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vrm.1.1 Sage Narada is a thoughtful meditator, eternally studious in scriptures about the truth and untruth, a sagacious thinker, and a sublime enunciator among all expert enunciators.
vrm.1.1 With such a divine Sage Narada, the Sage Poet Valmiki is inquisitively enquiring about a man who is a composite for all merited endowments in his form and calibre.
vrm.1.1 "All this I wish to listen from you, oh! Great Sage, as you are a mastermind to know this kind of man, and indeed my inquisitiveness is immense.
vrm.1.1 On listening all those words of Valmiki, the preceptor of all the three worlds, Sage Narada, said "let it be heard.
vrm.1.1 and beckoning at Sage Valmiki to listen attentively, he spoke these words very gladly.
vrm.1.1 "Oh! Sage Valmiki, the merits which you have extolled are many, and unattainable even for great emperors, let alone ordinary humans, and also infinite are they.
vrm.1.1 b, a "That trio of Seetha, Rama and Lakshmana on treading forest after forest, and on crossing rivers with plethoric waters, reached the hermitage of Sage Bharadwaja, and by the ordainment of that Sage they arrived at Chitrakuta, and setting up a handsome cottage there, they who have enjoyed every comfort in Ayodhya enjoyed every comfort here also in no less a degree and that trio lived happily and exuberated themselves in woods at Chitrakuta, similar to Devas and Gandharvas.
vrm.1.1 b, a "On Dasharatha s departure to heavens, though Sage Vashishta and other Brahmans have impressed upon him for his investiture in kingship, and even though he is highly effectual to rule such a kingdom, he that Bharata refused the kingdom, and that self denying Bharata, for he is aloft the greed, grouse, and gripe, went to forests to pray for mercy at the feet of Rama.
vrm.1.1 "That lotus eyed Rama on his entering the vast of Dandaka forest eliminated the Rakshasa Viraadha, and indeed descried Sage Sharabhanga, also even Sage Suteekshna, also Sage Agastya and likewise Sage Agastya s brother.
vrm.1.1 a "On the advice of Sage Agastya Rama took a bow of Indra from Sage Agastya, which Indra once gave to Sage Agastya, along with a sword, and two quivers in which arrows will be ever replenishing, and thus Rama is highly pleased to receive befitting weaponry.
vrm.1.1 b, a "While Rama is staying in the forest of Sage Sharabhanga, all the Sages and forest moving ascetics,
vrm.1.1 Rama", the truth valiant, has gone to the hermitage of Sage Bharadwaja en route, and he has also sent Hanuma to the near of Bharata beforehand.
vrm.1.1 Thus Sage Narada gave a gist of Ramayana to Sage poet Valmiki.
vrm.1.2 On hearing that sentence of that eminent sentence maker Sage Narada, that contains or ramayana in a nutshell, narrated in the previous chapter, that great Sage of virtuous mind, namely Valmiki, revered the Divine Sage Narada, along with his disciples.
vrm.1.2 That divine Sage Narada is worshipped that way by Valmiki in a befitting way, and on seeking permission of Valmiki to leave, and having been permitted by Valmiki went away heavenward.
vrm.1.2 That self controlled Sage Valmiki on taking loincloth from his disciple s hands, indeed ambled towards the river, looking everywhere at the wide of forest.
vrm.1.2 There godly Sage Valmiki saw a couple of lovely Krauncha Birds, in the vicinity of that river s foreshore, flying there about in togetherness, and of course, fearless of any calamity, and calling charmingly A tribal hunter with all his evil intent, as he is an enemy of foresters, killed the male one of them the couple of Birds, while Valmiki is looking on.
vrm.1.2 On seeing at that bird felled that way by the tribal hunter, compassion is aroused in that kind hearted Sage Valmiki.
vrm.1.2 Then on seeing the wailing female krauncha bird, compassion haunting him and apperceiving the killing of male bird as unjust, the Sage uttered this sentence.
vrm.1.2 On thinking, he that eminently astute and intellectual Sage made up his mind, and he that erudite scholar also spoke this sentence to his disciples, thus as.
vrm.1.2 b a "Oh, Brahman, that speech of yours sprang forth at my wish alone, hence oh, eminent Sage, you shall render the legend of Rama, in its entirety.
vrm.1.2 Equally lettered, four footed is that verse when great Sage Valmiki articulated it, and when repetitively recited by one and all, it attained prominence as verse proper.
vrm.1.3 On hearing the essence of Ramayana from Sage Narada, which is abound with probity and prosperity, and a propitious one too, that virtue souled Valmiki started searching for further known details in the legend of that dexterous Rama.
vrm.1.3 Narrated are very many other amusing stories, Rama s breaking the great bow his marriage with Janaki after with the help of Sage Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.3 Crossing over River Ganga looking up Sage Bharadwaja their look up at Chitrakuta on Sage Bharadwaja s advise.
vrm.1.3 Rama s visit to Sage Sarabhanga and Suteekshna their visiting hermitic lady Anasuya, and her smooth speaking with Seetha and also her giving a body cream to Seetha.
vrm.1.3 Also even Rama s seeing the Sage Agastya, and likewise taking a great bow from that sage.
vrm.1.3 and Rama s meeting Sage Bharadwaja on his way back.
vrm.1.4 Sage Valmiki said Ramayana in twenty four thousand verses, in six hundred chapters, in six books, likewise an end piece too.
