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vrm.1.1 Later Rama reached the tribal chief named Guha, who has a liking for Rama, on the bank of River Ganga in a town called Shringaverapura.
vrm.1.2 A while after the departure of Narada to heavens, Valmiki proceed to the riverbanks of Tamasa, which are not far off form River Jahnavi i.
vrm.1.2 River Ganga.
vrm.1.2 Then Valmiki drew nigh of River Tamasa s riverbanks, and on beholding an un filthy strand of that river, he spoke to his disciple available at his side.
vrm.1.2 I will enter only this best ford of Tamasa River.
vrm.1.3 Crossing over River Ganga looking up Sage Bharadwaja their look up at Chitrakuta on Sage Bharadwaja s advise.
vrm.1.8 let the ritual ground be arranged on the northern banks of River Sarayu.
vrm.1.8 b, On the northern banks of River Sarayu the ritual ground be arranged.
vrm.1.12 let the ritual place be decided on the northern banks of Sarayu River.
vrm.1.14 Then after completion of one year and on regaining the ritual Horse, the Emperor Dasharatha commenced his Vedic Ritual on the northern banks of River Sarayu.
vrm.1.23 Then on travelling some more distance those two great valiant ones, there they have seen the divine river that courses in three ways, namely Ganga, at the auspicious confluence of River Sarayu.
vrm.1.23 "Let us stay for this night in this hermitage situated in between two meritorious rivers Ganga and Sarayu, oh, Rama with auspicious mien, tomorrow we will cross over the River Ganga.
vrm.1.24 b, a "That river which spontaneously flows out of that Maanasa Lake surrounds Ayodhya city is this one, the River Sarayu.
vrm.1.24 This is the remarkable noise of such a Sarayu River in its coursing towards River Ganga, generated by the collision of their waters, and Rama, offer regards to these rivers, respectfully.
vrm.1.24 Offering their salutations to River Sarayu and Ganga those two most virtuous and agile footed princes proceeded further on reaching the southern riverbank.
vrm.1.31 Adieu", georgic deities, everything bodes well to you all, on accomplishment of the ritual I have undertaken here, I wish to go from this Accomplished Hermitage towards the ranges of Himalayan Mountains that are on the northern bank of River Ganga.
vrm.1.31 Thus saying farewell to woodland deities that descendent of Kaushika, namely Vishvamitra, the saint whose wealth is his ascesis started to journey on aiming to reach the northern side of River Ganga.
vrm.1.31 a Those assemblages of sages on going far on their path made a camp on the bank of River Sona when the sun is dangling towards west.
vrm.1.32 "This charming river that enters and exits Magadha province is well known as the worthy River Maagadhi, and flowing amid the five of these elevated mountains it shines forth like a garland enwreathing them.
vrm.1.34 "She journeyed to heaven with her body while she followed her departed husband and being a very generous lady she coursed as a great river renowned as River Kaushiki.
vrm.1.34 "She that Satyavathi for her part is a pious one, steadfast in truthfulness and righteousness, a husband devout, and such a highly fortunate one has emerged as a best river among rivers, namely River Kaushiki.
vrm.1.34 "You alone are exemplarily selfsame to Brahma, oh, Vishvamitra of great renown, and among rivers that prominent River Kaushiki is your sister, thus she is glorifying your ancestry.
vrm.1.35 "This River Sona is with auspicious waters and even adorned with dunes, where it is not so deep.
vrm.1.35 On going a distance on their way, and after a lapse of half a day, then they perceived the prominent one among rivers and the one adored by sages, namely River Ganga.
vrm.1.35 On seeing River Ganga with her pious waters and adored by swans and saarasa waterfowls, all the sages felt delighted together with both of the Raghava s, namely Rama and Lakshmana.
vrm.1.35 Motivated by Rama s words the eminent sage Vishvamitra commenced to narrate about the emergence and that way even about the progression of River Ganga.
vrm.1.35 "As such, that marvellous and sinless daughter of the lordly mountain Himavanta, ever flowing in the form of water, ascended to the abode of divinities and became Deva Ganga Divine River.
