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vrm.5.24 "Like the highly fortunate Sachi who waits upon Indra, like Arundhati on Vasishta, like Rohini on the Moon God, like Lopamudra on Agastya, like Sukanya on Chyavana, like Savitri on Satyavanta, like Srimati on Kapila, like Madayanti on Saudasa, like Kesini on Sagara, like Damayanti the daughter of Bhima, devoted to husband Nala, in the same way I am devoted to my husband Rama, the best in Ikshvaku dynasty.
vrm.7.78 There was a king by the name of Saudasa one of your ancestors.
vrm.7.78 The heroic Saudasa was fond of hunting from his boyhood.
vrm.7.78 King Saudasa saw those two Rakshasas and found the forest divested of all creatures.
vrm.7.78 Having slain him and been at ease, Saudasa, the foremost of men, began to eye that Rakshasa.
vrm.7.78 Saudasa engaged in celebrating a mighty horse sacrifice in the vicinity of this hermitage.
vrm.7.78 Thereupon when the sacrifice was about to be finished the aforesaid Rakshasa, remembering his former enmity, assumed the shape of Vasishta and said to the king Saudasa "O king, today the sacrifice shall end; do therefore, without any delay, feed me with meat.
vrm.7.78 Being enraged on hearing it the king Saudasa took water in his palms and was about to imprecate Vasishta, when his queen, preventing him said "O king, the illustrious great ascetic Vasishta is our preceptor and priest and so thou shouldst not imprecate him.
vrm.7.78 Hearing those words of his queen, the king Saudasa, threw of that powerful water on his own feet which at once became dark.
vrm.7.78 From that time the illustrious king Saudasa became also known by the name of Kalasampada.
vrm.7.78 Having thus suffered the consequences of the curse, Saudasa, the slayer of enemies, again obtained his kingdom and governed his subjects.
vrm.7.78 O descendant of Raghu, the sacrificial ground of which thou hast asked me, longs to the king Saudasa.
vrm.7.78 Having thus heard the wonderful story of the king Saudasa and saluted the ascetic Valmiki, Satrughna entered a thatched cottage.

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