine, called Seetha kalyaan.
vrm.1.71 The unexcelled bow of Shiva shall be given to me, along with the lotus eyed virgin, Seetha.
vrm.1.71 Seetha for Rama, and Urmila for Lakshmana, let there be felicity for all.
vrm.1.71 a "My daughter Seetha is the bounty for bravery and in simile she is the daughter of the divine Providence, and thus the second one Urmila too.
vrm.1.72 Oh, king Janaka, these espousals of Seetha with Rama and Urmila with Lakshmana is behovely to each other s dynastical prestige and even it is befitting to the winsome charms of the brides and bridegrooms, but that being so.
vrm.1.73 b, Then that king Janaka led forth Seetha, who by now is decorated with every variety of bridal jewellery, and on positioning her en face Raghava
vrm.1.73 a This is Seetha, my daughter, she acquits herself in whatever duty you undertake.
vrm.1.73 On handing over his daughter Seetha who is duly sanctified with sanctified waters, King Janaka is completely overwhelmed with exhilaration for the successful performance of his bit as a father and he said this.
vrm.1.74 King Janaka gave beau idéal bridal riches in gold, silver, pearls and corals even, for he is very highly gladdened as Seetha s marriage came true.
vrm.1.77 Then the womenfolk of the king welcomed the highly propitious Seetha and the highly fortunate Urmila too, along with both the daughters of Kushadhvaja, namely Maandavi and Shrutakiirti, with pageantry and festivity.
vrm.1.77 b, a Also, that hearty Rama who permeated into the heart of Seetha is ensconced in Seetha s heart alone, and he disported for many seasons along with Seetha.
vrm.1.77 Seetha has become the beloved of Rama as she is wedded with the assent of his father Dasharatha, further Rama s love for Seetha burgeoned by virtue of Seetha s own virtues and loveliness.
vrm.1.77 b, a Even Rama as her husband made his mark in Seetha s heart twice as good, and they both used to clearly converse about their thoughts in their heart of hearts, just by their hearts.
vrm.1.77 b, a In her mien Seetha is identical with goddesses, and she is like personified Goddess Lakshmi, thus she is the reshaped Divine Prosperity, and as she hails from Holy Mithila she shall be held Holy, and since she is the daughter of Janaka, a loftiest sagacious and invincible king, she is sagely and stately, besides being shapely, and she with all these heaps of natural traits and characteristics, Seetha is rejoicing the heart of Rama.
vrm.2.4 Hearing the good news of the coronation ceremony of Rama, Sumitra and Lakshmana came there even before Seetha was brought.
vrm.2.4 Along with her, Sumitra, Lakshmana and Seetha were sitting nearby.
vrm.2.4 Seetha" too, along with me should observe fast this whole night.
vrm.2.4 "Have all the auspicious rites that are required for the ensuing tomorrow s anointment ceremony, performed to me and to Seetha today.
vrm.2.4 Rama, after speaking thus to Lakshmana, offered salutations to both the mothers, got Seetha to obtain permission from them and went to his house along with Seetha.
vrm.2.5 "O, great sage Vasishta! Please go to the avowed Rama and Seetha today to make them perform fasting for obtaining prosperity, glory and sovereignty.
vrm.2.5 Hence, you and Seetha perform fasting today.
vrm.2.5 Vasistha thus spoke to Rama and enjoined him to undertake a vow of fasting together with Seetha, in the accompaniment of mantras.
vrm.2.6 After Vasistha left, Rama took bath and meditated on Lord Narayana with undistracted mind along with his wide eyed wife, Seetha.
vrm.2.6 Rama ate the remainder of clarified butter after finishing the sacrifice, which he performed for his own good, silently meditated on Lord Narayana with controlled mind and slept along with Seetha on a properly laid bed of Kusa grass in a splendid temple of Lord Vishnu.
vrm.2.6 All the people residing in Ayodhya were delighted when they heard that Rama and Seetha had observed fast for the ensuing anointment ceremony.
vrm.2.29 Seetha was distressed to hear these words of Rama and spoke these words slowly, with her face with tears.
vrm.2.29 Rama the prudent man then pacified in many ways, to avert that Seetha with red lips, who was sorrowful as above.
vrm.2.30 Seetha daughter of Janaka being pacified by Rama in the matter of living in the forest, spoke the following words to her husband.
vrm.2.30 Distressed and highly agitated, the said Seetha reproached Rama having a broad chest, from affection and pride in the following words: "What my father, the king of Mithila belonging to the country of Videha, think of himself having got as so in law you, a woman having the form of a man?" "It is a pity if these people of Ayodhya through ignorance tell the falsehood that excellent valour is lacking in Rama as in a blazing sun.
vrm.2.30 Seetha, burnt by grief, having got exerted, lamented much piteously, embraced her husband and cried a lot with loud voice.
vrm.2.30 "Oh, Seetha with the auspicious face! Eventhough I am able to protect you, without knowing your entire opinion, I do not like to take you to the forest.
vrm.2.30 "Oh, Seetha! it appears that you are created indeed for dwelling in the forest with me.
vrm.2.30 "Oh Seetha, with thighs like the posteriors of an Elephant! Earlier, righeousness like fulfilling the father s command was practised by good men.
vrm.2.30 "Oh, Seetha! I cannot desist from not going to forest.
vrm.2.30 "Oh, Seetha! In which manner service to father is regarded as strengthening, in the same manner truth or sacrificial rites where presents are received by officiating priest are not strengthening.
