Rakshasas 3

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Continued from Part 2

vrm.7.1 O Rama,it was no great matter for thee to slay Ravana along with his sons and grandsons.
vrm.7.1 By good fortune it is, O Rama, that Ravana along with his sons and grandsons hath been slain by thee.
vrm.7.1 To defeat Ravana in battle was for thee a small matter ;but jt is a piece of good fortune that Ravana s son, who had confronted thee for combat, hath been slain by thee in battle.
vrm.7.1 Hearing the speech of the ascetics of sacred souls, Rama, coming under the influence of a mighty wonder, said with joined hands, "Ye worshipful ones wherefore, passing by those exceedingly powerful ones Kumbhakarna and the night ranger, Ravana do ye praise Ravana s son ?Wherefore, passing by Mahodara, and Prahasta, and the Rakshasa Virupaksha and Matta, and Unmatta, and the irrepressible Devantaka and Narantaka redoubtable heroes all do ye extoll Ravana s son ?And wherefore, passing by Atikaya and Trisiras and Dhumraksha, that night ranger all endowed with exceeding prowess, do ye extoll Ravana s son ?What was his prowess ?And what his strength ?And what his might ?And by virtue of what cause did he surpass Ravana ?If I can well hear the same, do ye tell it me.
vrm.7.1 How was Sakra vanquished by him, and how also did he obtain the boon ?And how was the son owerful, and not his sire Ravana? How could that Rakshasa, surpassing his sire, conquer Sakra in mighty encounter, and how did he obtain the boon ?O foremost of anchorets, do thou to day unfold all this unto oe, who ask for the same.
vrm.7.2 Hearing those words of his, the exceedingly energetic Kumbhayoni spoke as follows, "Having regard to his Indrajit s energy and might, I shall relate unto thee the history of his race, in the light of which thou wilt perceive why Ravana s son had been capable of slaying his enemies, but could not himself be slain by them.
vrm.7.2 I shall, O Raghava, describe unto thee Ravana s race and birth, as well as tbe boon that had been conferred on him.
vrm.7.4 But were they more powerful than Ravana and Kumbhakarna and Prahasta and Vikala and the sons of Ravana ?Who was their progenitor ?And what was.
vrm.7.8 All those exalted Rakshasas going under the name of Paulastya that had been headed by Sumali, Malyavan and Mali, were stronger than Ravana.
vrm.7.8 Again, O foremost of the Raghus, do thou understand the matchless birth and potency of Ravana and his sons related in detail.
vrm.7.11 Coming to know that his daughter s sons, Ravana and his two brothers, got powerful boons form God Brahma, Sumali shed all his fear of Vishnu.
vrm.7.11 He, with his ministers, Maricha, Prahasta, Virupaksha, Mahodara and other mighty Rakshasas came to see Ravana.
vrm.7.11 He embracing and complimenting Ravana, said, "Dear Ravana! From fear of Vishnu, we are residing in Rasatala.
vrm.7.11 Ravana listening all this advise thought about it for a while.
vrm.7.11 Ravana thought about the strong words of Prahasta.
vrm.7.11 After reflecting for a short while Ravana made up his mind to act according to that vicious advice, his original pious intention towards Kubera having vanished.
vrm.7.11 Hearing this delightful words of Ravana, Prahasta departed saying "O lord, so be it".
vrm.7.11 Repairing unto the palace of Kubera, equipped with all luxuries, Prahasta conveyed the message to him with grave import, "O king Kubera, know me as a messenger of our king Ravana, the king of the Rakshasas and thy younger brother.
vrm.7.11 Dear Ravana! My father gave this Lanka to me, when it was lying vacant for a long time, after the Rakshasas left it.
vrm.7.11 Having sent back Prahasta thus, Kubera became agitated in mind, knowing about the evil motives of his younger brother Ravana.
vrm.7.11 This Ravana, my brother is now powerful and can do what ever he pleaseth.
vrm.7.11 I shall now repair unto Visrava, our common father and inform him all about this Reflecting thus and becoming sceptical about Ravana agreeing to that proposal, he went to his father Visravasa.
vrm.7.11 Seeing his son Vaisravana, having arrived thus, the great sage Visrava addressed him thus: "O child, what shall I do for thee? What is the purpose of thy visit? Why are thou agitated thus?" Hearing this Kubera, with folded palms, told him: "O, sage, thou art the father of myself and Ravana.
vrm.7.11 Having grown with power and might, Ravana wants to take away Lanka from me.
vrm.7.11 Hearing the words of Kubera, afflicted with anxiety, sage Visravas addressed him, with soft words: "O child, thou and Ravana are equal unto me.
vrm.7.11 However know that Ravana is adamant and thy younger brother.
vrm.7.11 O Son, Ravana always cherisheth this wicked desire to have Lanka for himself.
vrm.7.11 Know that Ravana is very sinful and wicked in his deeds.
vrm.7.11 It behevoth thee to avoid a confrontation with that wicked Ravana, thy younger brother.
vrm.7.11 A confrontation with Ravana is not benificial to thee.
vrm.7.11 Do thou make peace with Ravana.
vrm.7.11 Do thou give up Lanka to Ravana.
vrm.7.12 Knowing this, he gave away his daughter, having regard to the race of Ravana s paternal grand father ;and he also conferred on him an exceedingly wonderful dart acquired through the most rigid austerities, by which he wounded Lakshmana.
vrm.7.12 And Ravana married the grand daughter of Virochana on the maternal side named Vajrajwala, to Kumbhakarna.
vrm.7.12 As soon as he was born, Ravana s son, formerly crying, emitted a tremendous roar resembling the rumbling of clouds.
vrm.7.12 And, O Rama, remaining hidden like a fire by fuel, Ravana s son, rejoicing the bosoms of his father and mother, grew up in Ravana s elegant inner apatments.
vrm.7.13 And seeing the king there flaming in his own energy, he the messenger, saluting him Ravana with the word Jaya stood silent.
vrm.7.13 Then, having performed Swastyayana, Ravana, ascending his car, went to where the lord of riches was, bent on conquering the three worlds.
vrm.7.14 Accompanied by his six counsellors Mahodara and Prahasta, Maricha, Suka and Sarana, and the heroic Dhumraksha eager for encounter the graceful Ravana, elated with his strength sallied out, as if consuming all creatures with his wrath.
vrm.7.14 And as the wind scattereth clouds, the small remnant of Yaksha army was scattered by the redoubtable councillors of Ravana Mahodara, Suka, etc.
