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vrm.1.30 While that period of six days is elapsing and when the sixth day has come, then Rama said to Saumitri, "you be prepared and be on alert.
vrm.3.3 "Let this Rakshasa carry us as he wishes, and Saumitri, by which way this night walker goes, that alone will be our way.
vrm.3.13 On your going there along with Saumitri, and on erecting a hermitage you may take delight in there complying the decreed order of your father.
vrm.3.16 His valorous brother Saumitri following him humbly with a handy vessel, along with Seetha, spoke this to Rama.
vrm.3.18 "Punning in any way with the base and brutish is inapposite, oh, gentle Saumitri, mark note of Vaidehi, somehow surviving
vrm.3.45 "Whether this is an intrigue of yours or that of Bharata it is unachievable, Saumitri.
vrm.3.45 Observing the agonised aspect of Seetha that cheerless Saumitri started to cheer her up by repeatedly informing that her husband Rama will come soon.
vrm.3.64 Rama who is already in a rundown condition owing to the non appearance of Seetha, is further rendered as a hopeless being by River Godavari in the matter of his catching a glimpse of Seetha, and such a Rama spoke to Saumitri.
vrm.3.64 Also the surface of the earth is everywhere interspersed with big and small blood drops that are akin to golden droplets, you see them Saumitri.
vrm.4.30 Noble hearted Saumitri, on observing lone Rama in a lonely place, who is beset with unbearable sadness and whose posture is vacuous, became very miserable for the sad condition of his brother, and spoke to Rama fretfully.
vrm.4.33 Thereafter on hearing the chimes of silver anklets and tintinnabulations of golden cinctures of female vanara s that refulgent Saumitri is embarrassed to proceed further.
vrm.4.33 "As Angada indicated to me earlier, Saumitri, the votary of his brother, has come down on.
vrm.4.35 "According to the well organised groundwork earlier made by Sugreeva, oh, Saumitri, all of those great mighty Vanaras have to arrive here today itself.
vrm.4.36 In that way when Tara has submissively argued with words containing probity, Saumitri gave assent to her perspective as he is soft by his nature.
vrm.4.38 And on seeing palanquin positioned at his nearby the king of Vanaras Sugreeva said to Saumitri, "you mount it, Lakshmana, be quick.
vrm.7.54 "Thereupon being apprised of Raghava s command and saying so be it, Saumitri ascended his car and went speedily towards Rama s abode.
vrm.7.55 To secure my confidence, Sita, in your very presence, entered fire, At that time, O Saumitri, fire, carrying sacrificial oblations and the wind of the sky declared Sita s innocence before the Devas.
vrm.7.55 Do thou not speak anything regarding Sita s banishment, O Saumitri, if dost thou request me to desist from this, it shall be the more unpleasant unto me.
vrm.7.56 Obeying the mandate, and bringing a beautiful and holy car drawn by first rate steeds and having excellent seats, he said to Saumitri, the enhancer of friends honor "O lord, here is the chaiot ready
vrm.7.58 But how shall I O gentle one, live in the hermitage being divorced from all my kith and kin ?And being afflicted to whom shall I express my sorrow ?What reply shall I offer unto the ascetics when they shall ask me Child"; why hath the high souled Raghava renounced thee ?What sin hast thou committed O Saumitri, I shall just renounce my life in the waters of Jahnavi ?But I desist from this for it shall bring about the termination O my husband s race.
vrm.7.58 O Saumitri, do thou carry out the orders thou hast received.
vrm.7.60 O charioteer, the opinion of the citizens is by no means just; consequently what shall we gain by performing such a bad action for fame as the exile of Sita ?"Hearing those words of Lakshmana, the wise Sumantra reverentially replied "Be not aggrieved for Sita, O Saumitri Formerly in the presence of thy sire the Brahmanas related this account of Sita s exile.
vrm.7.62 Being greatly pained at the sight, Saumitri touched his feet and with folded palms said: O worshipful sir, having obeyed thy behests I have left the daughter of Janaka at the holy hermitage of Valmiki near the banks of the Ganges.
vrm.7.62 O gentle Saumitri, my grief and sorrow have been removed for those pleasant words of thine.
vrm.7.63 But O beautiful Saumitri, do thou, apprised of my intention, carry out my words.
vrm.7.68 O Saumitri, do hear attentively, the unbearable anger which was born by the king Yayati resorting to the quality of goodness.
vrm.7.70 Rama said to Lakshmana, gifted with auspicious marks "O O Saumitri having long arms, do thou proceed to the city gate to receive those who have come here for business.
vrm.7.70 Thereat, Rama, with a delighted heart, replied "Do thou go, O Saumitri, and see if any one has come for business.
vrm.7.70 O Saumitri, do thou go and communicate unto the king protecting his subjects that without his permission I do not wish to go there.
vrm.7.115 And then Rama said to Lakshmana: O Saumitri, thy two sons, Angada and Chandraketu are well versed in religions, perfectly qualified in governing the kingdom and highly powerful.
vrm.7.116 Heaing the words of the great saint, Saumitri speedily went to Raghava and communicated unto him the arrival of the ascetic, saying: "O thou of great efulgence, observing the royal duties, mayst thou acquire victory in both the worlds; one ambassador radiant like the sun by virtue of his asceticism, has come here to visit thee.
vrm.7.116 Thereupon saying "So be it," Saumitri conducted, the effulgent ascetic unto Rama s house.
vrm.7.118 While Rama and Kala were thus conversing with one another, the great ascetic Durvasa arrived at the gate for seeing Rama and approaching Lakshmana said: O Saumitri, do thou soon take me to Rama; my time goes away, so do thou take me first.
vrm.7.118 Hearing those words that foremost of Rishis, Durvasa, impatient with rage, said with blood red eyes: O Saumitri, if dost thou not go even this very moment and communicate unto Rama my arrival, I shall impricate thee, Rama, Bharata, Satrughna, your sons and grand sons.

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