vrm.1.4 another reputed Sage, lauding them contributed a jute robe.
vrm.1.4 b a And another Sage bestowed a black Deerskin, and like that yet another a sacred thread.
vrm.1.8 Then Sumantra gone quickly, for he in quickness is a dauntless one, and fetched all of the clerics like Suyajna, Vamadeva, Jaabaali, Kashyapa, and even Sage Vashishta, and also those other eminent Brahman that are Vedic scholars.
vrm.1.8 Then the Brahman scholars along with Sage Vashishta and all other important personalities in their turn have blessed and honoured him, saying that splendid is this idea.
vrm.1.9 "Oh, king, I have earlier heard of this present advice given to you by Vedic scholars, as godly Sage Sanatkumara has once narrated an account about the arrival of your sons in the presence of other sages, and sage Sanat Kumara said.
vrm.1.9 a "He said that Sage" Kashyapa has a son known as Vibhandaka, and his son will be the renowned Sage Rishyasringa, and that Sage Rishyasringa will grow up in forests, and will always be dwelling in forest.
vrm.1.9 "In the world he becomes famous for his celibacy, oh king, and he will always be praised by Brahmans, and thus time will pass on with that kind of his conduct, Sage Rishyasringa looses no time with his servitor ship to the Sacrificial Fire and also to his celebrated father, and during this period alone there will be a famed and very strong king Romapada, a valiant in Anga country.
vrm.1.9 b, a Thus said by king those scholarly Brahmans and Vedic scholars will say to the king, oh, king, son of Sage Vibhandaka, namely Rishyasringa, is to be fetched by all methods.
vrm.1.9 "Oh! King, having brought Sage Rishyasringa and honouring him well with good care, procedurally give him your daughter Shanta in marriage to that Vedic Brahman and the son of Sage Vibhandaka.
vrm.1.9 Sage" Rishyasringa, son in law of Romapada, King of Anga ad as well as to you, if invited to our kingdom he will bless you to beget sons, oh! King.
vrm.1.9 so said Sage Sanatkumara to other sages and all this is retold by me.
vrm.1.10 Sumantra thus motivated by King Dasharatha, said these words to king "Oh! King, how and with which idea Sage Rishyasringa is brought by the ministers of Romapada, all that will be spoken.
vrm.1.10 "My father is Sage Vibhandaka and I am his true descent son.
vrm.1.10 "On going there, then the Sage s son performed worship saying "Here is our hand wash, here is our feet wash, here are our tuber fruits, here are the juicy fruits of ours.
vrm.1.10 "Taking leave of the Sage Rishyasringa on pretence that they also have to perform devotional duties, they the courtesans departed from there on the pretext of their daily worship, while they actually feared for the arrival of Rishyasringa s father who may hurl curses on his arrival.
vrm.1.10 "After the departure of all them the courtesans, that Brahman Rishyasringa, the grandson of Sage Kaashyapa, is disturbed at heart and even behaved sadly.
vrm.1.10 "Towards that Brahman Rishyasring who is coming along with rains into his own kingdom Anga Kingdom, the king Romapada has gone towards that sage and bowed his head down, and paid respects touching the ground, and offered water customarily with dedication and the king besought beneficence of the best one, Rishyasringa to save from the fury of his father Sage Vibhandaka, even after knowing the king s pursuit in bringing Rishyasringa to this country.
vrm.1.11 Said Sanat Kumara, the Sage.
vrm.1.11 Shanta, Sage Rishyasringa, preside over that Vedic ritual at you behest, for the sake of progeny in my dynasty.
vrm.1.11 On hearing those words of king Dasharatha that benevolent soul Romapada, the king of Anga, considers heartily and agrees to send the one who endows progeny by rituals, namely Sage Rishyasringa his son in law.
vrm.1.11 On receiving that Brahman, Sage Rishyasringa, at the behest of his
vrm.1.11 Thus said Sage Sanat Kumara to other sages.
vrm.1.11 This way he that ancient and godly Sage Sanatkumara, who is also Brahma s brain child like Narada, said this legend in earlier Divine Era, called krita yuga.
vrm.1.11 Oh, great king the manly Tiger, he that Sage Rishyasringa be led here on your proceeding in person with staff and transport and on adoring him well personally.
vrm.1.11 king Dasharatha, and addressed these words to that Brahman sage and his son in law, Sage Rishyasringa You may proceed along with your wife.
vrm.1.11 b, a Then king Dasharatha who set forth to Ayodhya bade farewell to his friend king Romapada, and he firstly sent quick footed messengers to Ayodhya to inform his citizens about his arrival along with Sage Rishyasringa.
vrm.1.11 b, a Then all the citizens are very happy on seeing that Brahman, Sage Rishyasringa, who is well honoured and being entered into the city by their king Dasharatha, as has been done once by Indra when he entered sage Kashyapa s son Vamana, the dwarfish boy and the incarnation of Vishnu, into heavens, and thus those citizens felt that their human lord Dasharatha vies with divine lord Indra.
vrm.1.11 Dasharatha entered the sage into the palace chambers and worshipped him there as ordained in the scriptures, and in bringing the Sage here into his country, king Dasharatha believed that his desired is fulfilled.
vrm.1.12 Sage Rishyasringa who by now is well honoured by the king said to the king, "So it shall be, let the paraphernalia for ritual be garnered and let your ritual Horse be released as a prerogative.