vrm.1.37 Oh, Agni, you please coordinate the mission of Gods, oh, great resplendent god of Fire, you may release the potence of Shiva, which you have contained so far, in the daughter of King of Mountains, namely River Ganga.
vrm.1.37 So said Agni to River Ganga.
vrm.1.37 "On listening that sentence of Agni, River Ganga adopted a divine form readying herself, and on seeing her glorious mien the Agni seeped throughout her.
vrm.1.37 "The Agni then drenched River Ganga from all over with the potence of Shiva which he contained so far, oh, Raghu s delight Rama, and every rill and channel of Ganga is replete with it.
vrm.1.37 River" Ganga then spoke this to the Agni who is in the lead of all Gods, oh, god, I am incapable to bear up the rampant fervour of yours, and while being burnt with the fire of god Shiva compounded with that of yours my life force is very highly tortured.
vrm.1.37 a "He who consumes fire oblations on behalf of all the Gods, that Agni seeing the miserable condition of River Ganga then spoke this to her, you may lay away that embryo here at the side of Himalayan Mountains.
vrm.1.37 So said Agni to River Ganga.
vrm.1.37 "Oh, great resplendent Rama, on hearing the words of Agni, oh, charming prince Rama, River Ganga indeed ejected that great radiant embryo of Shiva from all her rills and channels.
vrm.1.37 b, a "Which refulgent embryo with the glitter of molten gold has emerged from River Ganga is there that has reached earth, and from that the silver, and even the gold with its matchless dazzle have emerged.
vrm.1.38 But, oh, best one among men, oh, Rama, the elder son of the king Sagara, namely Asamanja, always used to grab and hurl children into the waters of River Sarayu, and on seeing the drowning children he used to enjoy with laughter.
vrm.1.41 Oh, best one among men, River Ganga is the elder daughter of Himavanta, and oh, dextrous one, you have to offer water oblation to the departed paternal uncles of yours in her waters, namely the holy waters of River Ganga.
vrm.1.41 World purifier River Ganga will drift them who are rendered as mounds of ashes to heaven, and when she who is much adored by all worlds drenches this ash, that River Ganga herself will lead the sixty thousand sons of Sagara to heaven.
vrm.1.42 "Assigning the kingdom to Dilipa, oh, Rama of Raghu s dynasty, Amshuman undertook very stern ascesis on a pleasant peak of Himalayas desiring the descent of River Ganga to earth.
vrm.1.42 Dilipa" became worried as to how River Ganga is to be alighted onto earth from heaven, how water oblations are to be offered for the souls of Sagara s sons, and how to cross them, the souls, over this mortal world.
vrm.1.42 "Interested in the alighting of River Ganga on earth, oh, Rama, the descendent of Raghu, king Bhagiratha delegated his kingdom to the custody of his ministers and people and firmed up himself in sustained asceticism on Mountain Gokarna in Himalayas, and he practise ascesis standing amid five fires, upraising his hands, with a monthly sustenance and with his sense conquered.
vrm.1.42 Thus Vishvamitra continued narration about the arrival of River Ganga to earth.
vrm.1.43 b, a "And oh, Rama, she that holy River Ganga swooped down into the cavernous curls of matted hair tufts on the holy head of God Shiva, and she became a detainee in them.
vrm.1.43 b, a "In whichever direction king Bhagiratha has advanced, that glorious River Ganga, who is the prominent river among all the rivers and the complete obliterator of sins, has also moved at his behind in that direction.
vrm.1.45 "We have listened the praiseworthy legend of River Ganga, and the deific night has also passed by while listening such a legend, we may now cross over the very same prominent and merited River Ganga, the tri path cruiser.
vrm.1.45 Hearing the words of great souled Raghava, Vishvamitra of Kusha dynasty, started to cross over the River Ganga along with the assemblage of sages, and with both the Raghava s.
