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vrm.1.15 b, a Then all the groups of Devas, Sages, Gandharva s, with Rudra s, and Apsarasa s, extolled Vishnu with prayers of divine exposition.
vrm.1.27 b, a "Oh, Raghava of Kakutstha s, I will give you two missiles named Haya shira The Horse head and Krauncha The Wrester, and two Impellers, one presided over by the power of Vishnu, and the other by the power of Rudra.
vrm.1.35 "As for Uma who is unified with her rigorous sacrament and who is adored by all the world, that best one among mountains Himavanta gave such a daughter to the unique god Rudra.
vrm.1.36 "Thereby the Gods in their turn said even to Agni, you enter the great potence of Rudra along with Maruts, lest that potence may annihilate the earth and earthlings, because you can consume anything that comes in touch with you.
vrm.1.45 "The Devas seeking shelter then approached Rudra, the Cardinal God, Endower of Solace, and who husbands all the created animals inclusive of human animals, namely Shiva, and they prayed to him saying save, save us.
vrm.1.45 "And Vishnu smilingly spoke to wielder of trident Rudra, oh, god the best, whatever element that has emerged from the churning, that shall belong to you.
vrm.1.56 Vishvamitra, the son of Gaadhi then rancorously fusilladed the missiles regulated by Gods like Varuna, Rudra, Indra, Pasupata, and even a missile which is projectile through grass blade called Ishiika.
vrm.1.56 "A pair of powers are launched, namely Power of Vishnu and the Power of Rudra, like that the Impeller, Crowbar, and a great missile called Staggerer, and then he launched the lethal missile of the Time.
vrm.1.66 Once, during the devastation of the Vedic ritual of Daksha Prajapati, the mettlesome god Rudra, rancorously outstretching the bowstring of this bow, said this to all Gods, superciliously.
vrm.1.75 and this is identical in its efficacy with Rudra s longbow.
vrm.1.75 b, a "That celebrated Rudra on his part with indignation has handed over that longbow, which is already fitted with unloosened arrow, to the sagely king among Videha kings, namely Devaraata.
vrm.2.56 Having taken bath in the river as prescribed Rama offered oblations to Lord Rudra and Lord Vishnu after offereing tributes to Vaisvadeva.
vrm.3.14 b, a Aditi" gave birth to twelve Aditya s, the Sun Gods, eight Vasu s, the Terrestrials Gods, eleven Rudra s, the Fury Gods, and two Ashvinis, the medicine Gods, total thirty three of them.
vrm.3.16 On taking bath in the river along with Seetha and Lakshmana, Rama shone forth like All controlling god Rudra, who will be radiant on taking bath along with his consort Parvati and with his follower Nandi, the Holy Bull.
vrm.3.24 That nonesuch aspect of Rama whose deeds are unharmful to any, has become the aspect of wrathful supreme souled Rudra.
vrm.3.24 The all pacific aspect of that Rama then in his exasperation appeared to be like that of the all ruinous Rudra, the wielder of bow called Pinaki, namely peaceful Shiva when enraged, at the time of Rudra s embarking on to ruin the Vedic ritual of Daksha Prajapati.
vrm.3.25 b, a When hemmed in with those grisly looking Rakshasas Rama appeared like Rudra surrounded by his divine retinue called prathama gaNa s, on certain days, whereupon he starts his all destructive cosmic dance.
vrm.3.25 Or That highly infuriated Duushana rushed towards Rama as highly infuriated Yama rushes towards Rudra, where Rudra being the ultimate eliminator himself, angry rush of Yama towards Rudra is therefore futile.
vrm.3.30 Khara fell down on to earth and on being burnt by the radiation of that arrow he is like Rakshasa Andhaka, who once was very completely burnt by Rudra in Shveta araNya, the White forest.
vrm.3.46 b, a "Oh, curvaceous lady, who are you? Oh, one with an impeccable smile, do you belong to Rudra Gods, or Marut Gods, or to Vasu s? To me you are beaming forth like a goddess.