vrm.1.12 I wish to get my desires fulfilled through the divine influence of the Sage s son, Rishyasringa.
vrm.1.12 Then Sage Vashishta along with all other important personalities have applauded the idea that has come out of the king s voice, and all those Vedic scholars and clergymen keeping Rishyasringa at helm of affairs said this to the king, in appreciation of that idea.
vrm.1.13 Greeting and even adoring the Sage Vashishta customarily Dasharatha said these very humble words to him.
vrm.1.13 Then Sage Vashishta then summoned and spoke to elderly Brahman scholars, and elderly architects who are all proficient and elderly experts in conducting the construction of the ritual hall etc.
vrm.1.13 Thus Sage Vashishta spoke to the organisers.
vrm.1.13 Then all of them collectively replied to Sage Vashishta "As desired, all the well ordered works will not be neglected in the least, and they will be done as ordered, and not the least of them will be slighted.
vrm.1.13 So said the artisans to Sage Vashishta.
vrm.1.13 "Then on calling for Sumantra, Sage Vashishta said these words to him, "Let all those kings of the earth that are righteous be invited, and let all the people from all the kingdoms, say Brahmans, Kshatriya s, Vyasya s, Shudra s be invited in scores duly honouring them.
vrm.1.13 Thus Sage Vashishta said to minister Sumantra.
vrm.1.13 Then the well pleased Sage Vashishta said this to King Dasharatha "the kings from distant kingdoms have arrived at your behest, oh, tigerly man, and thse best kings are well honoured by me also as per their status.
vrm.1.13 Said Sage Vashishta to King Dasharatha.
vrm.1.13 Then Sage Vashishta and other eminent Brahmans keeping the Sage Rishyasringa ahead of them entered the ritual hall, to commence the ritual works thus.
vrm.1.14 b, c On hearing the sweet words of Sage Rishyasringa, he that king of kings Dasharatha went into a state of ecstasy and venerating that great soul, Rishyasringa, again said this to him.
vrm.1.15 Then that resplendent Sage Rishyasringa commenced that Putrakaamesti ritual, offering oblations into sacred fire with ritual acts meticulously contained in hymns.
vrm.1.18 b, a Sage Vishvamitra asked Dasharatha, Are all of the provincial kings acquiescent to you, and all your enemies conquered? Are you properly performing the devotional and social works? b, a And on meeting the eminent sage Vashishta and with them the other exalted sages according to custom Vishvamitra asked after their well being.
vrm.1.19 On listening the grand and detailed sentences of that King the lion Dasharatha, the great resplendent Sage Vishvamitra is thrilled with happiness and spoke this way.
vrm.1.20 On hearing those words Sage Vishvamitra replied this way.
vrm.1.20 Thus Sage Vishvamitra said to Dasharatha.
vrm.1.20 Thus, by the incongruous talk of Dasharatha, the outstanding Brahman and son of Sage Kushi, namely sage Vishvamitra is overwhelmed with outrageous anger by his mentation, and that fire like glorious sage looked like the ritual fire into which many inflammable oblations are offered, and which is drenched with a lot of clarified butter, whereby it is flaring up its tongues.
vrm.1.22 Thus spoke Sage Vishvamitra to Rama.
vrm.1.23 On seeing that merited hermitage Rama and Lakshmana are highly pleased and said this word to that great soul Sage Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.23 a When they are discussing there the sages of that hermitage are highly gladdened to perceive them with their sixth sense, and on approaching them enchantedly they offered water for hands and feet wash and then offered hospitality firstly to Sage Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.24 Sage Vishvamitra on saying it must be so, to those sages and revering them in his turn, cruised the river that itself is cruising towards ocean, along with both the princes.
vrm.1.28 On becoming personally purified Rama, the descendent of Kakutstha s, received the missiles, and then on their way he is now speaking to Sage Vishvamitra with a pleasant face.
vrm.1.29 Sage Kaashyapa praised Vishnu in this way.
vrm.1.29 On hearing the word of Vishnu sage Kaashyapa, the son of Sage Marichi said, "oh, god the accorder of boons, as you are pleased with us it will be apt of you to bestow the boon besought by Lady Aditi and the Gods, oh, lord with lofty vows, for which boon I am also supplicating to you, following them.
vrm.1.30 "Oh, Raghava s, you have to safeguard this ritual for six nights and days from today, and this Sage Vishvamitra who is under the vow of ritual goes into muteness as required by the vow.
vrm.1.31 When that night turned into a new day, performing their morning chores both of the brother jointly approached Sage Vishvamitra, who is along with other sages by then.
vrm.1.31 b, a Sage Vishvamitra whose vows are unselfish and whose ascesis is exalted is motivated with the words of Rama and staying amidst the sages he started to tell all about that place.
vrm.1.32 Thus Sage Vishvamitra commenced narration.
vrm.1.32 Thus Sage Vishvamitra continued his narration.
vrm.1.34 Sage Vishvamitra thus narrating to Rama.
vrm.1.34 Sage Vishvamitra is pleased when those tigerly sages have laude him, and then that magnificent sage Vishvamitra lapsed into the lap of sleep, as the sun lapses into lap of dusk for that day.
vrm.1.35 On hearing the words of Sage Vishvamitra, Rama woke up and on completion of morning time religious activities he readied himself for further journey and indeed spoke this sentence to the sage.