vrm.1.45 Arriving at the northern bank of River Ganga they have honoured the group of sages who ferried them up to here and sent them off.
vrm.1.63 b, a "He that highly celebrated sage who made a resolve to attain a sang froid temperament and to vanquish lust, performed an unsurpassable ascesis on reaching the riverbank of River Kaushiki.
vrm.1.70 My younger brother renowned thus as Kushadhvaja, a highly self righteous one and a highly brilliant one is ruling from the auspicious and holy city named Saankaasya, which city is surrounded by River Ikshumati as a natural moat, in which moat bastions of tridents are staked all around.
vrm.1.70 and my brother presides over that city as if he is sitting in the Pushpaka Vimana aircraft of Kubera, and as though supping the sugarcane juice like waters of River Ikshumati.
vrm.2.50 The River Ganga was adorned with splendid hermitages within easy distance from one another, with pools overflowing with water, visited at suitable hours by Apsaras thrilling with rapture.
vrm.2.52 Let us cross the swift flowing Ganga River that gushes to the sea.
vrm.2.52 Constantly gazing at Rama, who reached soon the other bank of Ganga River, the distressed Sumantra, his vision having failed due to the long distance and perturbed as he was, shed tears of grief over separation from Rama.
vrm.2.55 Reaching the River Yamuna belonging to olden times, having a rapid stream and perceiving in it a passage for descent into the river, which is too much frequented the river, which is too much frequented, you cross the River Yamuna the daughter of the sun god by preparing a raft there, Oh Rama! After crossing the river Yamuna and approaching a large banyan tree named Syama dark green having green leaves surrounded by many tress and visited by Siddhas, Seetha should, joining her palms, recite her auspicious prayers to the tree.
vrm.2.55 Having reached the River Yamuna, running with rapid stream, all of them then plunged into a thought of how to cross those river waters.
vrm.2.55 Seetha of excellent complexion thus praying with joined palms to Yamuna River, forthwith reached the southern side of the river.
vrm.2.55 Thus, by the raft, Seetha Rama and lakshmaNa crossed the River Yamuna, which flows briskly, wreathed with waves, with many trees born on its bank and having rays for it reflection.
vrm.2.55 Then Seetha the daughter of King Janaka was please to see the River Yamuna with wonderful sands and waters re echoing to the cry of swans and cranes.
vrm.2.57 Hearing that Seetha, Rama and Lakshmana had crossed River Ganga, the people with their faces filled with tears sighed, Oh, fie upon us! And cried aloud, Alas, Rama!
vrm.2.63 "With a wish to do hunting as an exercise in that most comfortable season, I went along Sarayu River, in a chariot, wearing bow and arrows.
vrm.2.63 "Hearing the sound, I killed turning towards it, a wild animal, which came to the bank of Sarayu River and another violent beast too which came there.
vrm.2.63 "Distressed in mind and with much sorrowful feeling, I reached that place and saw the ascetic, hit by the arrow at the bank of Sarayu River, with his tresses of hair scattered, his pitcher of water thrown asunder, having his limbs anointed with sand and blood lying down as he was, hurt by the arrow.
vrm.2.63 "O, my dear Kausalya! Seeing him, with his body drenched in water, weeping with anguish, unceasingly sighing his breath, with injury in his vital part and lying down in River Sarayu as he was, I became very much grief stricken.
vrm.2.64 O, venerable sage! Wearing a bow in hand, I came to the bank of Sarayu River with an intent to kill an Elephant arrived to a ford for drinking water or any other wild animal.
vrm.2.68 Those messengers went on touching Malini River, flowing between the passing Aparatala Mountain and the northern end of Pralamba Mountain.
vrm.2.68 Having crossed Ganga River at Hastinapura, they proceeded towards west and, reaching Panchala kingdom through Kuru Jangala and observing well filled lakes and rivers with clear water, the aforesaid messengers went briskly, due to the pressing nature of their mission.
vrm.2.68 They speedily moved on, crossing the beautiful Saradanda River, containing clear water frequented by various kinds of Birds.
