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vrm.2.100 "I hope that the King Dasaratha is well, he who is true to his promise, he who performs Rajasuya and Ashvamedha Sacrifices and he who has a righteous resolve.
vrm.7.30 Rajasuya, Gomedha and Vaisnava.
vrm.7.96 I wish now to perform a Rajasuya sacrifice, the source of religious glory, the destroyer of all sins, inexhaustible and un ending.
vrm.7.96 Therefore, with you like my own self, I wish to engage in the most excellent and eternal Rajasuya sacrifice.
vrm.7.96 O slayer of foes, by celebrating Rajasuya, Mitra attained to the dignity of Varuna.
vrm.7.96 O thou conversant with piety, according to thy wise counsels, I refrain from celebrating this Rajasuya sacrifice.

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