vrm.1.35 Thus spoken by that astute Sage Vishvamitra, the other great sages travelled on, indeed beholding diverse forests and their environs.
vrm.1.37 Sage Vishvamitra continued his narration to Rama.
vrm.1.38 "On completion of a hundred years of ascesis, and when the Sage Bhrigu is worshipped with asceticism, that sage who is a prominent one among the patrons of truth bestowed a boon to Sagara.
vrm.1.38 Said Sage Bhrigu to Sagara.
vrm.1.38 On listening their words the Sage Bhrigu spoke in a glorious tone, let your freewill be brought to bear this issue.
vrm.1.38 Who wants which boon from either of them? Thus, the Sage gave them the option.
vrm.1.38 "On performing circumambulations to the Sage Bhrigu along with wives, oh, Raghu s scion, also on reverencing him head bent, the king Sagara proceeded to his own city.
vrm.1.39 On listening the words of Rama that are inclusive of his inquisitiveness, Sage Vishvamitra smilingly spoke to that descendent of Kakutstha, "oh, Rama, let the episode of the great souled Sagara be listened vividly.
vrm.1.39 So said Sage Vishvamitra to Rama and others.
vrm.1.40 Hence, that reverential Vishnu donning the semblance of Sage Kapila will burn down the sons of emperor Sagara to ashes in a fire of fury.
vrm.1.40 Thus Sage Vishvamitra is narrating the legend of Sagara to Rama and others.
vrm.1.41 In fact, Kapila, the Imponderable Sage, has burnt down those great mighty paternal uncles of yours, oh, observant Amshuman, as such it will not be apt of you to offer the mundane obsequial water oblations to them, indeed.
vrm.1.43 b, a "Thereupon, the Gods along with Gandharva s and sages at that extremely marvellous feat of Sage Jahnu are highly astounded, and they then started to worship that ablest human and great souled sage Jahnu, and even deigned for the daughterhood of Ganga to that high souled sage Jahnu.
vrm.1.45 On listening the narration of Sage Vishwamitra about Ganga s descent along with Lakshmana, Rama went into a great astonishment, and then addressed Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.45 Then Rama, whose flair for knowing everything is high, became suppliant duly adjoining his palms, and enquired about the prominent city Vishala with the great Sage Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.46 "Oh, Rama, Lady Diti was highly anguished for those sons that are killed and said this to her husband, Sage Kashyapa, the son of Sage Marichi.
vrm.1.46 On hearing her request the great resplendent sage Kaashyapa, the son of Sage Marichi, replied Diti, who is deeply mournful.
vrm.1.46 Thus Sage Kaashyapa advised his wife Diti.
vrm.1.46 "On the exit of Sage Kaashyapa, oh, best one among men Rama, highly elated Diti reached the sacred place called Kushaplava, on which the present City of Vishala is now standing, and practised a highly rigorous asceticism.
vrm.1.46 "Oh, best one among Gods, Indra, on my prayer your high souled father Sage Kaashyapa bestowed this boon on me for a son, which materialises at the end of thousand years, and only ten more years are to slip by.
vrm.1.46 Thus, Sage Vishvamitra continued narration about City of Vishala.
vrm.1.47 Thus Sage Vishvamitra spoke to Rama and Lakshmana.
vrm.1.48 "In this hermitage, oh, prince Rama, once that highly renowned Sage Gautama sat tight in asceticism for numerous cycle of years along with his wife Ahalya.
vrm.1.48 "She felt fulfilled in her heart of hearts and then she said this to that best god Indra, I am gratified in complying with your wish, oh, best of Gods, get going oh, lord, from here quickly, oh, ruler of Gods, always safeguard yourself and me from Sage Gautama.
vrm.1.48 b, a "Oh, Rama, Indra then came out of the cottage flustering hurriedly after copulating with her with an uncertainty about the arrival of Sage Gautama.
vrm.1.48 Thus, Sage Gautama cursed his wife Ahalya.
vrm.1.48 "On cursing immodest Ahalya thus, that great resplendent Sage Gautama shed this hermitage which was once adored by Siddha sand Chaarana s, and that great ascetic Gautama practised his asceticism on the pleasant peaks of Himalayas.
vrm.1.49 I have Indeed incited fury in that noble souled Sage Gautama by effectuating hindrance in his asceticism, but I have accomplished a task of Gods.
vrm.1.50 The highly resplendent great saint Vishvamitra has informed the high souled Janaka about the coming of Rama and Lakshmana to the Hermitage of Accomplishment, their stopping over there and elimination of Rakshasas at that place, their indefatigable travel along with him, beholding City of Vishala, seeing Ahalya, her reuniting with Sage Gautama, likewise their coming hitherward to gain a grasp of great bow of Shiva.
vrm.1.51 On hearing that sentence of that intellectual sage Vishvamitra, the highly refulgent and the great ascetic Shataananda is overjoyed, and Sage Shataananda, the eldest son of Sage Gautama, and whose radiance is brightened by his own ascesis is highly amazed just on seeing Rama.
vrm.1.51 On hearing that sentence of his, that great saint and sentence precisian Sage Vishvamitra, replied the sentence precisionist Sage Shataananda.
