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vrm.3.72 Sugreeva is the son of Riksharaja, and the direct son of Surya, but Vali trespassed against him.
vrm.3.75 b, a A noble soul by his name Riksharaja was there and that Vanara s
vrm.6.20 O, great king! You are indeed born in a noble family, possessor of a great strength and are a son of Riksharaja.
vrm.6.67 "O Vanara! You are the grandson of Lord Brahma and even the son of Riksharaja sprung from the yawn of Brahma endowed with firmness and valour.
vrm.7.41 Hearing the whole history, Rama, the descendant of Raghu, said to Agastya "O Reverend Sir, Riksharaja is the name of the father of Vali and Sugriva but thou hast not told me the name of their mother.
vrm.7.41 Having shaken his manes with a delighted heart, Riksharaja saw his reflection in the waters.
vrm.7.42 O king, the sun having risen after, that night Riksharaja again obtained his own real Vanara shape.
vrm.7.42 Beholding his son Riksharaja with his sons, Brahma, the grand father of the Devas, consoled him in diverse ways.
vrm.7.42 That golden, big and charming city is worthy of Riksharaja.
vrm.7.42 Do thou place there Riksharaja, the foremost of Vanaras, with his sons ;and having invited the leading Vanaras and others and received them courteously do thou install him on the throne.
vrm.7.42 Brahma, having said this, the celestial emissary, with Riksharaja before him, proceeded to the highly picturesque city of Kishkindha.
vrm.7.42 And having entered there with the velocity of the wind, he, at the com mand of the Patriarch, crowned the leading Vanara Riksharaja as king.
vrm.7.42 Thus Riksharaja was both the father and mother of Vali and Sugriva.

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