vrm.7.14 Then Ravana entered within the gate way of the palace, garnished with gold, and decked with Lapises and silver, And thereat, O king, the warder named Suryyabhanu prevented the night ranger Dasagriva as he was entering.
vrm.7.15 Seeing the foremost of the Yakshas by thousands undergoing trepidation, the lord of riches spoke unto a mighty Yaksha Manibhadra, O foremost of Yakshas, slay the wicked Ravana, set on sin; and do thou thus become the refuge of those heroic Yakshas, who are carrying on the conflict.
vrm.7.15 And on being thus hit, Ravana struck at Manibhadra s head; and at that stroke his crown was depressed at one side.
vrm.7.15 And then at a distance, the lord of riches, mace in hand, accompanied by Sukra and Praushthapada and Padma and Sanka saw Ravana in the field.
vrm.7.15 Thus reprimanded by him, his Ravana s councillors, headed by Maricha, on beingstruck, took to their heels.
vrm.7.16 And the lordly Nandi,undaunted, addressed the sovereign of the Rakshasas, saying Desist thou O Ten necked one Sankara; spoteth in the mountain ;and now He is incapable of being approached by every one Suparnas, Nagas and Yakshas Devas;, Gandharvas and Rakshas Hearing Nandi s speech, Ravana, wrought up with wrath, his eyes coppery, and his ear rings shaking, leapt down from Pushpaka.
vrm.7.16 He doth not know that an occasion of fear hath presented itself? Having said this, O Rama, Ravana seizing the mountain with his arms, lifted it up at once; and then the mountain trembled greatly.
vrm.7.16 And as in consequeucc of thy arms having been hurt by the mountain, thou hast uttered a terriffic yell, which struck horror unto the three worlds and put them shaking, therefore, O King, thy name shall be Ravana.
vrm.7.16 And Devas and men and Yakshas and others living on earth shall call thee Ravana terror to creatures.
vrm.7.16 Thus addressed by him, Ravana, Sankara gave him an exceedingly effulgent sword, famed as Chandrahasa; and the master of spectres then also granted him peace for the rest of his life.
vrm.7.16 If disregarded, it will for certain come back to me Having thus received his name from Maheshvara, Ravana, saluting Mahadeva, ascended Pushpaka.
vrm.7.16 And then, O Rama, Ravana, began to go round the earth.
vrm.7.17 And then, O King, the mighty armed Ravana ranging the earth, came to Himavan and began to go round it.
vrm.7.17 For whom dost thou put thyself to trouble Thus accosted by Ravana, that illustious girl, having asceticism for wealth, having received him hospitably in due form, said, My sire is named Kusadwaja a Brahmarshi of immeasurable energy, son unto Brihaspati, endowed with grace, and like unto Brihaspati himself in intelligence.
vrm.7.17 Thereat descending from the front of his car, Ravana, afflicted with the shafts of Kandarpa, again addressed that girl, observant of a mighty vow, O thou of shapely hips, in as much as such is thy intent, thou must be very proud".
vrm.7.18 When Vedavati had entered into fire, Ravana, ascending Pushpaka, began to range the earth.
vrm.7.18 Andcoming to Usiraviga, Ravana saw a kingnamedMarutta, sacrificing along with the Devas.
vrm.7.18 And then Ravana entered into that sacrifice like an unclean dog.
vrm.7.18 And then coming up to the king, Ravana lord of Rakshasas said Give me battle, or say, I am defeated.
vrm.7.18 Whereat king Marutta asked, him Who at thou ?And Ravana laughing in contempt said, O king, I am delighted, that lacking curiosity, thou dost not dishonour Ravana, younger brother unto the bestower of riches.
vrm.7.18 Thereat Marutta spoke unto Ravana, saying, Blessed for sooth at thou, by whom thy elder brother hath been vanquished in fight ;and a person so praisewothy there is not in the three worlds.
vrm.7.18 And thereat considering him as defeated, Suka proclaimed this all round; and from delight cried aloud, Victory unto Ravana And then devouring the Maharshis that were present at the place of sacrifice, Ravana, satiated with their blood, again went to the earth.
vrm.7.18 On Ravana having departed, the Devas, inhabiting the etherial regions Indra etc.
vrm.7.19 Otherewise there is no escape for you r" Thereat those wise kings, possessed of great strength, and ever abiding by righteousness, being frightened at Ravana s intimidation, took counsel of each other.
vrm.7.19 And then Ravana sovereign of the Rakshasas presented himself before Ayodhya, governed by Anaranya, like Amaravati ruled by Sakra.
vrm.7.19 And coming to that foremost of men king like unto Purandara himself in prowess, Ravana said, Give me battle; or say I have been defeated.
vrm.7.19 And when he had heard everything regarding Ravana ,the forces of that foremost of kings that had been intended.
vrm.7.19 for conquering Ravana, sallied forth ready for bringing about the destruction of the Raksha, ten thousand elephants, a Niyuta horse, and many thousands of cars and infantry, O best of men ;and, that host consisting of infantry and cars, marched for encounter, covering up the earth.
vrm.7.19 And that host, of the king encountering the forces of Ravana, were extinguished like unto clarified butter thrown into the sacificial fire.
vrm.7.19 And then himself drawing his bow resembling the bow itself of Sakra, that foremost of sovereigns, beside himself with wrath, approached Ravana.
vrm.7.19 And brought down by Anaranya, his Ravana s councillors Maricha, Suka, and Sarana with Prahasta, took to their heels like unto dear.
vrm.7.19 And then that son of the Ikshwaku race discharged eight hundred arrows at Ravana s head.
vrm.7.19 And like unto showers pouring down on the top of a mountain, his shafts did not inflict any wound on Ravana.
vrm.7.20 And that Devarshi the exceedingly energetic Narada of immeasurable splendour, seated on the back of the cloud, addressed Ravana, who was stationed in Pushpaka, saying, O lord of Rakshasas, O placid one, O son of Visrava, stay.
vrm.7.20 And the exceedingly energetic Narada best of Brahmans resembling a smokeless fire, remaining rapt for a while, began to reflect; How can Ravana conquer Time who, when its life waneth, righteously visiteth with affliction the time, sphere with Indra, fraught with mobile and immobile.
