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vrm.1.1 Seetha", the best one among ladies, a possessor of all best qualities befitting to an ideal lady, the one who is as though fashioned by a Divine marvel, born in Janaka s family and became Dasharatha s daughter in law, and she who is the loving wife and an ever amiable alter ego of Rama, even she followed Rama to forests, as with Lady Rohini following the Moon.
vrm.2.16 "As Rohini star stays together with the moon, Sita having obtained Rama as husband must have certainly performed a great penance in former times.
vrm.2.114 Ayodhya looked like the planet Rohini, the beloved consort of the Moon god, tormented by Planet Rahu in the ascendant though ordinarily invested with an exceedingly bright splendour by virtue of her glory.
vrm.2.118 "This goddess Rohini, the excellent among all women, is not seen without the moon even for a single moment in the sky.
vrm.3.14 "Then, oh Rama, Surabhi gave birth to two daughters, one is named as illustrious Rohini, safe you be, and the other is Gandharvi.
vrm.3.14 Rohini" gave birth to Cows, Gandharvi gave birth to Horses, Surasa gave birth to Nagaa s, while Kadru gave birth to Pannagas.
vrm.3.18 Speaking that way she that torch eyed Shuurpanakha dashed towards the deer eyed Seetha in high exasperation as a great meteor would dash towards Rohini, the brightest star in the sky.
vrm.3.46 As a sinister planet looks over Star Rohini when she is devoid of Moon, that extremely sinister Ravana then looked over the glorious and youthful princess Seetha.
vrm.3.49 b, a On saying that sentence to Maithili, who by herself is a nice talker and who is a proper one for addressing with nice words, that verily evil minded Rakshasa Ravana maddened by lust drew nigh of Seetha and grabbed her, as Budha, the Jupiter grabs the Star Rohini in firmament.
vrm.4.35 "On eliminating that worst Rakshasa Ravana, Sugreeva can bring Seetha together with Raghava, as with the coalescing of star Rohini with the Moon.
vrm.5.15 Bashful, tortured by sorrow worn out in a pitiable condition like the constellation Rohini, pressed by the planet mars.
vrm.5.17 Hanuma saw Seetha being suited to be with her husband, in the custody of Rakshasis, in the middle of Ashoka garden being immersed in an ocean of grief Hanuma saw Seetha there surrounded by those Rakshasis, like Rohini with planets, like a creeper without flowers.
vrm.5.19 She was like Rohini being fumigated by a smoke colored planet called Ketu.
vrm.5.24 "Like the highly fortunate Sachi who waits upon Indra, like Arundhati on Vasishta, like Rohini on the Moon God, like Lopamudra on Agastya, like Sukanya on Chyavana, like Savitri on Satyavanta, like Srimati on Kapila, like Madayanti on Saudasa, like Kesini on Sagara, like Damayanti the daughter of Bhima, devoted to husband Nala, in the same way I am devoted to my husband Rama, the best in Ikshvaku dynasty.
vrm.5.33 "Are you Rohini, endowed with all the best qualities, fallen from heaven, left behind by moon and excellent among stars.
vrm.5.37 Be inclined of joining Rama even as Rohini, moon s favourite wife, joined the moon.
vrm.5.39 "When this king of Rakshasas is killed along with his sons, ministers and relatives, you will meet Rama, as Rohini met the moon.
vrm.6.24 Seetha whose eyes resemble those of a young deer, was detained by Ravana there as Rohini star is overshadowed by the red bodied planet Mars
vrm.6.92 Though being kept back by his companions whose minds were set on his welfare, Ravana who was very much enraged, rushed like Mars, in the sky, which would rush towards the constellation, Rohini in fury.
vrm.6.92 Seeing Seetha miserably weeping in that manner like Rohini the deity presiding over a constellation of this name, fallen under the sway of the planet Mars, when away of the Moon god her husband, a minister called Suparshva, a good natured, upright and highly intelligent Rakshasa, even though restrained by other ministers, spoke the following words Ravana, the foremost of Rakshasas: "O Ravana, the younger brother of Kubera himself! How do you wish to kill Seetha, abandoning your righteousness, in a bout of anger?" "O valiant king of Rakshasas! Why are you thinking of destroying a lady, ever since you completed the vow of celibacy essential for a study of the Vedic lore and were devoted to your own duty?"
vrm.6.102 Seeing thus the moon in the shape of Rama eclipsed by the Planet Rahu in the shape of Ravana, the Planet Mercury stood, assailing the constellation Rohini presided over by Prajapati, the beloved of the Moon the heavenly body and spelling disaster to all created beings.
vrm.6.111 "O the foolish one! An unworthy act was indeed done by you, in offending Seetha, who was more distinguished and more respectable than Arundhati wife of sage vasishta and Rohini the principal spouse of moon god.
vrm.6.126 Ravana", the Rakshasa, seized Seetha, even as a planet like Mars would obscure the constellation, Rohini.
vrm.7.9 On being thus besought by the girl, Visrava, best of ascetics, again addressed Kaikasi, like the full Moon addressing Rohini, O fair faced one, the son that thou bringest forth last, shall be like unto my line, he shall, without doubt be righteous souled.

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