vrm.2.68 From there having reached a village named Abhikala, they crossed the holy Ikshumati River, which was flowing down from Bodhibhavana Mountain.
vrm.2.71 Crossing the River Ganga at the city of Pragvata, he reached the river Kulikoshthika, traversed it along with his army and then arrived at the region of Dharmavardhana.
vrm.2.76 Thereafter, the lamenting ladies deprived of their grit wept again and again and descended from their vehicles at the bank of Sarayu River.
vrm.2.77 Then, at the time of dawn on the thirteenth day, the mighty armed Bharata who came for clearing up bones and ashes, wept in grief, his throat being choked of sound because of crying and spoke in great distress the following words, having reached the foot of his fathers funeral pile to collect the bones and ashes for their immersion in sarayu River.
vrm.2.80 The route thus prepared, extended upto the Ganga River, whose pure and limpid waters, abounding in great fish, flowed between woods and forests of every kind.
vrm.2.83 Having gone for a considerable distance in their chariots, carts, Horses and Elephants, they reached the River Ganga close to the city of Shringaverapura, where the valiant Guha, a bosom friend of Rama along with multitude of relatives was ruling that region carefully.
vrm.2.83 That army, which was accompanying Bharata, arrived at the bank of Ganga River, looking beautiful as it was with Charka Birds and stopped there.
vrm.2.83 Seeing the army behind, which accompanied him and the River Ganga in front with its propitious waters, Bharata who was skillful in words, spoke to all his officers as follows: It is my will that my army should take rest by all means.
vrm.2.84 Just on seeing an army encamped and positioned along the River Ganga, Guha the king of Nishadas hastily spoke to his relatives as follows:
vrm.2.84 Hence you, covered with armor, be stationed on this bank of Ganga River, desiring to advance the interest of Rama.
vrm.2.84 Let all our ferrymen guarding the river, along with the troops, eating meat roots and fruits in their boats, stay positioned along the River Ganga.
vrm.2.84 If Bharata is favourably disposed now towards Rama, then only his army may be allowed to cross the River Ganga in safety.
vrm.2.85 Having spoken these excellent words to Guha the greatly illustrious Bharata, possessed of great splendor, said again to Guha the king of Nishadas as follows: O, Guha! By which of these two routes can I go to the hermitage of Bharadwaja? This region engulfed in waters of Ganga River is not very much easy to negotiate and is difficult to cross.
vrm.2.86 "When the sun rose brightly in the next morning Rama and Lakshmana got their locks of hair matted into a thick mass at the banks of River Ganga and they were safely ferried by me.
vrm.2.89 Let your fisher men ferry us across Ganga River on your courtless boats.
vrm.2.89 Having made to cross River Ganga by the fisher men themselves, that holy army reached the magnificent woods of Prayaga at the hour of Maitra.
vrm.2.92 "Going towards its northern side, you will find River Mandakini, which is entirely enveloped with flowering trees and having forests flourished with charming blossoms.
vrm.2.95 "O, beloved Seetha! Sages with matted locks and wearing antelope skins and having bark of trees for their upper garment, take a dip in the River Mandakini, at the appointed hour.
vrm.2.95 "The trees, their crowns agitated by the breeze, that shower down leaves and flowers on both sides of the river cause the mountain to appear as though it were dancing!" "See this River Mandakini with its crystal like clear water at some places, with its shining sand dunes at some places and crowded with Siddhas who are bathing at some other places.
vrm.2.95 "I consider this sight of Mandakini River and of Chitrakuta, particularly at your sight, to be more delightful than dwelling in the City of Ayodhya, O, lovely woman!" Here are Siddhas, free from impurities and rich in asceticism, with their senses and mind under control, who perpetually stir the waters.
vrm.2.95 "Enter the Mandakini River, as on the breast of a friend, submerging the red and white lotuses in it O, Lovely Seetha!" "My darling! Think of the wild beasts as inhabitants of the city of Ayodhya, this mountain of Chitrakuta as the city of Ayodhya and this river as the Sarayu from now on!" "O, Seetha! The virtuous Lakshmana is obeying my commands and you too are well disposed, causing delight to me.