vrm.7.20 How can this lord of Rakshasas, of himself, go to him who, resembling another fire, beareth to the gifts and acts of persons, that high souled one of whom attaining consciousness, people put foth their activity; and afflicted with the fear of whom these three worlds fall away? How can Ravana subdue him who ordaineth things both great and small, who meteth rewards and punishments for good and bad acts, and who himself hath conquered the three worlds ?Resorting to what other means shall Ravana secure victory ?I am curious about it: To Yama s abode shall I go for witnessing the encounter between Yama and the Rakshasa.
vrm.7.21 And he saw coporeal beings undergoing torments and pain, and emitting loud cries and sharp shrieks ;preyed on by worms and fell dogs: and uttering words capable of striking pain and terror into the heat of the hearer: and people swimming in the Vaitarani profusely running blood; and momentarily burning with hot sands; unighteous wights pierced in a wood of Asipatra, plunged in Raurava, in the river of borate of soda; and cut with razor edges; asking for drinks; and afflicted with hunger and thirst; converted into corpses, lean, woe begone, and pallid with hair lowing loosely ;having dust and filth on their bodies, and running about distressfully with dry forms on the way saw Ravana by hundreds and by thousands.
vrm.7.21 And Ravana also saw some in front of houses engaged in merry making with songs and strains of instruments, as the fruit of their pious acts; and saw the giver of kine regailing themselves with milk; the dispenser of ice, feeding on the same, the bestower of abodes, enjoying mansions, as the fruit of their several acts; and persons living with damsels decked with gold and gems and jewels; and other pious folks, flaming in their native energy, all these saw Ravana lord of Rakshasas.
vrm.7.21 And according to the measure of their might his Ravana s councillors great heroes all, as well as the Ten faced one himself with might and main, faught with trees and crags and hundreds of blocks of buildings.
vrm.7.21 And O large armed one the exalted councillors of Yama and Ravana sore assailed each other with arms.
vrm.7.21 And encompassing him even as clouds encompass mountain, they rendered Ravana inert by means of Bhindipalas and darts.
vrm.7.21 And then furnished with his bow and holding his shafts, Ravana regaining his senses in a short time, increased in energy and stood in the field like the finisher.
vrm.7.21 And enraged, Ravana resembling Rudra himself, in fight drawing his bow to his car, discharged that shaft even as Sankara had discharged at Tripura.
vrm.7.22 And approaching Ravana, Yama, enraged, discharged spears and Tomaras, and began to pierce Ravana s marrow.
vrm.7.22 But Ravana, without at all feeling any smat, began to shower arrows on Vaivasvata s vehicle, resembling a downpour caused by clouds.
vrm.7.22 And on Yama being desirous of slaying Ravana, the great father manifesting himself spake unto Yama: O Vaivasvata, O mighty armed one, O thou of imeasurable prowess, this certainly must not be: Thou shouldst not with thy rod slay the night ranger; for, O the foremost of Devas, I have conferred a boon on him; thou shouldst not render false the words that I have uttered.
vrm.7.22 Therefore, O mild one you forosooth shouldst not bring it down on Ravana s head.
vrm.7.23 Having vanquished Yama, the foremost of Devas, Ravana delighting in warfare, saw his adherents.
vrm.7.23 And seeing Ravana, with his person bathed in blood, bettered by the weapon discharged at him, they were seized with surpise.
vrm.7.23 And hailing him with victory, the councillors headed by Maricha, having been encouraged by Ravana, ascended Pushpaka.
vrm.7.23 And making the Nivatakavachas desist from battle the ancient great father spake in clear words Even the Devas and the Asuras are not able to vanquish this Ravana in battle ;nor can the Danavas backed by the Devas can destroy you.
vrm.7.23 Thereat Ravana made friends with the Nivatakavachas in the presence of Fire ;and then rejoiced greatly.
vrm.7.23 And then going to the city named Asma ruled by the Kalakayas, Ravana slew the Kalakayas endowed with terriffic striength ;and then with his sword cut of his brother.
vrm.7.23 in law, the husband of Surpanakha, the mighty Vidyujjihva possessed of terriffic strength; as that Rakshasa in the encounter was licking the limbs of Ravana s followers.
vrm.7.23 And there Ravana saw the mother of kine and the foremost of bulls ;from whom springeth that maker of night the mild beaming moon ;taking refuge under whom subsist the prime saints and those living on froth, the froth§ of milk ;and wherefrom sprang Amrita as well as the Swadha of Swadha subsisting oneslf, even her that goeth with human beings under the name of Surabhi.
vrm.7.23 Having gone round this wonderful cow, Ravana entered the exceedingly dreadfulabode of Varuna guarded by various kinds of forces.
vrm.7.23 And killing the generals of the forces, after having been resisted by them, he addressed the warriors, saying, Do you speedily acquaint your king with this Ravana" hath come here seeking battle.
vrm.7.23 And then there took place a mighty encounter capable of making people s down stand on end, between the sons of the lord of waters, and those of the intelligent Ravana.
vrm.7.23 And seeing their own forces brought to straits in the conflict and driven back in the fight with networks of shafts, and down on the ground and seeing Ravana in Pushpaka, Varuna s sons swiftly shot into the welkin with their fleet footing cars And after they had attained a station of equal vantage with Ravana in the sky, great was the encounter that then, took place in the sky, resembling the encounter of the Devas and the Danavas.
vrm.7.23 And turning away Ravana in the conflict by means of shafts resembling fire, they, exceedingly rejoiced, emitted various shouts.
vrm.7.23 And having stretched their bows they pierced Mahodara, and then, all together they greatly angered prevented Ravana.
vrm.7.23 Beholding Varuna s sons thus worn out and overwhelmed the highly powerful Ravana roared in delight like unto clouds.
vrm.7.23 Ravana spoke unto them.
vrm.7.24 And again journeyed in the city of Asma the followers of Ravana dreadful in fight.
vrm.7.24 Beholding that excellent house the highly powerful Ravana thought within himself Whose is this beautiful house, resembling the summit of Meru? Go, O Prahasta, and learn quickly whose house is this.
vrm.7.24 Beholding that the night ranger speedily issued out of the house and communicated it unto Ravana.
vrm.7.24 Having said this he again spoke unto Ravana, saying Dost thou wish to enter into conlfict with Bali, or what else is thy intention Ravana was so overwhelmed that his hairs stood on their end ;but resoting to calmness he said O thou foremost of those skilled in speech, who residest in this house ?I shall fight with him ;r.
vrm.7.24 He again said to Ravana The lord of Danavas lives here he is highly generous, heroic, and hath truth for his prowess.
vrm.7.24 Being thus addressed by Bali Ravana said I have heard, O illustrious sir, that formerly thou wast bound by Vishnu.