vrm.1.51 "Moving sequentially about the provinces, cities, rivers likewise mountains, king Vishvamitra arrived at the threshold of a hermitage which is with numerous flowered trees and climbers, overspread with very many herds of animals, adored by the Siddhas and Caaranas, frequented and embellished with Devas, Danavas, Gandharvas, and Kinnaras, spread out with equable deer, adored by flights of Birds, compacted with the assemblages of Brahmarshis, and also with the assemblages of Devarshis who are fully accomplished in their ascesis, where the personal resplendence of each of the great souled sage is similar to each of the Ritual fire available in each of the Ritual Fire Altar before which he is sitting, and which hermitage is bustling with the activity of great souled sages who are comparable to Brahma, among whom some subsist on water alone, and some on air alone, likewise some more on dry leaves, while some on fruits, tubers, and with such of those sages and also with particular sages like Vaalakhilya s, also with others like Vaikhanasa s, who are all self controlled, who have overcame their peccabilites, who have overpowered their senses that hermitage is occupied, and while everyone of the inmates is engaged in meditations and oblations into Ritual fire, and with such sages and their activity whole of the perimeter of that hermitage is brightened and rendered splendent, and king Vishvamitra arrived at such a magnificent hermitage of Sage Vashishta.
vrm.1.51 Thus Sage Shataananda continued his narration.
vrm.1.52 On seeing at that best sage among best meditators Sage Vashishta, the great mighty and valorous Vishvamitra is highly rejoiced and obediently made an obeisance to the sage.
vrm.1.52 "The great resplendent king Vishvamitra respectfully replied Sage Vashishta saying, everything is fine.
vrm.1.52 "Then at the end of discussions, oh, Rama the legatee of Raghu, that godly Sage Vashishta smilingly spoke this sentence to Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.52 So said Sage Vashishta to that Sacred Cow, Kaamadhenu, and Vishvamitra continued his narration.
vrm.1.53 "Oh, enemy chastener Rama, when the Divine Cow Shabala is spoken in this way by Sage Vashishta, then that milker bestowed each and every fancy, fancied by each and every fancier, according to one s own fancy.
vrm.1.53 Thus Sage Shataananda continued the legend of Shabala or Kaamadhenu, as a part of the legend of Vishvamitra to Rama and others.
vrm.1.53 "Oh, Rama, all of the men in the forces of Vishvamitra, who are already rejoiced and regaled by the regular feasts accorded by their king Vishvamitra, are now comparatively well gladdened when feasted by Sage Vashishta, in which they rejoiced and regaled, for a good measure.
vrm.1.53 So said Vashishta to Vishvamitra, and thus Sage Shataananda continued his narration of the legend of Sacred Cow.
vrm.1.54 "When Sage Vashishta did not yield Kaamadhenu, the milker of any desire, oh, Rama, then Vishvamitra started to seize it.
vrm.1.54 Sage Shataananda continued the narration of the legend of Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.54 Has this great souled Sage Vashishta abandoned me, or what?
vrm.1.54 "She that moaning and groaning Shabala staying before the Sage Vashishta spoke this bellowing like a thunderous cloud.
vrm.1.54 Thus Sage Shataananda continued his narration of Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.55 Thus Sage Shataananda continued his narration about the legend of Vishvamitra to Rama.
vrm.1.55 "On saying thus that extremely infuriated Sage Vashishta post hastily up heaved his baton, which is alike the fumeless Ultimate Fire of End Time, and the other baton of Yama, and affronted Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.55 Thus, Sage Shataananda continued his narration of Vishvamitra s legend.
vrm.1.56 b, "Even that deleteriously destructive Brahma s missile is completely consumed with the seraphic resplendence of Brahma baton of Sage Vashishta.
vrm.1.56 Therefore on analysing this matter, I with my heart and senses quietened will embark on a sublime ascesis which really will be the causative factor for according Brahma Sage hood.
vrm.1.56 Thus Sage Shataananda continued his narration of Vishvamitra s legend.
vrm.1.57 Thus Sage Shataananda continued his narration of Vishvamitra s legend.
vrm.1.57 Thus Trishanku entreated the hundred sons of Sage Vashishta.
vrm.1.57 Sage Shataananda thus continued narration.
vrm.1.58 So said Sage Shataananda to Rama and others continuing the legend of Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.59 Thus Sage Shataananda continued his narration.
vrm.1.60 Sage Shataananda continued his narration of Trishanku s legend.
vrm.1.60 This Vishvamitra is the legatee of Sage Kushi, and indeed he is a saint similar to Ritual fire besides being an extremely furious person.
vrm.1.60 Sage Shataananda continued.
vrm.1.60 Thus Sage Shataananda continued the narration of the legend.
vrm.1.61 "While that king is searching those and those provinces, villages, forests, townships, and even the pious hermitages, oh, dear Rama, the legatee of Raghu s dynasty, that king has indeed seen Sage Riciika, who is well settled on Mountain Bhrigutunga along with his sons and wife.
vrm.1.61 "On reverencing and on obtaining the grace of ascetically brilliant great Sage Riciika, and even on asking him about his wellbeing in every aspect, that kingly sage Ambarisha, who is with great resplendence and whose brilliance is illimitable, said this word to that sage.
vrm.1.61 Oh, godlike sage, if you bargain your son with a hundred thousand Cows for the purpose of a ritual animal, oh, the successor Sage Bhrigu, I deem my ends are achieved.
vrm.1.61 b, a "When that great resplendent Sage Riciika is addressed thus, he said this word, oh, best of men, I cannot possibly sell my eldest son, in anyway.
vrm.1.61 "On hearing the words of Sage Riciika the mother of those great souled sons spoke this word to the tigerly man Ambarisha.