vrm.2.95 Describing the varied beauties of the Mandakini River, Rama the bestower of delight to Raghu dynasty with his beloved consort as a companion, strolled in the lovely mountain of Chitrakuta which was shining like a piece of collieries.
vrm.2.96 Having shown Mandakini River in that manner to Seetha, the daughter of Mithila, Rama set on the hill side in order to gratify her appetite with a piece of flesh.
vrm.2.99 I believe Mandakini River is not far from here.
vrm.2.99 Proceeding for a while on Chitrakuta mountain and reaching the River Mandakini,
vrm.2.103 Then, their faithful companion Sumantra versed in the spiritual science, endowed with great intelligence, kind, self controlled and glorious, and deeply devoted to Rama, consoling him and his brothers, took Rama by the hand and helped him descend to the auspicious River Mandakini.
vrm.2.103 The illustrious Rama and others painfully reached the River Mandakini, that stream of sacred fords, the enchanting one always covered with flowers, coming to a blessed ford, free from mud and offered the lustrual water to the king, saying Father"! May this prove agreeable to you.
vrm.2.103 Thereafter, the glorious Rama, resending the bank of Mandakini River along with his brothers, offered balls of food to his father.
vrm.2.104 The king s wives, while moving slowly towards River Mandakini, saw the ford there, being frequented by Rama and Lakshmana.
vrm.2.105 When the beautiful dawn broke, Rama s brothers along with their companions, having made their offerings and recited their prayers on the banks of River Mandakini, approached Rama.
vrm.2.105 "The night that has passed, does not return and the buntiful River Yamuna just marches on towards the all sufficient abounding in water.
vrm.2.106 When Rama thus kept silent after uttering those meaningful words as aforesaid, the pious Bharata for his part addressed to virtuous Rama who was fond of people conformable to justice at the banks of that River Mandakini.
vrm.2.113 Them, they advanced eastwards, by the charming Mandakini River, after making a round of Chitrakuta Mountain.
vrm.2.113 Thereafter, all of them crossed the charming River Yamuna wreathed with waves and moreover saw the River Ganga with its pure water.
vrm.2.113 Bharata accompanied by his relative and his army crossed that River Ganga, full of charming waters and entered the beautiful town of Shringibhera.
vrm.2.117 Atri excellent sage spoke to the illustrious Anasuya, rich in asceticism and who lived a pious life, saying "You welcome Videha s daughter!" and thereafter introduced that virtuous female ascetic to Rama as follows: "O, Irreproachable Rama! When the earth was burnt up by drought without break for ten years, this virtuous woman produced fruit and roots, caused the River Jahnavi to flow here, undergoing a rigid mortification enriched by pious observances, by whom the most severe asceticism was practised for ten thousand years and obstacles were done away with and by whom for the reason of a divine command, in a great hurry ten nights were reduced to one night.
vrm.3.5 Following opposite to its flow you may follow this River Mandakini that carries flower ferries, then you can reach there at Sage Suteekshnas hermitage.
vrm.3.6 "At Pampa riverside, and alongside of River Mandakini, and at the surroundings of Mountain Chitrakuta also, this hideous warfare is being done.
vrm.3.13 There Maithili will take delight nearby River Godavari, and it is with abundant tubers, fruits, various are its bird flocks, and it is very reclusive too, oh, great dextrous Rama, further it is meritorious and appealing.
vrm.3.15 "This River Godavari is also seen from here, surrounded by blooming trees, spread over with swans, and beautified with kaarandava, and chakravaka Birds, as that contemplated soul sage Agastya had said.
vrm.3.15 On his going to River Godavari that noble Lakshmana bathed and on gathering lotuses and fruits he returned to the cottage.
vrm.3.16 On some day when night faded into dawn Rama started for the delightful River Godavari for a bath.