vrm.7.24 Hearing that Bali laughed and said Hear, I shall relate to thee what hast asked, O Ravana.
vrm.7.24 Delay not Ravana.
vrm.7.24 Hearing these words Ravana said I have seen Kritanta, the lord of Pitris with Death himself, with hairs standing erect.
vrm.7.24 Hearing the words of Ravana Bali said "He is the lord Hari Narayana the protector of the three worlds.
vrm.7.24 Hearing these words of Bali, the highly powerful Ravana, having his eyes reddened with fire, issued out with uplifted weapon.
vrm.7.25 And beholding that foremost of gods the sun that primeval deity, without end or middle, having Uchaisravas as his carrier, the witness of the world and the lord of the universe, the foremost of Rakshasas, being overwhelmed with his rays, said to Prahasta O minister, do thou proceed at my behest and communicate unto him my orders Ravana hath arived here for battle do thou offer him fight.
vrm.7.25 And communicating unto them the resolution of Ravana he stood there silent, being over powered with the rays of the sun.
vrm.7.25 Hearing of Ravana s intention from Dandi the intelligent sun the enemy of night wisely said to him Do thou proceed, O Dandi; either defeat Ravana or tell him I have been defeated.
vrm.7.26 Who is this shameless wight that is going seated on a car and attended by Apsaras ?Does he not perceive his object of fear ?"Being thus addressed by Ravana, Parvata said O my child, O thou gifted with great intellect Hear I shall describe to thee the truth.
vrm.7.26 And Ravana said O great Rishi, who is that person, gifted with great effulgence, who goeth surrounded by charming songsters, dancing girls and Kinnaras?" Hearing his words Parvata, the foremost of saints, again said "He is heroic and a great warrior he never returneth unsucessful from a battle field.
vrm.7.26 Ravana again said "Who goeth there effulgent like unto the sun ?"Hearing the words of Ravana, Parvata said The person, resembling the full moon and wearing diverse ornaments and cloths, whom thou beholdest, O great king, in the golden car abounding in Apsaras, distributed gold.
vrm.7.26 Hearing the words of Parvata, Ravana said O foremost of Rishis, do thou tell me, who, of these kings going, if prayed for, may offer me the hospitality of a battle ?For sooth thou art my father ;do thou point out such a man to me O thou conversant with piety.
vrm.7.26 Being thus addressed, Parvata again said to Ravana O great king, all these kings wish for heaven not for battle.
vrm.7.26 Hearing the words of Parvata, Ravana again said Do thou tell me, O thou of great devotion, where this king resides.
vrm.7.26 Hearing the words of Ravana, the sage again said The son of Yavanashwa hath conquered the world consisting of seven islands begining with the sea; Mandhata, the foremost of kings, is just coming to meet him.
vrm.7.26 Thereupon Ravana having long arms, proud of the boon conferred upon him in the three worlds, beheld the heroic Mandhata, the lord of Ayodhya and the foremost of kings.
vrm.7.26 Hearing the words of Mandhata, Ravana said Ravana did not experience any affliction from Varuna Kubera or Yama ;why should he experience fear from thee, who art a man ?"Having said this, the lord of Rakshasas as if burning in fire, ordered the Rakshasas irrepressible in battle.
vrm.7.26 Thereupon the ministers of the vicious souled Ravana, highly enraged and well skilled in warfare, began to make a downpour of arrows.
vrm.7.26 Then hurling his mace again and again resembling that of Yama, he struck, vehemently, Ravana s car therewith.
vrm.7.26 That club, resembling the lightning, vehemently descended upon Ravana s carand Ravana, like Sakra s banner, was speedily upset by that.
vrm.7.26 Thereat speedily regaining his sense, Ravana, a terror unto all people, the lord of Lanka, greatly assailed the person of Mandhata.
vrm.7.26 And possessed by great anger they began to assail one another with shafts Mandhata Ravana and he again the king.
vrm.7.26 And setting the Raudra shaft upon his bow Ravana discharged it and Mandhata baffled it by means of his fiery shafts.
vrm.7.26 Ravana then took up the celestial Pasupata weapon, dreadful and increasing the fright of the three worlds, obtained by him from Rudra by virtue of his rigid penances.
vrm.7.27 Those two Brahmans having departed, Ravana, the lord of Rakshasas, proceeded, at first, by the aerial way, ten thousand leagues.
vrm.7.27 Thereupon exclaiming his victory Prahasta said to Ravana "O king, we are destroyed by cold, so we must go away from here.
vrm.7.27 Hearing the words of Prahasta, Ravana, beside himself with wrath, having uplifted his bow and twanged it, began to assail him with Narachas.
vrm.7.28 Having conferred this boon upon Ravana the Grandfather, sprung from lotus, speedily returned to the region of Brahman.
vrm.7.28 And having obtained the boon Ravana too came back.
vrm.7.28 After a few days that Rakshasa Ravana, the dread of all people, arrived at the banks of the western Ocean with his councillors.
vrm.7.28 O Rama, the might of that person was a thousand times greater than that of Ravana which was dreadful unto all the worlds.
vrm.7.28 Thereupon that Purusha easily struck Ravana with his hands hard as thunder.
vrm.7.28 Being assailed thereby Ravana immediately fell on the ground.
vrm.7.28 Ravana addressed his councillors thus "O Prahasta, O Sukasarana and other ministers, where hath that person suddenly gone ?Do ye tell me this.
vrm.7.28 Hearing those words of Ravana the night rangers said "That man, who crusheth down the pride of the Devas and Asuras, hath entered hither.
vrm.7.28 As Garuda goes speedily taking a serpent so that vicious minded Ravana arrived quickly at the entrance of the den.
vrm.7.28 And Ravana, having no fear, entered therein.
vrm.7.28 Having entered there with out any councillor the vicious Ravana, the lord of Rakshasas, on beholding that chaste damsel with sweet smiles seated on a royal seat, being possessed by desire, grew anxious to hold her by the hand, as one, under the influence of death, catches a sleeping serpent.
vrm.7.28 And scorched suddenly by his energy, Ravana, the dread of all people, fell down on earth like unto an up rooted tree.
vrm.7.28 Do thou therefore go away, O Ravana, with confidence thou shalt not experience death just now.
vrm.7.28 Regaining his sense instantly Ravana was stricken with fear.