vrm.1.61 Thus, wife Sage Ruciika said to Ambarisha.
vrm.1.61 Thus Sage Shataananda continued his narration.
vrm.1.62 Thus Sage Shataananda continued the legend of Shunashepa, as a part of Vishvamitra s legend.
vrm.1.62 "While the king Ambarisha is taking rest that highly brilliant Shunashepa came to the lakeside of main Holy Lake with high anxiety, and there he indeed saw his maternal uncle Sage Vishvamitra who is performing ascesis along with other sages.
vrm.1.62 Thus Sage Shataananda continued the narration of Vishvamitra s legend.
vrm.1.63 Thus Sage Shataananda continued the legend of Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.63 "All Gods coming together with assemblages of sages have approached Brahma and conveyed that, this Vishvamitra, the son of Kushika, may duly be given the epithet of Maharshi, Exalted Sage.
vrm.1.63 Thus Sage Shataananda continued his narration.
vrm.1.64 Thus Sage Shataananda continued the legend of Vishvamitra to Rama.
vrm.1.65 Thus Sage Shataananda continued the legend of Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.65 On narrating the legend of Vishvamitra in this way that best Brahman and great resplendent Sage Shataananda took respite.
vrm.1.65 And on listening the narration of Sage Shataananda said in the presence of Rama and Lakshmana, king Janaka said this sentence to Kushika s son, Vishvamitra, with suppliantly adjoined palms.
vrm.1.65 b, a "Oh, great resplendent Brahman, myself and the noble souled Rama have heard about your great ascesis when Sage Shataananda extolled it comprehensively.
vrm.1.68 Thus the sovereign of Videha kingdom said these endearing words, abiding by the counsel of Sage Shataananda, and Sage Vishvamitra is also consentient to the proposal.
vrm.1.69 Vashishta", Vamadeva, Jabali and Kaashyapa, and the long lived Markandeya, and Sage Kaatyayana.
vrm.1.70 b, a Should an assent be given by Sage Vishvamitra, along with all the great sages present here, this equanimous Vashishta will narrate about my bloodline, lineally.
vrm.1.70 a There was a saint named Chyavana, the heir of Sage Bhrigu, who in fascination with best and beautiful mountains then taking shelter on Himalayas.
vrm.1.70 So said Sage Chyavana to the queen of Asita who received the poison.
vrm.1.70 On reverencing Sage Chyavana that husband devout princess whose husband is no more that lady gave birth to a son.
vrm.1.74 b, a In that catastrophic darkness, that sand muffled military of king Dasharatha has seen the son of Sage Jamadagni, namely Bhargava Rama, the
vrm.1.75 "This alone is that catastrophic bow received through Sage Jamadagni.
vrm.1.75 While Dasharatha is speaking in that way that intransigent Bhargava Rama of Sage Jamadagni uncaring for those merciful words of Dasharatha addressed Rama of Dasharatha alone.
vrm.1.75 b, a "Oh, Rama, this alone is that enemy citadel conquering longbow of Vishnu, and Vishnu handed over this to Sage Riciika, the son of Bhrigu, as a trustworthy trust.
vrm.1.75 b, a "That great resplendent Sage Riciika on his part has handed over this divine bow to his son with unmatchable deeds of religious merit, who is my father Sage Jamadagni.
vrm.1.76 "Once, when I donated entire earth to Sage Kashyapa, Kashyapa told me uninhabitable is my domain, viz.
vrm.2.14 Sage Vashishta, being well pleased of seeing that gynaecium, got past those people there and entered it.
vrm.2.25 "May Veda, the Smriti texts taken as one body, the resolution and the piety protect you, my son! May lord Skanda and the moon god along with the sage Brihaspati, the well known seven sages as well as Sage Narada guard you on all sides.
vrm.2.49 Having crossed the river of auspicious waters called Vedashruti, Rama then stretched forth, facing the quarter occupied by Sage Agastya.
vrm.3.4 Oh, Sire, att one and half Yojana s of distance from here Sage Sharabhanga, a great saint of virtue, and an efficacious sage with sun like resplendence dwells, you shall quickly approach him for he advises you opportunely.
vrm.3.5 b, a On his approach at the hermitage of Sage Sharabhanga, a sage with a divine effect and the one with a purified soul, saw a great wonder at the nearby of that hermitage of Sharabhanga.
vrm.3.5 Rama proceeded towards the hermitage of Sage Sharabhanga.
vrm.3.5 Then, on seeing Rama arriving there, Indra, bade farewell to Sage Sharabhanga and said this to the Devas attending him.
vrm.3.5 On the transit of that Thousand eyed Indra, Raghava with his adherents namely Lakshmana and Seetha, came nearby the Sage Sharabhanga, who is sitting nearby the altar of fire.
vrm.3.5 Touching the feet of that Sage Sharabhanga Rama along with Seetha and Lakshmana, and duly permitted and invited by that Sage Sharabhanga they sat there, as they obtained a shelter.
vrm.3.5 Then, Raghava enquired with sage about the arrival of Indra and Sage Sharabhanga narrated all that to him.
vrm.3.5 So said Sage Sharabhanga to Rama.
vrm.3.5 Thus said by the Sage Sharabhanga to that Manly tiger Rama, being the scholar in all the scriptures he spoke this sentence to that sage.
