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vrm.7.68 Thus accosted Rama, the Kshatriya chief, said to the great Lakshmana conversant with all Sastras "O hero, forgiveness is not to be seen in all men.
vrm.7.71 Thereat, Bhrigu, Angiras, Kutsa, Vasishta, Kashya and other ascetics, the leading preachers, the ministers, the citizens, and other sages conversant with Sastras, present there, said "A Brahmana should not be punished with death.
vrm.7.72 O Raghava, thou at he preceptor of the mobile and immobile creation, gifted with all sorts of wealth, illustrious, devoid of a revengeful spirit, unconquerable, victorious, and master of all Sastras and laws.
vrm.7.72 The ministers of Dasaratha and Rama, Vrishthi, Yayanta, Vijaya, Siddhartha, Rashtravarddhana, Asoka, Darmapala the highly powerful Sumantra and others were well versed in laws, high minded, conversant with all the Sastras, intelligent, born in respectable families, and adepts in counsel.

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