vrm.7.28 Being thus accosted by the vicious souled Ravana, the deity, smiling, replied in words deep as the muttering of clouds, saying What shalt thou do with me O Dasagriva ?Thou art not to be slain by me now" Being thus addressed the Dasagriva, with folded palms said By the words of the Patriarch Brahma I shall not tread the path of death; there is none born amongst men,or the Devas who can equal me, and disregard; by virtue of his prowess, the great Patriarch s boon.
vrm.7.28 Thereupon Ravana, gifted with dreadful prowess, beheld within the body of that deity, all the three worlds with mobile and immobile creations.
vrm.7.28 And that Rakshasa, bent on sin, was not seen by him with angry looks, and there fore, Rama, Ravana, was not there and then reduced to ashes.
vrm.7.28 As a wily wight goes through a secret so he pierced Ravana s person with his shaft like words.
vrm.7.29 While thus returning the vicious souled Ravana, with delight, carried away stealthily, on his way, the daughters of the Rajarshis, Devas and Danavas.
vrm.7.29 As the stars disappear with the rising of the sun in time, so our husbands have been destroyed by the powerful Ravana.
vrm.7.29 In the interval, Ravana s sister, a dreadful and grim visaged Rakshasi, suddenly fell down on to the ground.
vrm.7.29 And having raised up his sister and consoled her Ravana said "Tell me speedily, O good sister, what you wish to say.
vrm.7.30 Thereupon that foremost of twice born ones Usanas of austere penances, wishing the prosperity of the sacrifice, said to Ravana the Rakshasa chief "Hear,I shal relate to thee everything, O king ;thy son hath met with the fruits of many a sacrifice Agnistoma, Asvamedha, Bahusuvarnaka.
vrm.7.30 Ravana said "I donot understand all this.
vrm.7.30 Hearing the words of Vibhishana, Ravana, the lord of Rakshasas, became agitated like an ocean, by the recollection of his vicious deeds.
vrm.7.30 Having slain today in the encounter that Madhu, who is not afraid of Ravana, shall, encircled by my friends, and desirous of battle, proceed to the region of the Devas.
vrm.7.30 Commanding them Indrajit preceded the army, Ravana went in the middle and Kumbhakarna was in the rear; the virtuous souled Vibhishana remained in Lanka, being engaged in piotis observances.
vrm.7.30 And beholding Ravana proceed, hundreds of Daityas, inimical to the Devas, followed him.
vrm.7.30 Having raised her up the Rakshasa chief Ravana said "No fear, what can I do for you ?"Whereto she replied "O king, O thou having long arms if thou art pleased with me, do not slay my husband to day, O conferrer of honours.
vrm.7.30 Being thus addressed Ravana said to his sister there "Do thou tell me speedily where is thy husband.
vrm.7.30 And approaching a little he beheld that foremost of Rakshasas and duly welcomed Ravana.
vrm.7.31 After sunset the highly power Ravana encamped his army there.
vrm.7.31 And lying down on the summit of the mountain, the highly powerful Ravana espied the caves beautified with the rays of the moon and the trees.
vrm.7.31 And carrying the fagrance rendered salutary with honey and the filaments of flowers, the excellent wind blew enhancing Ravana s desire.
vrm.7.31 Being possessed by desire through the sweet scent of flowers, coldness of air, beauty of the hills, and cool rays of the moon in night, the highly powerful Ravana espied again and again the moon with heavy sighs.
vrm.7.31 She was seen by Ravana as proceeding in the midst of soldiers.
vrm.7.32 Hearing of the arrival of Ravana, Indra shook on his throne and said to the assembled gods, Adityas, Vasus, Rudras, Sadhyas and Maruts Prepare yourselves, for fighting with the vicious souled Ravana.
vrm.7.32 And Mahendra, afraid of Ravana, poorly went to Vishnu and gave vent to the following accents: How shall I, O Vishnu, withstand, the Rakshasa Ravana? The highly powerful Rakshasa hath come here for battle.
vrm.7.32 Do thou tell me, the truth, O god of god that I may myself fight; or do thou, with thy sword and discus, vanquish Ravana.
vrm.7.32 O lord of Devas, even if I am requested by thee, I shall not withstand the Rakshasa, Ravana in the conflict.
vrm.7.32 Without slaying the enemies in the encounter, Vishnu doth never go back but it is hard to fulfill my desire from Ravana, well protected by the boon.
vrm.7.32 I shall soon destroy Ravana with his family in due time and afford delight unto the Devas.
vrm.7.32 Meanwhile at the latter part of the night there was audible the uproar of Ravana s army fighting on all sides.
vrm.7.32 In the interval issued out for encounter the heroic and grim visaged Rakshasas Ravana s councillors.
vrm.7.32 And encircled by Maricha, Prahasta, Mahaparshva, Mahodara, Akampana, Nikumbha, Suka, Sarana, Sanghrada, Dhumaketu, Mahadangstra, Gathodara, Jambumali, Mahahrada, Virupaksha, Suptaghna, Yajnakopa, Durmukha, Khara, Trisira, Karaveeraksha, Suryashatru Mahakaya, Atikaya, Devantaka, Narantaka, all those gifted with great prowess, there entered the battle field, the highly powerful Sumalin, Ravana s maternal grandfather.
vrm.7.33 And collecting all the Rakshasas stood there the highly powerful Meghanada, enraged, the son of Ravana.
vrm.7.33 And having encircled Sachi s son and encountered Ravana s son the Devas began to assail him.
vrm.7.33 And the encounter between Mahendra s son Jayanta and Ravana s son Meghanada, and that between the Devas and Rakshas was like one between Devas and Asuras.
vrm.7.33 Thereupon Ravana s son began to assail, with shafts feathered in gold, his Jayanta s charioteer Gomukha, Matali s son.
vrm.7.33 Sachis son too, enraged, assailed on all sides, Ravana s son and his charioteer.
vrm.7.33 And the powerful Ravana, stricken with fire and with eyes expanded, covered Sakra s son with arrows.
vrm.7.33 Thereupon Ravana s son struck the Deva host with thousands of huge mountain summits, Sataghnis, maces, Prasas, clubs, daggers, Parashos and various other sharp pointed weapons.
vrm.7.33 Ravana s son thus striking Indra s army the quarters were enshrouded with darkness by his illusory power.
vrm.7.33 Thereupon Ravana s son enraged and encircled by his own powerful followers, persued the Devas emitting loud cries.
vrm.7.33 And having come out from the field of action Ravana s son too stood silent.