vrm.3.16 "Even he might always be getting up at this time of the day and proceeding to River Sarayu for a bath surrounded by ministers, definite is that.
vrm.3.16 "But how can he who is brought up in high comfort, a delicate one too, enter the cold wet waters of River Sarayu, in these small hours.
vrm.3.16 "Whose husband is Dasharatha and whose son is gentle Bharata, how then can she, our mother Kaikeyi, is with this sort of cruel disposition, indeed" Thus Lakshmana spoke to Rama on their way to River Godavari.
vrm.3.16 Thus worrying that way while proceeding, there Rama reached River Godavari and performed bathing with his younger brother Lakshmana and along with Seetha.
vrm.3.17 On taking bath Rama with Seetha and Soumitri, then went to his own hermitage from that bank of River Godavari.
vrm.3.45 "Without Rama I plunge myself in River Godavari, or else I string up myself, or discard this body of mine from heights.
vrm.3.46 b, a On seeing him who is seeing with his bloodshot eyes, River Godavari too is frightened and started to rush off quietly, whose onrush will be rapid otherwise.
vrm.3.49 "I pray you who are with the bustle of swans and saarasa water Birds, oh, River Godavari, you promptly tell Rama that Ravana is thieving Seetha.
vrm.3.52 A multi string pearl pendant, a rivire, that vies with the moonshine has glissaded from the medial of her breasts, and while glissading from sky it is sheeny like River Ganga while she glissaded from skies.
vrm.3.53 b, a "Oh, Ravana, you will see the ghastly River Vaitarani which will be tumultuously streaming with blood streams, also thus you will see the grisly sword leaved forests in hell.
vrm.3.56 "Those gilded arrows of Rama unloosened directly and unswervingly from his bowstring will utterly batter your body, as the waves of River Ganga will be battering that river s riverbanks.
vrm.3.64 A pitiable one, such as he is, he spoke to Lakshmana in a pitiable voice, Lakshmana, go quickly to River Godavari and find out whether Seetha has gone to Godavari to fetch lotuses.
vrm.3.64 When Rama said thus to him Lakshmana again went to the charming River Godavari quickening his pace.
vrm.3.64 b, a Searching at many declivities which River Godavari has on its banks Lakshmana said to Rama, I do not espy her at ghats, declivities of riverbanks, and she is not replying though I shouted for her.
vrm.3.64 b, a Rama who is already stupefied by anguish is now despaired on listening Lakshmana s words and he personally went straight to River Godavari, and staying nearby that river Rama shouted in this way, Seetha.
vrm.3.64 The forest creatures which were asked earlier have not said to Rama that a deservedly destructible demagogue of Rakshasas has divested him of Seetha, likewise now River Godavari which is now being asked has not informed Rama about Seetha.
vrm.3.64 Though the woeful Rama has asked her, and even though all the georgic beings impelled her to inform Rama the fact about his ladylove, River Godavari then remained mouthless about Seetha.
vrm.3.64 She that River Godavari has not informed Rama about Vaidehi just out of fear on recalling the mien and manoeuvres of malefic minded Ravana, lest Ravana may drain her away.
vrm.3.64 Rama who is already in a rundown condition owing to the non appearance of Seetha, is further rendered as a hopeless being by River Godavari in the matter of his catching a glimpse of Seetha, and such a Rama spoke to Saumitri.
vrm.3.64 Lakshmana, if this River Godavari is not going to tell me immediately about that moonshine faced Seetha, now I will dry her up.
vrm.3.68 Then both the sons of that notable man, namely Dasharatha, on going to River Godavari they have oblated waters for that king of Eagles, Jatayu.
vrm.3.68 Both of the Raghava s took funeral baths in the waters of River Godavari and then made water oblations to the king of Eagles.
vrm.4.1 "This sort of heart pleasing nature is also available with River Ganga, and that alone reasonably signifies the popularity of River Pampa in the world.
