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vrm.5.2 Hanuma saw the city of Lanka with buttress and enclosure wall as her hip and loins, the vast body pf water in the moat as her raiment, Sataghnis and Sulas as her locks, the mansions as her earrings, constructed by thought.
vrm.6.3 Dangerous and sharp edged Sataghnis made of Iron, forged by hordes of Rakshasas, have been kept in readiness in hundreds at the gates.
vrm.6.3 Deep trenches and Sataghnis too as well as Engines of war of every kind adorn Lanka the city of wicked Ravana.
vrm.7.23 And stationed above, he showered on them variegated maces, Vallas cresent shapped arrow, Patticas, Saktis and huge Sataghnis.
vrm.7.33 Thereupon Ravana s son struck the Deva host with thousands of huge mountain summits, Sataghnis, maces, Prasas, clubs, daggers, Parashos and various other sharp pointed weapons.

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