vrm.7.33 Having unstrung his huge bow Indra struck Ravana, on his head, with arrows resembling the flame of fire and the rays of the sun.
vrm.7.34 And in that darkness Indra, Ravana and Meghanada these three were not possessed by the influence of illusion.
vrm.7.34 Beholding his whole army slain in a moment, Ravana, worked up with dreadful fire, sent out terrible roars.
vrm.7.34 Having said this and left aside Ravana, Sakra went to another side, O King, and fought terrifying the Rakshasas in the conflict.
vrm.7.34 In the interim beholding Ravana brought under his grasp by Sakra the Asuras and Rakshasas cried aloud.
vrm.7.34 Thereupon ascending his car Ravana s son, beside himself with rage, entered the dreadful flank.
vrm.7.34 And albeit assailed by the highly powerfuf Devas, Ravana s son, divested of mail, entertained no fear.
vrm.7.34 Thereat having left his car and charioteer Indra mounted his elephant Airavata and ran about in search of Ravana s son.
vrm.7.34 When Ravana s son came to know that Indra was exhausted he, having bound him up by virtue of illusion, proceeded towards his army.
vrm.7.34 In the meantime, the Devas, all enraged, covered Ravana with a downpour of shafts and belaboured him.
vrm.7.34 Beholding his father thus distressed and assailed in warfare with strokes, Ravana s son, although invisible, said "Do thou come O father, our work in the battle field is finished ;know, we have achieved victory ;be thou consoled and divested of agonies.
vrm.7.34 Hearing those words of Ravana s son the Devas retired from thebattle and went away without Sakra.
vrm.7.34 Thereupon having returned home with his army and chaiots and taking the king of the clelestials, the powerful son of Ravana dismissed the victorious warriors.
vrm.7.35 THE highly powerful Mahendra being thus defeated by Ravana s son, all the Devas, taking the patriarch Brahma before them, went to Lanka.
vrm.7.35 Having obtained Ravana encircled by his sons and brothers the Patriarch, stationed in the welkin, calmly said "My son, Ravana, I have been pleased with thy son in the conflict.
vrm.7.35 O Ravana, this thy son is highly powerful and gifted with great strength and he shall be celebrated in the world under the appellation of Indrajit or the conqueror of Indra.
vrm.7.35 And Agastya said Rama", Ravana, the thorn of people, then grew in power, by whom, in the company of his son, Indra, the lord of the Devas, was defeated.
vrm.7.36 Therupon having bowed unto Agastya the foremost of ascetics, the highly effulgent Rama again surprisingly said«: O Brahman, O foremost of twice born ones, when that cruel Ravana journeyed over the earth, was it void of people? Was there no king, or prince on earth to administer punishment unto him ?Were all the kings then shorn of their strength and prowess? And many kings I hear were vanquished and driven out by him with various excellent weapons.
vrm.7.36 Hearing the words of Raghava, the ascetic Agastya, having six sorts of wealth, laughing said, like unto Brahma, speaking to Rudra O Rama, O lord of earth, traversing the earth, Ravana arrived at the city of Mahishmati, resembling the city of the Devas, where lived perpetually the deity of fire.
vrm.7.36 At the very same day, Ravana, the lord of Rakshasas, arrived there and asked his councillors saying.
vrm.7.36 "Where is the king Arjuna? Do ye speedily tell me; I am Ravana, I have come to fight with your king.
vrm.7.36 Being thus addressed by Ravana, the learned ministers informed the lord of Rakshasas, of the absence of the king.
vrm.7.36 And casting his looks upon Vindhya mountain, resembling the Himalayas and having huge caves Ravana, the king of Rakshasas, reached the river Narmada, of holy waters and going rapidly to the western ocean.
vrm.7.36 Having descended from his car and bathed in the waters of Narmada, the foremost of streams, resembling a fair one, Ravana, the lord of Rakshasas, with,his councilors, sat on her coast resided by many an ascetic.
vrm.7.36 Hearing the words of Ravana, Prahasta, Suka, Sarana, Mahodara, Dhrumakshya and other councillors descended into the waters of Narmada.
vrm.7.36 And she was agitated by those elephantlike leading Rakshasas like unto the Ganges by Vamana, Anjana, Padma and other Elephants, Thereupon having got up from the waters the highly powerful Rakshasas culled flowers for Ravana s offerings.
vrm.7.36 Flowers being thus collected, Ravana, the king of Rakshasa descended, into theNarmada for bathinglikea huge elephant into the Ganges.
vrm.7.36 And wherever Ravana went the golden Siva Linga was brought.
vrm.7.36 Thereupon Ravana placed that upon a heap of sands and began to worship it with various nectar smelling flowers and sandal.
vrm.7.37 And that stream, as if driven against Ravana by Kartavirjarjuna, carried away his collection of flowers.
vrm.7.37 And having given up his worship which was half finished Ravana looked towards Narmada looking like an unwilling damsel and saw that she, with rising currents, was flowing towards the east from the west and the waters beyond that were in a natural state like a quiet lady and the birds were seated there without any anxiety.
vrm.7.37 Being commanded by Ravana, the two brothers, the heroic Suka and Sarana proceeded towards the west by the aerial way.
vrm.7.37 Beholding that dreadful spectacle, the Rakshasas Suka and Sarana came back and approaching Ravana communicated all unto him.
vrm.7.37 Hearing the words of Suka and Sarana, Ravana exclaimed "This is Arjuna" and proceeded to fight with him.
vrm.7.37 Ravana, the lord of Rakshasas, having set out with a hostile intention against Kartavirjarjuna, the wind mixed with dust began to blow high with tumultuous sound.
vrm.7.37 At the very sight the eyes of the lord pf Rakshasas, proud of his prowess, grew red and addressing the councillors of the king Arjuna he said "Do ye communicate unto the king of Haihayas that Ravana, the lord of Rakshasas, hath come to fight with him.
vrm.7.37 Heaing the words of Ravana, the ministers of Arjuna stood up with arms and said "O good Ravana, thou art well cognizant Of the proper time for fighting.
vrm.7.37 Thereupon the hungry councillors of Ravana, slew some of the ministers of the king and devoured some.
vrm.7.37 There arose a dreadful uproar on the banks of Narmada, of the councillors of Ravana and Arjuna.
vrm.7.37 The warriors of Arjuna assailed Ravana and his ministers with hundreds of arrows, Pracas, darts, Tomaras, thunder bolts and Karpanas.