vrm.3.5 Thus said by Raghava, who is like Indra in strength, that supremely intellectual Sage Sharabhanga again spoke this sentence this way.
vrm.3.5 "You approach Sage Suteekshna and to you he will arrange housing in his auspicious and dpleasant place woods of hermits.
vrm.3.5 Following opposite to its flow you may follow this River Mandakini that carries flower ferries, then you can reach there at Sage Suteekshnas hermitage.
vrm.3.5 He that Sage Sharabhanga, then reappeared as an youngster in the semblance of Fire, o\n resurrecting from that altar of fire he shone forth.
vrm.3.5 He that Sage Sharabhanga, transcending the ethereal worlds of fire worshippers, of saints, of great souls, and also of divinities, has ascended to Brahma s abode.
vrm.3.6 On Sage Sharabhanga attaining heaven, groups of sages assembled and approached Rama of Kakutstha dynasty, who is glowing with resplendence.
vrm.3.6 All have Vedic resplendence and firm yogic control, and they have arrived at the hermitage of Sage Sharabhanga for Rama.
vrm.3.6 Thus giving his aegis to the sages, that valiant Rama who is firmly virtue souled, journeyed towards Sage Suteekshna with Lakshmana and the sages, and along with the one given by Honourable Janaka, namely Seetha.
vrm.3.7 Rama, the enemy scorcher, has gone towards the threshold of the hermitage of Sage Suteekshna along with his brother Lakshmana and Seetha, also along with those Brahmans who accompanied him all the way.
vrm.3.7 There on seeing the ascetically rich Sage Suteekshna sitting in yogic posture with his body bearing lotus like blotches of soil, Rama dutifully spoke to him.
vrm.3.7 "You are an expert in all affairs, and you are interested in the welfare of all the beings, so said the great souled Sage Sharabhanga of Sage Gautama s dynasty.
vrm.3.7 Thus said Sage Suteekshna.
vrm.3.7 On worshipping the westward vesperal time, Rama arranged a stay for himself along with Seetha and Lakshmana, there in that delightful hermitage of Sage Suteekshna.
vrm.3.7 Then the great soul Sage Suteekshna on completing his evening rituals and on observing the fall of night he himself courteously served food that is auspicious and worthy of sages to two of the best men, Rama and Lakshmana.
vrm.3.8 Rama along with Soumitri is well revered by Sage Suteekshna, spent that night there and awoken in the morning.
vrm.3.8 Then they all, Vaidehi, Rama and Lakshmana, on worshipping sacred fire and deities dutifully in the shelter of the sages in that forest and on seeing the dawning sun, they are reft of their blemishes, and then they approached Sage Suteekshna speaking this sentence gently.
vrm.3.9 To Rama, the scion of Raghu and her husband, who started out when permitted by Sage Suteekshna, Vaidehi spoke this with friendly words.
vrm.3.11 Then Rama and also Lakshmana, the great charioteer, inquisitively started to ask the Sage named Dharmabhrita about it.
vrm.3.11 Thus that virtue knowing glorious Rama on going around those hermitages along with Seetha indeed went to the hermitage of Sage Suteekshna again.
vrm.3.11 Sage Suteekshna on hearing that particular request of that virtue minded Rama is gladdened and said this to him.
vrm.3.11 So said Sage Suteekshna to Rama.
vrm.3.11 Definitely this alone appears to be the hermitage of Sage Agastya s brother, one with great soul and pious deeds.
vrm.3.11 Thus by the words of Sage Suteekshna as I have heard, oh, gentle Lakshmana, this hermitage shall definitely be that of Sage Agastya s brother.
vrm.3.11 Whose brother is Sage Agastya with meritorious deeds, who wishing well being of the world controlled death by his efficacy, and who made this southern region a liveable region, this must be the hermitage of such a sage, such Agastya s brother.
vrm.3.11 Then by Sage Agastya, whom Gods have prayed to end this Rakshasa menace, and whom Asura Ilvala invited to feast during obsequial rites, he that Agastya having relished the fiendish Asura in the form of Ram, they say, had finished him off.
vrm.3.11 This hermitage embellishing with lake and woods belongs to the brother of Sage Agastya who has done this impossible deed just by his compassion towards Brahmans.
vrm.3.11 leave of the brother of Sage Agastya saying the following.
vrm.3.11 We arrived at the threshold of the hermitage, oh, Soumitri, you enter firstly and submit to Sage Agastya about my arrival at this place along with Seetha.
vrm.3.13 So said Sage Agastya to Rama.
vrm.3.13 Thus Rama asked the Sage Agastya.
vrm.3.13 Said Sage Agastya to Rama.
vrm.3.13 When thus said by Sage Agastya, Rama along with Soumitri venerated and bade
vrm.3.13 Thus well bidden by Sage Agastya those two Rama and Lakshmana have offered their venerations at the feet of that sage and proceeded to their prospective hermitage at Panchavati along with Seetha.
vrm.3.24 Raghava shall be victorious in the war over the clansmen of Sage Paulastya, the nightwalkers.
vrm.3.30 That particular arrow is made available to Rama through Sage Agastya by the king of Gods, namely Indra, because Indra is a sensible one about the future course of events, and he is also prosperous in securing impossible weaponry, and now Rama fitted such an arrow on his bow and released it towards Khara.
vrm.3.30 a All the kingly sages and elite sages along with Sage Agastya, who as incidentally came here to witness the victory of Rama, then on foregathering near at Rama delightedly said this on adoring him.
