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vrm.1.70 My younger brother renowned thus as Kushadhvaja, a highly self righteous one and a highly brilliant one is ruling from the auspicious and holy city named Saankaasya, which city is surrounded by River Ikshumati as a natural moat, in which moat bastions of tridents are staked all around.
vrm.1.70 By the order of the king those envoys who have speedy Horses have travelled on to city Saankaasya speedily, to lead forth that manly tiger Kushadhvaja that speedily, which is as good as fetching Vishnu by order of Indra.
vrm.1.70 On arriving in city Saankaasya those envoys have seen king Kushadhvaja and on submitting what has happened to the king about Rama s breaking of Shiva s bow, and they have also submitted the point of view of Janaka regarding marriages of four daughters.

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