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vrm.4.40 b, a "In the centre of that milk ocean there is a white mountain of colossal size, named Rishabha, surrounded with closely growing trees ever flowered with flowers of heavenly fragrance.
vrm.4.41 b, a "On crossing over that province there will be a glorious mountain named Rishabha, as that great mountain looks like a Holy Bull, and it is replete with every kind of gemstone.
vrm.4.41 b, a "Whereon the sandalwood trees of ochry yellowy, lotus leaf greenly, sky blue colours, and even the most attractive sandalwood trees which will be in the glow of Fire are produced, that mountain is this Rishabha.
vrm.4.41 b, "From Mountain Rishabha to the terminus of the earth the invulnerable beings who won heavens will be staying.
vrm.6.4 Let the Vanara called Rishabha, Lord of the simians and the best of the primates march forward, duly guarding the right side of the army of the simians.
vrm.6.4 Rishabha, Nila, and the courageous Kumuda along with many Vanaras were clearing up the path ahead.
vrm.6.24 Let Rishabha along with the multitude of Vanaras take up his position, having recourse to the right side of the army.
vrm.6.38 Hanuman, Angada, Nila, Mainda, Dvivida, Gaja, Gavaksha, Gavaya, Sharabha, Gandhamadana, Panasa, Kumuda, Hara, Rambha the chief of the troop, Jambavan, sushena, the greatly wise Rishabha, Durmukha of great splendour, Shatabali the Vanara and other hundreds of Vanaras which are fast moving, which can wander easily on mountains with a speed akin to that of wind, ascended that Suvela mountain which Rama ascended.
vrm.6.45 Rama the scourger of his enemies ordered both the sons of Sushena, Nila the chief of Vanaras, Angada the son of Vali, the stron Sharabha, Dvivida, Hanuman, the very strong Sanuprastha, Rishabha and Rishabha skandha.
vrm.6.59 Then, Gavaksha, Gavaya, Sushena, Rishabha, Jyotimukha and Nala of
vrm.6.66 Rishabha, Sharabha, Mainda, Dhumra, Neela, Kumuda, sushena, Gavaksha, Rambha, Tara and more particularly Dvipada, Panasa and hanuma marched ahead very quickly, with their faces turned towards the battle.
vrm.6.67 Rishabha, Sharabha, Neela, Gavaksha and Gandhamadana marched ahead quickly towards Kumbhakarna.
vrm.6.67 He enfolded the greatly agitated Rishabha in his arms.
vrm.6.67 Squeezed by Kumbhakarna s arms, the awful Rishabha, the foremost among the Vanaras, fell down with blood coming out of his mouth.
vrm.6.70 Then, a strong Vanara called Rishabha came jumping and stood in front of that Mattanika Mahaparshva, the younger brother of Ravana.
vrm.6.70 Enraged in seeing that Rishabha, looking like a mountain, standing before him, Mahaparshva struck him upon his breast with a mace equaling a thunderbolt.
vrm.6.70 When he struck with his mace, the breast of that Rishabha the foremost of Rakshasas was broken.
vrm.6.70 That Rishabha, the supreme Vanara regained his consciousness after a long while and enraged as he was with his lips quivering, looked towards Mahaparshva.
vrm.6.70 That Rishabha, the supreme Vanara regained his consciousness after a long while and enraged as he was with his lips quivering, looked towards Mahaparshva.
vrm.6.70 Springing suddenly after regaining his consciousness, that Rakshasa, whose colour resembled his consciousness, that Rakshasa, whose colour resembled an evening cloud, struck that Rishabha, the son of Varuna.
vrm.6.70 That Rishabha fell unconscious for a while on the ground.
vrm.6.70 The great souled Rishabha quickly ran towards the mace of that mighty Mahaparshva.
vrm.6.73 He also struck Sugreeva, Rishabha, Angada and Dvivida with sharp and terrific arrows endowed with boons and made them breathless.
vrm.6.74 O annihilator of enemies! Thereafter, you will see there the Mount Rishabha, the excellent mountain and the very much powerful peak of Kailasa, with a golden hue.
vrm.6.74 He saw the gigantic Mount Kailasa, the rock of Mount Himalaya and Mount Rishabha, the lofty golden mountain, which was highly illumined by the flaming herbs and the lord of mountains on which all types of herbs grew.
vrm.6.127 Then, Bharata embraced Sugreeva, Jambavan, Angada, Mainda, Dvivida, Neela and Rishabha.
vrm.6.128 Jambavan, Hanuma, a Vanara called Vegadarshi and Rishabha brought water jars filled with water.
vrm.6.128 Rishabha brought water quickly from the southern sea in a golden jar, covered with some stems of red sandal wood tree.

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