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vrm.1.10 "While that great soul ad Brahman Rishyasringa while being brought into Anga Kingdom, then the Rain god quickly showered rain in Anga kingdom to the delight of the world.
vrm.1.17 The Rain god procreated the vanara named Susheshana, and Thunder god gave rise to the great mighty Sharabha.
vrm.1.27 "Oh, Rama, like that I will be giving three nooses called Dharma paasha and kaala paasha and Varuna paasha, Virtue noose and Time noose, Rain god s noose as well as an unequalled missile called Varuna astra, Rain god s missile.
vrm.1.36 "That God of Gods Shiva becoming ill at ease to look at all of the distressed Gods, equally feeling small to convince his consort Uma, he has started to journey towards the western quarter which is ruled by Rain god.
vrm.1.45 "Oh, Rama, the sons of Diti, namely Asura s, have not espoused that daughter of Rain god, but oh, brave Rama, the sons of Aditi on their part, namely sura s, have espoused that impeccable Vaaruni.
vrm.1.56 "He also launched the missiles called Drainer and Ripper, and the highly unconquerable Thunderbolt, even the lassos of Brahma, Time and Rain Gods.
vrm.1.77 On the departure of Rama of Jamadagni, that most glorious Rama of Dasharatha is quietened at heart, and he gave away that longbow of Vishnu into the hand of inimitable Rain god.
vrm.2.33 Rain, heat and cold will quickly wane to pallor Seetha, who was fond of applying suitable cosmetics and red sandal to the body.
vrm.3.28 That great chariot fighter Khara then started to fill all the stretches and inter stretches with arrows, seeing that even Rama reciprocally started to take aim with his bow Rama, and then filled and made the sky less of leeway with verily unendurable arrows that are like tongues of fire emitting sparks, as with Rain god chocking the sky with torrents, less of latitude.
vrm.3.40 "The kings with infinite vigour embody five constituents forces of Fire, Moon, Rain, Terminator, and that of Indra, the Administrator of Natural Forces.
vrm.3.40 "Oh, nightwalker, thus the kings being great souls personify the sultriness of Fire, sternness of Indra, softness of Moon, suppleness of Rain, and harshness of Terminator, and therefore in all situations they are respectable and reverential.
vrm.3.54 b, a On reaching the ocean, a housing for sharks, alligators, a home of Rain god, a never draining deep and an ultimate course of the rivers, he hastily crossed it over.
vrm.3.54 That ocean being the abode of Rain god is highly flustered when Vaidehi is being abducted over it, and its waves became topsy turvy and its Fishes and great marine Reptiles remained shilly shally.
vrm.4.12 Today" on gaining a kind hearted friend like you, who is similar to Indra and Rain god who accord favour on their own, my distress is gone and my joy is heightened.
vrm.4.30 So on and so forth that best one among men and the son of a king keened over, like a Rain cuckoo which will be keen on Indra, the king of divinities, for rainy water.
vrm.4.41 gust of the Vayu, gush of Rain god, glare of Agni etc.
vrm.4.42 "After sixty four Yojana s another very great mountain with golden peaks is there in abyss of the abode of Rain god, namely the ocean, and it is named as Mountain Varaaha.
vrm.4.52 "The king of all the world and one similar to Mahendra and Rain god, such an illustrious Rama of Dasharatha entered Dandaka forest with his bother Lakshmana, even along with his wife Vaidehi, but Ravana coercively abducted his wife from Janasthana.
vrm.4.53 Then they saw an inexorable ocean, the realm of Rain god, tumultuous with out roaring and implacable waves, and shoreless otherwhere.
vrm.4.58 I have seen the netherworlds of Rain god viz.
vrm.4.58 I wish you would shift me to the residence of Rain god, namely the ocean, for oblating water in respect of my great souled brother Jatayu who departed to heaven.
vrm.4.61 "We are not in the know of southern direction which belongs to Yama, the Terminator, nor of south east which belongs to Agni, also not of west which belongs to Rain god.
vrm.4.67 Shall I shove up the ocean, the abode of Rain god, with the

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