vrm.3.30 "He that great resplendent one, the controller of Paka, and the destroyer of enemy s cities, namely Indra, once came to the meritorious hermitage of Sage Sharabhanga only for the purpose such an elimination of Rakshasas.
vrm.3.32 b, a Rakshasi Shuurpanakha nearing Ravana, who is the highly fortunate king of Rakshasas, an enemy destroyer and a felicity of the dynasty of Sage Pulastya, and who is now surrounded by his ministers, she spoke this sentence.
vrm.3.73 b, a "Erst there were self collected sages, the disciples of Sage Matanga, and at one time while they were bringing the forest produce as ritual paraphernalia, they were much wearied by its weight and they were sweating.
vrm.3.73 Sage" Matanga so methodised that woodland, where even the Elephants are rendered incapable to trespass in that hermitage of sage Matanga disturbing its serenity.
vrm.3.74 Divine Aircrafts of unequalled refulgence have lifted those disciples of Sage Matanga in whose tendance I was, to welkin on your arriving at Chitrakuta.
vrm.4.1 On seeing those magnificent two, Rama and Lakshmana, the Vanaras are frightened and fled towards the pious hermitage of Sage Matanga, which has an inland that is always adored by Vanaras for it is consolatory and sheltering them.
vrm.4.12 and saying so he returned to Kishkindha from there in view of fear from curse of Sage Matanga.
vrm.4.35 "When he who is a best one among the time knowers, that great resplendent Sage Vishvamitra himself is not privy to the occasioned time for a good many years, why talking about a commoner again.
vrm.4.40 b, a "There exists a fantastically refulgent Fire in the form of Horse s Face that originated from the anger of Sage Aurasa.
vrm.4.41 Sage Agastya once penned its one end in the ocean, and the other end is now visible.
vrm.4.42 the other vanara sons of Sage Maricha, known as Arcishmaalyaa s, also called as Maricha s.
vrm.4.42 "This is where the virtue knower, an enlightened one by his own asceticism, a selfsame personality to Brahma and one renowned as Sage Merusaavarni indeed resides.
vrm.4.43 "The son of Sage Vaishravana and king of Yaksha s, who is reverenced by all beings for he is the money giver, that fortunate king will be rejoicing there along with guhyaka s, viz.
vrm.4.45 b, a The Vanara troop commander Vinata journeyed towards the eastern direction, and the fly jumper, leader of Vanaras and Vayu s son Hanuma travelled towards southerly quarter that is once trodden by Sage Agastya, along with Lt.
vrm.4.46 a Oh, king Sugreeva, now I remember how Sage Matanga cursed the king of Vanaras Vali at that time.
vrm.4.46 If Vali really enters the fringes of the hermitage of Sage Matanga, Vali s head gets splintered in hundred ways.
vrm.4.46 b, a "Oh, prince Rama, then Vali though reached Mountain Rishyamuka, he did not enter into its precincts at that time fearing Sage Matanga and his curse, oh, king Rama, thus this globe of earth is apparently and closely sighted by me in its entirety, and then I came into the cave of Rishyamuka and did not stir out.
vrm.4.51 "But he on practising ascesis for thousands of years in this horrendous forest, obtained a boon from Brahma, the Forefather, which entails acquirement of entire wealth of Sage Shukra.
vrm.4.52 "He mobilised us along with these important vanara s and Angada as helmsman to this southerly prospect, which is the walkabout of Sage Agastya and watched over by Yama, the Death god, saying, you all shall collectively search for Seetha of Videha kingdom together with the Rakshasa Ravana, a guise changer by his wish.
vrm.4.60 There was a sacred hermitage belonging to a sage of intense ascesis known as Sage Nishaakara which was reverenced even by Gods.
vrm.4.61 "Then I have informed the Sage Nishaakara all about that impossible and impracticable deed done indiscreetly by me and Jatayu and our following the Sun in red heat, as well.
vrm.4.62 Thus Sampati continued his narration, and now he reports to Angada and others what that is said by Sage Nishaakara to him.
vrm.4.62 Thus Sage Nishaakara started to console Sampati.
vrm.4.63 But many illogical thoughts crowded round me when Sage
vrm.6.81 That Indrajit, of very great prowess, the adversary of Gods and who was born in Sage Pulastya s dynasty, accompanied by an army of Rakshasas, came forth from the western gate.
vrm.6.87 That highly splendid Lakshmana spoke to that Indrajit, the scion of Sage Paulastya, who had never been conquered before as follows "I am inviting you for a fight.
vrm.6.115 "You have been won by me, whose mind stands purified by asceticism as the southern quarter, which was difficult to be approached by the world of mortals, was conquered by the Sage Agastya.
vrm.6.123 Here is seen the illustrious hermitage of Sage Bharadwaja.
vrm.6.127 A formidable roar of rejoiced Vanaras is being heard, for, they are seeing on the way, trees which continually, yield fruit, adorned with blossom, flowing with honey which is drunk by bees, making reverberant humming sounds all due to the grace of Sage Bharadwaja O Bharata, the destroyer of adversaries! A boon was conferred by Indra, by virtue of which a hospitality rich with all excellences was earlier extended by Bharadwaja to you, with your entire army.
vrm.7.5 Sage Agastya continued: Sukesa" lived righteosly without any taint of Rakshasas nature.

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