vrm.3.64 When the disposition of that venturesome and infuriated Rama has become in that way holocaustic, it is like that of Rudra, the All Inflamer god, when He became like this in earlier times, intending to inflame the Triple Cities.
vrm.3.65 Lakshmana on seeing Rama who is searing and careworn owing to the abduction of Seetha, blazing like the doomsday inferno, twinned with the notion of rendering the worlds into nonentity, kenning at his stringed bow, keen to blaze away entire universe, suspiring again and again, and who is alike Rudra at
vrm.4.16 That best one among men Rama released a blazing and enemy subjugating arrow which in simile is like an Epoch ender at the end of era, and that best arrow decorated in gold and silver looked like the glance from the Third Eye of Rudra, emitting fire with smoke.
vrm.4.43 "The God and Cosmic Souled Vishnu and Shambhu or Shiva, an embodiment of eleven selfsame Souls, called Ekaadasha Rudra s and the god of Gods Brahma who is surrounded by Brahmarshis, will be sojourning on that Mountain Soma.
vrm.5.13 Salutations to Rudra the god of destruction, Indra Yama and Vayu.
vrm.5.51 "Either Brahma the self existing god with four faces or Rudra with three eyes and the destroyer of Tripura, or Mahendra the god of atmosphere and sky as also the lord of Suras would not be able to protect the one to be killed by Rama in battle.
vrm.5.54 The high souled Hanuma, the swift Vanara scorched the city of Lanka, as Rudra scorched the city of Tripura.
vrm.5.54 He is either Indra wielding a thunderbolt, or Yama, or Varuna, or Vayu or Agni or Rudra or Arka or Kubera or Soma.
vrm.5.59 In the battle, I can blow out the missiles presided over by Indra Brahma the creator, Rudra the god of destruction, Vayu the wind god, Varuna and even those missiles even if they are difficult to be looked at, employed by Indrajit Ravanas eldest son.
vrm.6.59 That Ravana along with the flesh eating Rakshasas whose forms resembled mountains and clouds and whose glances flashed like torches shone like Rudra the Lord of Immortals surrounded by genii.
vrm.6.59 eyes, with heads of Tigers, Buffalo mighty Elephants, deer and Horses, under an excellent white canopy with slender ribs and shining like a moon, he who is the humbler of the Gods themselves, shining like unto Rudra amidst the genii, is the suzerain Lord of Rakshasas there.
vrm.6.73 Now itself, Indra, Vaivasvata yama, Vishnu, Rudra, Sadhyas, Vaishvanara fire god, Surya and Chandra sun and moon can see my unlimited prowess, like the terrific prowess of Vishnu during the sacrifice of Bali.
vrm.6.74 He saw the abode of Brahma the lord of creation, Kailasa the abode of Shiva the lord of dissolution, the abode of Indra the arrow discharging place of Rudra, the worshipping place of Hayagriva, the shining place at which Brahmas head fell down, the sun god and Kimkaras.
vrm.6.75 To those Rakshasa leaders, who were preparing for the battle and emitting lions roars, that night became a night of final dissolution presided over by Rudra, the lord of destruction.
vrm.6.75 All the ten directions were distracted because of Ravanas act of disorderly movement of his body due to yawning and he looked like the wrath manifest in the limbs of Rudra appearing with a form.
vrm.6.79 That great spike, which was difficult to be obtained, was gifted to him by Rudra, one of the eight forms of Shiva the Lord of Dissolution.
vrm.6.90 Skilled in warfare, the great Indrajit too discharged a missile presided over by Rudra in battle.
vrm.6.90 By that Rudra missile, that very wonderful Varuna missile was struck.
vrm.6.92 That naturally terrific form of Ravana, filled with the fire of his wrath, became difficult to be approached, like the form of enraged Rudra the god of destruction.