vrm.7.37 Thereupon being enraged and displaying their own prowess Suka, Sarana and other ministers of Ravana began to destroy Arjuna s soldiers.
vrm.7.37 Thereupon the emissaries, stricken with fear, went to the sporting king and communicated unto him the proceedings of Ravana and his ministers.
vrm.7.37 All the councillors having thus led away and Prahasta bemg slain Ravana speedily proceeded towards Arjuna, the foremost of kings.
vrm.7.37 Thereupon there ensued a terrible encounter capable of making down erect between the thousand armed Arjuna, the king of men, and the twenty armed Ravana, the king of Rakshasas, And taking up their clubs Arjuna and Ravana began to ight with one another emitting cries like the mutterings of clouds, like unto two huge bulls fighting for a cow, two agitated oceans, two moving mountains, two effulgent Adityas, two burning flames, two proud elephants, two proud lions and like the very Rudra and Kala.
vrm.7.37 Being placed against the breast of Ravana Arjuna s club rendered, for a moment.
vrm.7.37 And striking again and again against Arjuna s breast Ravana s club looked hke a huge fire brand.
vrm.7.37 Arjuna was not worn out nor was Ravana.
vrm.7.37 Thereuponworked up with rage, Arjuna, with his full might, smote Ravana with his club.
vrm.7.37 But Ravana was well protected by the boon of the celestial, so the club fell down to earth sundered into two pieces like one hurled by a poor wight.
vrm.7.37 Still wounded by the the mace of Arjuna, Ravana, after hiding tears, ran away at a distance of four feet and stood there.
vrm.7.37 Beholding Ravana thus overwhelmed, Arjuna sprung up and caught him like Garuda holding a serpant and Vishnu binding Bali.
vrm.7.37 Regaining his senses and beholding Ravana bound, Prahasta, in great anger, pursued, king of Haihaya.
vrm.7.37 Having thus struck terror unto to night rangers, he, encircled by his own kinsmen, repaired to his own city with Ravana.
vrm.7.38 Therupon Pulastya heard from the Devas of the capture of Ravana like unto the holding of the wind.
vrm.7.38 Thereupon having enquired of the king about his piety, offerings and the well being of his sons, Pulastya said to Arjuna, the king of Haihayas "O foremost of kings, O thou having eyes like lotus petals !O thou having a countenance like the full moon !When thou hast vanquished Ravana, thy prowess is matchless in the triple world.
vrm.7.38 Hearing this command of Pulastya, the king Arjuna did not utter a single world and set, most delightedly the king of Rakshasas, free Having released that foe of the Devas worshipped him with celestial ornaments and garlands and established friendship removing all enmities with Ravana before fire, and bowed unto Pulastya, the son of Brahma, he repaired to his pwn house.
vrm.7.38 O Rama, in this wise, the highly powerful Ravana was defeated by Arjuna and released by Pulastya.
vrm.7.39 Released by Arjuna, and yet not conceiving any shame, Ravana, the king of Rakshasas again began to traverse the earth.
vrm.7.39 Rakshasas or men, of whom the proud Ravana heard to be powerful he used to appoach and summon them for fight.
vrm.7.39 What Vanara else is capable of standing before thee ?However, O Ravana, Vali shall soon return after performing the Sandhya rites at the conluence of the four oceans; therefore wait here for a moment.
vrm.7.39 O Ravana, O Rakshasa, even if thou hast drunk Amrita, thou shalt at this very moment loose thy life, when the encounter with Vali shall take place.
vrm.7.39 Hearing those words, Ravana, the aggrandiser of the triple world, remonstrated with Tara and ascending his flowery car went to the southern ocean and espied Vali, having red countenance like the rising sun, engaged in Sandhya rites with whole mindedness.
vrm.7.39 He then thought within himself "This vicious souled Ravana is approaching to catch me ;holding him under my arm pit I shall journey over the three great ocean.
vrm.7.39 Everyone will behold the enemy Ravana, under my arm pit as a serpent possessed by Garuda, with his thighs, arms and clothes loosened.
vrm.7.39 Vali was seated with his back towards Ravana; still from his footsteps he perceived that he had come withinthe grasp of Ravana s army and he at once caught hold of him like unto Garuda holding a serpent.
vrm.7.39 Getting hold of Ravana, the lord of Rakshasas, desirous of catching him, Vali and placing him under his arm pit Vali vehemently rose high up in thevelkinAnd he went away carrying him, scratching him again and again with his nails like unto winds scattering clouds.
vrm.7.39 Being worshipded by the aerials their lord, with Ravana, first proceeded to the western ocean.
vrm.7.39 And having recited his prayers there also, Vali, the son of Indra, and the king of Vanaras, carrying Ravana, returned to the city of Kishkindha.
vrm.7.39 Having gone through his Sandhya rites at the four oceans and carrying Ravana, that Vanara chief was greatly exhausted and therefore descended into the gardens of Kishkindha.
vrm.7.39 Having got out Ravana from his arm pit, the foremost of Vanaras, laughing again and again said: Whence art thou coming?" Thereupon being surprised greatly, Dasanana, the king of Rakshasas, with eyes, shaking with exhaustion, said to the king of Vanaras: O king of Vanaras, resembling Mahendra, I am Ravana, the king of Rakshasas; I came here to fight: but I have beeen defeated by thee.
vrm.7.39 There like Sugriva Ravana spent a month.
vrm.7.39 Having thus belaboured Ravana Vali at last made friends with him before fire.
vrm.7.40 Thereupon Rama, being stricken with curiosity, with folded palms and humbly accosted Agastya, residing in the southern quarter, with pregnant accents, saying: Thou sayest that Ravana and Vali had unequalled strength but methinks theirs can not equal that of Hanuman.
vrm.7.40 What to speak of more, Hanuman, single handed, slew Ravana s commander in chief, the minister s son, his servants and his one son.
vrm.7.40 Being released from the Brahma weapon Hanuman remonstrated with Ravana, and reduced Lanka into ashes like unto fire burning down earth.
vrm.7.43 O Rama I shall now describe to thee why did Ravana steal Sita.
vrm.7.43 O Rama, in the golden age, having bowed unto the Patriarch s son, the truthful Rishi Sanatkumara, highly effulgent, resplandent like unto the sun, ning in his native brilliance and seated at his own place, Ravana, the lord of Rakshasas, said "Who is now amongst all the Devas brave and powerful, by whose help the Devas can vanquish their enemies and whom the twice born ones daily worship and the devotees meditate upon, thou having piety for wealth, O thou gifted vith six sorts of wealth, do thou describe this to me kindly.
