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vrm.1.9 "In the world he becomes famous for his celibacy, oh king, and he will always be praised by Brahmans, and thus time will pass on with that kind of his conduct, Sage Rishyasringa looses no time with his servitor ship to the Sacrificial Fire and also to his celebrated father, and during this period alone there will be a famed and very strong king Romapada, a valiant in Anga country.
vrm.1.9 "While the famine is besetting that king Romapada will be afflicted with grim, and on summoning Brahmans and learned scholars he will address them.
vrm.1.9 Sage" Rishyasringa, son in law of Romapada, King of Anga ad as well as to you, if invited to our kingdom he will bless you to beget sons, oh! King.
vrm.1.10 Sumantra thus motivated by King Dasharatha, said these words to king "Oh! King, how and with which idea Sage Rishyasringa is brought by the ministers of Romapada, all that will be spoken.
vrm.1.10 "The ministers along with clergyman have spoken this way to King Romapada, this is a non harmful pan well thought over by us.
vrm.1.10 "Towards that Brahman Rishyasring who is coming along with rains into his own kingdom Anga Kingdom, the king Romapada has gone towards that sage and bowed his head down, and paid respects touching the ground, and offered water customarily with dedication and the king besought beneficence of the best one, Rishyasringa to save from the fury of his father Sage Vibhandaka, even after knowing the king s pursuit in bringing Rishyasringa to this country.
vrm.1.10 "On entering the palace princess Shanta is given to Rishyasringa in customary marriage, and then that King Romapada obtained rejoice with a peaceful mind.
vrm.1.11 The son of the king of Anga, the earlier king of Anga kingdom, will be known as Romapada, or also know as Chitraratha, and the highly renowned king Dasharatha approaches Romapada.
vrm.1.11 On hearing those words of king Dasharatha that benevolent soul Romapada, the king of Anga, considers heartily and agrees to send the one who endows progeny by rituals, namely Sage Rishyasringa his son in law.
vrm.1.11 b, a Then Dasharatha saw that best Brahman who he is nearby king Romapada, andwho is resplendent like ritual fire.
vrm.1.11 Then king Romapada gladdened at heart of hearts paid excellent respects to king Dasharatha procedurally and in view of their friendship.
vrm.1.11 b, a Then Romapada informed the wise sage Rishyasringa about the friendship and relation with Dasharatha, and then that sage worshipped king Dasharatha in his return.
vrm.1.11 b, a Thus well received by king Romapada, king Dasharatha spent seven to eight
vrm.1.11 days with him, and then spoke this to king Romapada.
vrm.1.11 So said Dasharatha to Romapada.
vrm.1.11 b, a So it shall be quot said king Romapada agreeing to their travel with
vrm.1.11 quot b, a Then Rishyasringa agreed and replied to the king Romapada So it will be done and then having been permitted by the king he set forth along with his wife.
vrm.1.11 b, a Then king Dasharatha who set forth to Ayodhya bade farewell to his friend king Romapada, and he firstly sent quick footed messengers to Ayodhya to inform his citizens about his arrival along with Sage Rishyasringa.
vrm.1.13 Romapada", the lord of Anga kingdom and the user of great bow, let that illustrious one be invited well honoured, for he is the friend of our Lion king Dasharatha.
vrm.1.18 Well adored by king Dasharatha sage Rishyasringa also travelled along with his wife Shanta, followed by his father in law King Romapada, and along with other co travellers, namely the entourage of Romapada.

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