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vrm.5.13 I think due to great speed of Ravana and due to the torture of Ravanas shoulders the life has been given up by that noble one with wide eyes.
vrm.5.13 How can the daughter of King Janaka, Ramas wife Seetha with a beautiful waist, with eyes like black lotus petals obtain Ravanas capture.
vrm.5.42 "Even a thousand of Ravanas will not be matching equally with me, who is capable of striking with thousands of rocks and trees in battle.
vrm.5.43 Even a thousand of Ravanas will not be matching equally with me, who is capable of striking with thousnads of rocks and trees in battle.
vrm.5.48 Keeping in view of that Vanara being incapable of being slain, Indrajit, Ravanas son then formed an idea as to how to resort to capture of that Hanuma the chief of Vanara warriors.
vrm.5.59 In the battle, I can blow out the missiles presided over by Indra Brahma the creator, Rudra the god of destruction, Vayu the wind god, Varuna and even those missiles even if they are difficult to be looked at, employed by Indrajit Ravanas eldest son.
vrm.6.5 When shall I bring back Seetha, having lodged arrows in Ravanas chest and having abandoned this mental agony?
vrm.6.9 Vibhishana Ravanas youngest half brother restraining all those who were made to seize weapons, were made to sit again by saluting them with joined palms and spoke as follows: Dear brother! That act which cannot be accomplished by three well known strategies viz
vrm.6.10 Ravanas palace was looking like a mass of rocks, elevated like a mountain peak, well divided into spacious apartments and occupied by eminent men.
vrm.6.20 O, Sugriva, rich in courage and possessing great strength and valor! What am I to tell Ravana, whose nature is to cause world to cry? Hearing the aforesaid words, the mightily strong Sugriva the king of Vanaras and the foremost among them, with a merciless mind then spoke to the blame less Shuka, Ravanas spy, as follows:
vrm.6.29 Hearing Ravanas words, Shuka and Sarana felt ashamed to see Ravana paid obeisance to him saying, Be thou victorious! and went away.
vrm.6.30 Hearing Ravanas words, Shardula the excellent spy then started to narrate these words for Ravanas information: Certainly, king Sugreeva, the son of Riksharajasa, is difficult to be conquered in battle.
vrm.6.33 timid woman! Because of my friendship with you, I overheard Ravanas words and all the words you have spoken in reply to him, by hiding nearby in a barren sky without fear.
vrm.6.34 Seetha, who was overwhelmed with anguish on hearing Ravanas words, was comforted and rendered happy by Sarama, as parched earth is solaced by rain.
vrm.6.34 Sarama, who knew how to investigate could hear the wicked Ravanas resolve and soon returned to Ashoka grove.
vrm.6.41 Reaching Ravanas palace in an instant, the illustrious Angada saw Ravana, seated coolly along with his ministers.
vrm.6.41 Having made himself known, Angada communicated, that whole of the excellent speech of Rama without adding or subtracting anything to Ravana in the presence of Ravanas ministers, saying:
vrm.6.41 Hearing Ravanas words, four terrible Rakshasas seized Angada who, in his splendour, resembled a blazing torch.
vrm.6.41 Thereafter, the glorious Angada the son of Vali ascended the roof of Ravanas palace, which equaled the summit of a mountain in height.
vrm.6.41 That roof of the palace, trampled by Angada, crumbled as a peak of Himalayan range was shattered long ago by lightening before Ravanas gaze.
vrm.6.42 The battalions rushed forth under Ravanas instructions like the rushing forth of the ocean, which is swollen by the clouds, at the time of universal dissolution.
vrm.6.43 Those Rakshasas, the best of Rakshasas, doing terrific acts and eager to triumph in Ravanas name, marched ahead on steeds with golden trappings or Elephants resembling pointed flames, or in chariots flashing like the sun and themselves wearing beautiful armours, creating reverberant sounds in the ten regions.
vrm.6.45 At that instant, though still invisible, Indrajit, Ravanas son, with his inflamed eyes, which resembled a mass of collyrium mixed with oil, spoke the following words to those two brothers.
vrm.6.69 Then, the brave Ravanas sons, whose prowess was equal to Indra and the foremost of Rakshasas, roared asserting their superiority saying I will lead, I will lead!
vrm.6.71 This wise Ravanas son, who is strong and the foremost of Rakshasas took off the pride of Devas and Danavas.
vrm.6.73 Then, seeing Ravana the king, miserably submerged in a sea of sorrow, Indrajit, Ravanas son, the best among charioteers, spoke to him as follows: O father, the king of Rakshasas! You ought not to get embarrassed, while Indrajit is alive.
vrm.6.73 Thus causing the army of Vanaras along with Rama and Lakshmana to become despondent in battle, that Indrajit, getting eulogized by the Rakshasas, quickly reached the city of Lanka which was being protected by Ravanas arms.
vrm.6.75 All the ten directions were distracted because of Ravanas act of disorderly movement of his body due to yawning and he looked like the wrath manifest in the limbs of Rudra appearing with a form.
vrm.6.78 Hearing Ravanas words, Makaraksha, the son of Khara, thinking himself as a hero, was rejoiced and assured Ravana that he would do it certainly as commanded.
vrm.6.103 Covered by a multitude of arrows discharged from Ravanas bow in battle, Rama did not wince, like a large mountain which was unshakable.
vrm.6.106 Rama saw that Ravanas chariot, which was coming speedily with a noise, bearing a large flag staff, yoked with black Horses, endowed with a terrific luster, blazing like an aerial car in the sky, with a luster of the sun, filled with lightning like flags and with a beautiful appearance of a rain bow.
vrm.6.106 Then, the Devas along with the Gandharvas, Siddha and great Sages, desirous of Ravanas ruin, arrived to see the battle of both the chariot warrriors.
vrm.6.106 The god of rains poured blood on Ravanas chariot.
vrm.6.106 A large flock of Vultures, roaming about in the sky, was flying forward in the same direction in which Ravanas chariot was going.
vrm.6.106 The she Jackals followed by Vultures hastily uttered inauspicious howls, on beholding Ravanas face as also vomiting fire from their mouths.
vrm.6.106 Hundreds of dreadful Sarika Birds, with their awful howls, terribly fighting there, fell down upon Ravanas chariot.
vrm.6.113 You ought not to have any fear, living as you do in Ravanas abode.
vrm.6.113 These cruel female Rakshasas of terrific form and behavior, with still more cruel eyes, having ugly faces, were heard by me here speaking again and again harsh words to you, who are so devoted to your husband, at Ravanas command, when you were suffering hardships in the Ashoka grove, O divine lady!

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