vrm.7.43 Being prised of Ravana s intention, the saint Sanatkumara, who saw every thing through his devotion, said to him out of it Hear my son.
vrm.7.43 Hearing those Words of the great ascetic Sanatkumara, Ravana, the lord of Rakshasas, bowing, replied "Being slain by Hari to what station do the Daityas, Danavas and Rakshasas attain? And why doth Hari destroy them ?"Whereto Sanatkumara replied "Whoever are slain by the Devas do eternally reside in their region.
vrm.7.43 Hearing those words given vent to by the great ascetic Sanatkumara the night ranger Ravana, being worked up with delight and surprise, began to meditate how he should enter into conflict with Hari.
vrm.7.44 The vicious souled Ravana thinking thus the great ascetic again gave vent to accents.
vrm.7.44 Hearing this the long armed Ravana again said to the ascetic
vrm.7.44 Ravana, I have thus related to you everything about the Narayana, the great Brahman, eternal and incomprehensible.
vrm.7.45 O high minded Rama, having long arms, it is for this reason that the vicious souled Ravana stole away Janaki, the daughter of king Janaka.
vrm.7.46 Thereupon being desirous of achieving victories, Ravana, the lord of Rakshasas, proud of his strength, began to journey over the earth in the company of the heroic Rakshasas.
vrm.7.46 Ravana, with a delighted heart, neared him and addressed the celestial saint Narada with folded palms, saying "O thou gifted with six sorts of wealth, thou hast seen many a time all creations from Brahma down to an insect.
vrm.7.46 Hearing the words of Ravana, the celestial saint said "O lord of Rakshasas, the inhabitants of Swetadwipa are perpetually devoted unto Narayana with whole mindedness and earnestly worship Him.
vrm.7.46 Filling all the quarters with dreadful leonine roars Ravana with all the Rakshasas moved towards the Swetadwipa.
vrm.7.46 Being struck by the radiant heat of that insular continent, the Pushpaka car, of the mighty Ravana, could not stands there like clouds scattered by the wind.
vrm.7.46 Having arived at that dreadful insular continent the councillors of the lord of the Rakshasas, fearfully said to Ravana.
vrm.7.46 Hearing those words, O king, Ravana, in anger said "I am the son of the ascetic Visrava, Ravana by name ;I have come hither being desirous of fighting ;but I do not behold anyone here.
vrm.7.46 The vicious minded Ravana having said this all the young damsels laughed loudly.
vrm.7.46 But one of them, being enraged, took up Ravana, like a child, as if in sport and hurled him amongst her companions.
vrm.7.46 And addressing another she said "Behold, we have caught this black Ravana, having twenty arms and faces, like a small insect.
vrm.7.46 Thereupon Ravana, being thrown out with hurling, passed from one one hand to another.
vrm.7.46 Being thus hurled the learned and powerful Ravana, in anger, suddenely bit the palms of that fair one.
vrm.7.46 Ravana, then waxing wroth, tore her palms with his nails.
vrm.7.46 The females, inhabiting that insular continent again and again in this wise hurled Ravana.
vrm.7.46 O thou having long arms, being appraised of this, the vicious souled Ravana stole away Sita in a view to meet death at thy hands.
vrm.7.46 Thou hast assumed a human form to bing about the destruction of Ravana.
vrm.7.46 The vicious Ravana, with his sons and relatives, hath been slain.
vrm.7.46 Bringing her into Lanka Ravana protected her with care like his mother.
vrm.7.47 Defeating many brave heroes and the mighty Rakshasa Ravana, O Raghava, didst thou recover thy wife from great distress, enhancing the fame of thy race".
vrm.7.48 Some days having elapsed, he, with folded hands, said to Janaka, the king of Mithila, "Thou art our only refuge we have been reared by thee and by the help of thy dreadful prowess we have been able to destroy Ravana.
vrm.7.48 By your piety, truthfulness, sagacity and strength, the vicious souled Ravana hath been slain.
vrm.7.48 Forsooth, I am merely the instrument in the destruction of Ravana he hath been slain by your strength.
vrm.7.49 Those kings, proud and powerful, spoke to one another We could not face Ravana the enemy of Rama; Bharata did uselessly invite us after the destruction of Ravana.
vrm.7.51 But he said to me Having slain the irrepressible Ravana in battle the high souled Rama, the foremost of men, hath conquered thee.
vrm.7.51 I have greatly been delighted on the destruction of the vicious souled Ravana, with his relatives, sons and friends.
vrm.7.53 Indeed Rama hath accomplished a wonderfully hard work; our ancestors, the Devas, the Danavas none heard of constructing a bridge over the ocean Rama? hath slain the irrepressible Ravana with his army and brought over the Vanaras, Rikshas and Rakshasas to his own side.
vrm.7.53 Having discomitted Ravana, in the encounter Rama hath released Sita, but not being the least enraged on account of her being touched by Ravana he hath brought her to his own city.
vrm.7.53 Ravana did forcibly place Sita on her lap; how can then Rama enjoy delight in her company? Having taken her to the city of Lanka, Ravana did keep her in the Asoka forest and Sita was brought under the control of Rakshasis.
vrm.7.55 Sita hath beeh born also in the holy family of the great Janaka; gentle Lakshmana, hou knowest how in the solitary forest of Dandaka, Sita was stolen away by Ravana and how have I slain him.
vrm.7.61 Having imprecated this curse, Bhrigu was greatly pained and being propitiated by his adoration, Vishnu, fond of disciples, said "Having slain Ravana and others, I shall be, for the behoof of mankind, subject to this imprecation.
vrm.7.74 O child, that Ravana together with all his forces and vehicles hath been destroyed by thee, we know that there breathes not another king on earth capable of delivering.
vrm.7.76 When, O Satrughna, formerly I sought to slay Ravana, I did not discharge this arrow, thinking that if discharged, it would inflict great havoc on creatures.
vrm.7.81 The Rakshasa Ravana was the brother of my aunts, o thou of vicious understanding, O vile wight, it is for his wife that Rama did slay him.
vrm.7.81 It is out of hatred that I have tolerated the destruction of Ravana s family and have pardoned you all.
vrm.7.82 O thou of a vicious soul, as did the Devas behold Ravana slain so shall the Rishis and learned Brahmans behold thee, destroyed by me.
vrm.7.84 With great dificulty Rama had slain Ravana but without any trouble whatsoever thou hast accomplished this mighty work.

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