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vrm.2.26 She was thinking of installation of Rama alone as prince Regent in her heart As she knows what is to be done and is aware of rules relating to kings Sita herself being rejoiced in heart, performed the worship of the Gods and was waiting for the prince.
vrm.2.35 There is none other than Rama living in your excellent city who is competent to rule this Ayodhya" "In the event of Rama being installe din the office of the prince Regent, King Dasaratha wielder of the great bow will surely have recourse to the forest, cherishly recollecting the conduct of his forebears"
vrm.2.52 When you embrace Bharata and install him in the office of the Prince Regent, the agony caused by the repentance felt by you on our account will not overpower you.
vrm.2.58 The mighty armed Bharata the son of Ikshvaku race, is to be told as follows: Being installed in the office of Prince Regent, attend to your father who still stays in the throne.
vrm.2.63 "O, Kausalya! You were unmarried till then and I was the Prince Regent.
vrm.6.83 Were you not bound by that announcement made by our father regarding your installation as the Prince Regent?
vrm.6.92 "O destroyer of enemies! Where did you go leaving the rank of Prince Regent as also Lanka, the Rakshasas, your mother and myself, your wives and all of us.
vrm.6.128 Installed in the office of Prince Regent, bear like me, the burden of sovereignty, which was borne by our forefathers.
vrm.6.128 When Lakshmana did not give his consent, even though being repeatedly entreated in all ways, nay even being appointed to the office of Prince Regent, the great souled Rama thereupon consecrated Bharata.

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