vrm.6.93 Then, the virtuous Rama spoke also to Sugreeva, Vibhishana, Hanuma the Vanara, Jambavan, Mainda the foremost of Vanaras and even Dvivida, who were in close proximity to him as follows "Such wonderful power of this missile exists either with me or with the three eyed Rudra the lord of destruction.
vrm.6.94 Rama", coming in the form of either Rudra the lord of destruction or Vishnu, the lord of preservation, or Indra who performed one hundred ritual sacrifices, or otherwise Yama, the Lord of Death himself, is killing us.
vrm.6.99 Thereupon, seizing hold of more arrows, reciting sacred incantations and making use of the missile presided over by Rudra and stretching his bow, the valiant Rama of great splendour was filled with anger and released those arrows.
vrm.6.105 "Hail to you, the giver of victory, hail to you, the joy born of victory! Hail to you, the god with green Horses, hail to you, having thousands of rays! Hail, hail to you the son of Aditi! "Hail to you, the fierce one, hail to you the valiant one! Hail to you, the one with variegated colours! Hail to you, the awakener of the louts, hail to you, the furious one!" "Hail to you, the ruler of Brahma, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu the infallible, the sun god, the light indwelling the solar orb, the resplendent one, the devourer of all, appearing in form of Rudra.
vrm.6.117 "You are the eighth Rudra among Rudras and the fifth among the Sadhyas.
vrm.7.6 I am Vishnu, I am Rudra, I am the king of the Devas, I am Yama, I am Varuna, I am the Moon, I am the Sun, flattering themselves in this fashion, Mali and Sumali and the Rakshasa Malyavan as well as those going before them, are annoying the gods, breathing exhilaration of martial spirits.
vrm.7.6 Even Narayana and Rudra, Sakra and Yama, ever fear to stay before us in the field.
vrm.7.21 And enraged, Ravana resembling Rudra himself, in fight drawing his bow to his car, discharged that shaft even as Sankara had discharged at Tripura.
vrm.7.26 Ravana then took up the celestial Pasupata weapon, dreadful and increasing the fright of the three worlds, obtained by him from Rudra by virtue of his rigid penances.
vrm.7.36 Hearing the words of Raghava, the ascetic Agastya, having six sorts of wealth, laughing said, like unto Brahma, speaking to Rudra O Rama, O lord of earth, traversing the earth, Ravana arrived at the city of Mahishmati, resembling the city of the Devas, where lived perpetually the deity of fire.
vrm.7.37 Thereupon there ensued a terrible encounter capable of making down erect between the thousand armed Arjuna, the king of men, and the twenty armed Ravana, the king of Rakshasas, And taking up their clubs Arjuna and Ravana began to ight with one another emitting cries like the mutterings of clouds, like unto two huge bulls fighting for a cow, two agitated oceans, two moving mountains, two effulgent Adityas, two burning flames, two proud elephants, two proud lions and like the very Rudra and Kala.
vrm.7.44 He is day, night morning and evening, Yama, the moon, Kala, the wind, Brahma, Rudra, Indra and water.
vrm.7.74 And by way of honoring him, Rudra conferred a wonderful boon upon Madhu endowed with prowess and ever intent on religion.
vrm.7.74 Having thus obtained the boon from Rudra, the mighty Asura, again bowing to Mahadeva, addressed him, saying :"O reverend one, may this excellent dart be the possession of my family O god, thou art the lord of the immortals.
vrm.7.82 The Rakshasa being slain that celestial, huge arrow came into the possession of Rudra before the gods.
vrm.7.103 And by that the great Rudra attained to delight and said to the twice born ones, in the presence of the king Ila "O foremost of twice born ones, I have been greatly delighted with this sacrifice and your devotion.
vrm.7.104 And hearing the words of Rama, they, too, saluting the deity Rudra, began to speak highly of the ceremony of horse sacrifice.

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