vrm.4.27 "Also see this river unusually sludge less, flowing from the wide of the cave and streaming eastward, spruced up with trees like Sandalwood, Tilaka, Saala, Tamaala, Atimukta, Padmaka, Sarala, and even with Ashoka trees, and it looks as if River Ganga is flowing in Trikuta.
vrm.4.28 "Definitely the River Sarayu will be overfilling and mounting with its swashing.
vrm.4.40 b, a "Search shall be conducted at the riversides of heartening rivers like River Bhagirathi, another name for River Ganga, and River Sarayu, like that at River Kaushiki, and at the pleasing surrounds of River Yamuna, and on Mountain Kalinda, as well at River Sarasvati, River Sindhu and at the river whose waters are lustrous like gems, namely River Shona, and further at River Mahi and River Kaalamahi which rivers are brightened by mountains and forests surrounding them.
vrm.4.40 "Then, having gone to the other coast of the ocean you reach River Shona, waters of which will be reddish with deep and speedy drift, and which is adored by Siddha s and Carana s.
vrm.4.40 You have to scout thereabout for Vaidehi as well as for Ravana, at those beautiful ghats, say littorals of that Shona River, and in the amazing forests alongshore.
vrm.4.41 "Search the thousand crested Vindhya mountains abounding with numerous tress and climbers, then the delightful Narmada river coursing a little southerly to that range, which is adored by great snakes, along with wonderful River Godavari, as well as River Krishnaveni and Maha Nadi, and then the greatly auspicious River Varada which is an adoration to great snakes.
vrm.4.41 "Like that Vanga, Kalinga territories shall be searched along with Kaushika territories available on their fringes, then cast about the Dandaka forest all over its mountains, rivers, and its caves, then River Godavari that courses through Dandaka forest, and then the provinces of Andhra, Pundra, Chola, Paandya, Kerala are to be searched thoroughly.
vrm.4.41 a "From there you shall go and see the divine River Kaaveri there, a receptacle of limpid waters, to where throngs of Apsara s will be making pleasure trips.
vrm.4.41 b, a "And when that great souled Agastya complaisantly permits you, then you shall leave that mountain and cross over the great River Taamraparni, a highly cherished river of crocodiles.
vrm.4.41 "She whose water is overlapped with amazing copses of sandalwood trees and islands that River Taamraparni will be drifting for a rendezvous with her much yearned lover, namely the ocean, as with a young woman who will be coursing to have a rendezvous with her yearned lover.
vrm.4.42 "At the junction of River Sindhu with the ocean, Mouth of Indus, there is a huge mountain named Hemagiri, Golden Mountain, which is with hundreds of summits and gigantic trees.
vrm.5.43 That troop of Rakshasas surrounding Hanuma the best among Vanaras, shone like a greatly extensive whirlpool in the waters of River Ganga.
vrm.6.26 "There was mountain called Ramya, on the banks of River Gomati.
vrm.6.26 "He who is encamped with sixty lakhs Vanaras as his army strength on the sea shore like unto a second ocean is the commander called Vinata who resembles Dardura mountain in size and is positioned there lending charm to the formidable army marching ahead and moves about, drinking the water of River Vena, the foremost of all rivers.
vrm.6.27 O, king! He who is standing in the middle, with terrific eyes and of fearful appearance, encircled by all like Parjanya the rain god being encircled by clouds is the army chief called Dhumra, the Lord of all Rikshas, who drinks the waters of River Narmada and resides on an excellent mountain named Rikshavanta.
vrm.6.27 This excellent one among the Vanaras and this army chief of Vanaras, taking shelter in Mandara the foremost of mountains and the mountain called ushirabija alongside the River Ganga, passes his life happily like unto Indra himself.
vrm.6.28 O, king! Do you observe those Vanaras resembling huge Elephants in rut, rising like banyan trees on the banks of River Ganga or Sala trees on Himalayas? Those warriors, able to change their form at will, are irresistible, equal to Daityas and Danavas, and in a battle, are endowed with the valour of the Devas.
vrm.6.123 "Here is seen the holy River Ganga, which wends its way through the three worlds viz.

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