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vrm.1.3 Also going to Mountain Rishyamuka, meeting Sugreeva and generating confidence in Sugreeva, befriending him and the duel of Vali and Sugreeva.
vrm.3.72 That self respectful valiant Sugreeva is living on the Mountain Rishyamuka, a best mountain available in the lambent fringes of Pampa Lake, along with four other vanara s.
vrm.3.72 b, a Oh, Raghava, right away and candidly you make that Vanara Sugreeva, a wanderer in the forest, sheltering himself on Mountain Rishyamuka, as a friend of yours taking an oath on your weapon besides the Fire witness.
vrm.3.73 "In front of Pampa there is a bountiful but an unclimbable mountain is there with trees in full blossom, which is well protected by baby Elephants, and which in earlier times was purposefully created by Brahma, and that alone is Mountain Rishyamuka.
vrm.3.73 "Oh, Rama, there the blaring trumpet blasts of baby Elephants that amuse themselves at Lake Pampa, and of those that are the indwellers of Matanga hermitage, even there on Mountain Rishyamuka are audible.
vrm.3.73 And staying in the sky he pointed out at the side of Mountain Rishyamuka, and then he reiterated, "you befriend Sugreeva.
vrm.3.75 a Thereby, where Mountain Rishyamuka is beaming forth at its nearby, on which that right minded son of Surya, Sugreeva, is living along with four other vanara s, always frightened by the fear from Vali, we will go to her, to that spectacular Lake Pampa, come on, Lakshmana.
vrm.3.75 The aforesaid mountain renowned as Rishyamuka which is abounding with colourful ores and amazingly flowered trees is there on the bank of Pampa Lake.
vrm.4.1 He who is the chief of Vanara s, who moves about Mountain Rishyamuka, while he is meandering thereabout he happened to see those two who are so amazing for a look, namely Rama and Lakshmana, by which he is so frightened that he is petrified.
vrm.4.3 Mindful of the words of noble souled Sugreeva, Hanuma took his flight from Mountain Rishyamuka to where Raghava s are
vrm.4.3 I had to come here from Mountain Rishyamuka in an ascetics form only to appease that Sugreeva, and I can wend my way by my will, and wear any guise as I wish.
vrm.4.5 Hanuma on going from Mountain Rishyamuka to Mountain Malaya, has reported to the king of Vanaras Sugreeva, about the two valiant Raghava s.
vrm.4.8 "My brother calumniated me and stole my wife, with his fear and my anguish haunting me I am moving about this best mountain Rishyamuka.
vrm.4.10 "I who am saddened by stealing my wife have entered this safest mountain Rishyamuka, which is impenetrable for Vali by another reason.
vrm.4.11 "Then, dreaded by the fear of curse that Vanara Vali does not aspire to enter the great mountain Rishyamuka, oh, people s lord, Rama, or he does not even wish to look at it.
vrm.4.11 "His deeds that are impracticable even for Gods are obvious, and scared for recollecting them I took shelter of Mountain Rishyamuka.
vrm.4.11 "Concluding that the lord of Vanaras Vali to be an unconquerable, unattackable, unsympathetic one I am not leaving this Mountain Rishyamuka.
vrm.4.12 Meanwhile Sugreeva is unable to spot out his benefactor Raghava as Vali whacked him down, and thereby he immediately fled to Mountain Rishyamuka.
vrm.4.12 Sugreeva is debilitated and enervated by Vali s thwacking till his limbs soaked in blood, and he entered the great forest of Rishyamuka as Vali chased him.
vrm.4.12 On seeing Sugreeva s entry into the forest of Rishyamuka, Vali said to him "you are let off for now.
vrm.4.13 That righteous Rama readying his great bow decorated with gold, and on taking blazing sun similar arrows that are victory oriented in wars, proceeded from Rishyamuka along with Sugreeva to the city ruled by the valour of Vali, namely Kishkindha.
vrm.4.15 and whether he is here or there in Rishyamuka he is just your brother.
vrm.4.24 "I think it would be better for me to live on that best mountain Rishyamuka for ever in an as is where is condition, somehow spending life befitting to a Vanara, and achieving even heaven on killing my brother is of no good.
vrm.4.24 "Even though Vali is in heaven he will derive despair and despondency without me, like you, who are despondent and despaired on the pleasant stretches of mountainsides of that best mountain Rishyamuka, as you are without Seetha.
vrm.4.46 b, a "Oh, prince Rama, then Vali though reached Mountain Rishyamuka, he did not enter into its precincts at that time fearing Sage Matanga and his curse, oh, king Rama, thus this globe of earth is apparently and closely sighted by me in its entirety, and then I came into the cave of Rishyamuka and did not stir out.
vrm.5.35 Those two brothers Rama and Lakshmana, wandering only in search of you all over the earth, saw Sugreeva the Lord of Vanaras, sitting on the top of Rishyamuka mountain, filled with several trees, having been dethroned by his elder brother, oppressed with fear, but who was pleasant to the sight.
vrm.5.35 In the meanwhile, those two brothers Rama and Lakshmana, wearing clothes made of bark and arming the best bows, came to the charming place of Rishyamuka mountain.
vrm.5.51 "That prince, Rama together with his brother, searching that lady, reached Mount Rishyamuka and happened to meet Sugreeva.
vrm.5.58 While I was dwelling in Mount Rishyamuka^, abounding with numerous trees, Rama having a great prowess in battle became a friend to me
vrm.6.94 To open the eyes of Ravana" "The kingdom was restored to the miserable Sugreeva, who was residing in Mount Rishyamuka, living with his wishes disappointed.
vrm.6.123 Seeing the aerial car having risen quickly, after having taken the wives of Vanaras too, Rama again spoke to Seetha at the vicinity of Mount Rishyamuka as follows:
vrm.6.123 "O Seetha! Here is seen Rishyamuka, the excellent mountain, endowed with layers of gold and looking like a cloud with lightning.
vrm.6.126 Then according to the advice of Kabandha, Rama of true prowess met Sugreeva, after heading for Mount Rishyamuka.

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