vrm.2.30 "Oh, Seetha! My mind was depressed to take you to the forest of Dandaka.
vrm.2.30 "Oh, mistress with fascinating eyes and flawless limbs! Since you were allowed to come to forest, Oh Seetha the timid lady, follow me and become my help mate.
vrm.2.30 "Oh, Seetha the beautiful! You adopted very auspicious resolve, suitable in all ways to me and to your race.
vrm.2.30 Oh, Seetha! Even a heaven is not a liking to me without your presence.
vrm.2.30 Seetha the divine lady, elated to know her departure acceptable to her husband, quickly set about, making gifts.
vrm.2.31 Lakshmana who came there earlier, heard the conversation of Seetha and Rama, having his eyes glut with tears, being unable to bear the anguish, tightly pressed the feet of his bother and spoke as floows to Rama who was performing a great vow and to Seetha who enjoyed great honour.
vrm.2.31 "You along with Seetha enjoy yourself on mountain ridges.
vrm.2.32 Seeing him arrived, Rama with joined palms along with Seetha, moved clockwise as around sacrificial fire, that Suyajna the venerable man who had the knowledge of Vedas.
vrm.2.32 urged by Seetha, the said Rama then spoke to Suyajna as follows:
vrm.2.32 "Oh the gentle sage, my friend! Now, Seetha wants to give for your wife a pearl necklace, a string of gold and a girdle.
vrm.2.32 "Oh, friend! Seetha who is departing to the forest, is giving you for your wife armlets adorned with figures cut in them and beautiful keyuras.
vrm.2.32 Seetha" wants to offer you that couch also inlaid with various jewels and provided with an excellent coverlet.
vrm.2.32 As requested by Rama, suyajna accepted the gift and bestowed bening blessings to Rama, Lakshmana and Seetha.
vrm.2.33 Rama and Lakshmana along with Seetha gave away abundant riches to brahmanas and went along with Seetha to see their father.
vrm.2.33 Those weapons held by Rama and Lakshmana were tied on with garlands by Seetha.
vrm.2.33 The same Sri Rama who was followed by a strong four wings of army comprising Elephants, Chariots, Cavalry and Infantry, is walking lonely with Seetha followed by Lakshmana.
vrm.2.33 Even people walking on road are able to see Seetha, who could not earlier be seen even by beings going through the air.
vrm.2.33 Rain, heat and cold will quickly wane to pallor Seetha, who was fond of applying suitable cosmetics and red sandal to the body.
vrm.2.34 Taking Rama, Lakshmana and Seetha, that charioteer then speedily went to the king s presence.
vrm.2.34 Holding Dasaratha in their arms and crying, both Rama and Lakshmana along with Seetha laid him on the couch.
vrm.2.34 "Permit Lakshmana also and Seetha too who is accompanying me to the forest.
vrm.2.34 "Giving up grief, Oh the bestower of honour, grant leave to all of us, Lakshmana myself and Seetha as Brahma did to his sons sanaka and his three brothers who intended to go to forest for practising austerities.
vrm.2.34 "I do not crave for kingdom or happiness nor again for Seetha nor even all these enjoyments nor for heaven nor even for life.
vrm.2.34 Oh, the sinless king! Therefore, now associating you with untruth, I just do not desire for kingdom, nor all the sensual enjoyments, nor happiness nor existence nor even Seetha.
vrm.6.126 "There, I saw Seetha, living alone in a grove of Ashoka trees, clad in a soiled silk saree, looking cheerless, but unflinching in her vow.
vrm.6.126 "After meeting her and duly enquiring that faultless Seetha, everything of her, a ring with the name, Rama engraved on it, was handed over to her by me as a token.
vrm.6.126 "On hearing the news of Seetha, Rama for his part regained the hope to survive, as a dying patient would, on drinking the Ambrosia.
vrm.6.127 "In the same aerial car are the valiant Rama and Lakshmana, the brothers, along with Seetha, the immensely brilliant Sugreeva and Vibhishana the Rakshasa.
vrm.6.127 Thereafter, the jubilant Bharata, the destroyer of adversaries, approaching Lakshmana and Seetha, then saluted them in reverence and also announced his name.
vrm.6.127 Then, the valiant Shatrughna offered his salutation to Rama, along with Lakshmana and offered his reverential salutation to Seetha s feet, by bowing in humility.
vrm.6.128 Then, all the noble minded widows of Dasaratha indeed themselves personally adorned Seetha beautifully.
vrm.6.128 Endowed with all types of ornaments as well as charming ear rings, those wives of Sugreeva together with Seetha moved out, longing as they were, to see the city.
vrm.6.128 The elderly Vasistha, with diligence, along with other brahmins on his side, prevailed upon Rama duly to occupy along with Seetha, on a seat made of precious stones.
vrm.6.128 Rama presented to Seetha, an excellent string of pearls, furnished with superior gems, shining like a beam of moon light two clean and beautiful raiment and lovely ornaments.
vrm.6.128 Looking towards Hanuma the Vanara, Seetha, daughter of Janaka, having taken off the pearl string from her neck, repeatedly caught the glimpse of all the Vanaras and her husband.
vrm.6.128 Looking at her, Rama who was acquainted with the gesture of another spoke to Seetha as follows: "Dear Seetha! Give the pearl necklace to a person, with whom you are pleased and in whom the following viz.
vrm.6.128 The black eyed Seetha gave that pearl necklace to Hanuma.

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