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vrm.2.47 How that Rama the strong armed, whose actions are never ineffectual, leave for exile, abandoning his devoted citizens? How did the chief of Raghus, who protected us ever, like a father the children born of his loins, could proceed to the forest, leaving us? Let us have recourse to death here itself, or definitely set out for a grand journey to the north with a resolve to die.
vrm.6.1 After reflecting a while, Rama the great scion of Raghus, again spoke as follows, Sugriva the ruler of Vanaras too listening attentively.
vrm.6.102 That Rama, the delight of Raghus, was quite enraged and took hold of that spear brought by Matali the charioteer, as desired by Indra
vrm.7.8 O best of the Raghus, these Rakshasas of celebrated prowess, related to the race of Salakantankata, remained under the leadership of the Rakshasa Sumali.
vrm.7.8 Again, O foremost of the Raghus, do thou understand the matchless birth and potency of Ravana and his sons related in detail.
vrm.7.40 "O foremost of Raghus, what, thou hast said regarding Hanuman, is all true.
vrm.7.51 And the holy Pushpaka car having thus vanished, Bharata, with folded palms, said to Rama, the delight of Raghus O hero, duing thy divine administration, we have seen many inhuman creatures and objects speak like men.
vrm.7.54 Having sent away his friends and determined what to do, Rama, the delight of the Raghus, commanded the warder, who was seated hard by, saying: Do thou speedily bring here, Lakshmana the son of Sumitra and gifted with auspicious marks, the great Bharata and the irrepressible Satrughna.
vrm.7.54 Seeing Bharata s departure the warder speedily went to Satrughna and with folded hands said: Do thou come, O foremost Raghus, the King wisheth to behold thee.
vrm.7.55 Do thou, O delight of Raghus, soon come back, leaving behind Sita in that lovely place; Do thou carry out my words.
vrm.7.67 "O foremsot of Raghus, there spang up two foremost Brahmin saints, from the vital energy discharged by the high souled Mitra and Varuna into the pot.
vrm.7.82 And clashing his hands and ginding his teeth he invited that foremost of Raghus, Satrughna, to fight.
vrm.7.95 O foremost of Raghus, thou art the purifier of all creatures ;people become perfect even if they only chant thy glories.
vrm.7.116 And having approached Rama the foremost of Raghus, the ascetic, burning in his own energy, said to him, in sweet accents: O great king, may prosperity crown thee.
vrm.7.118 Thereupon thinking of Kala s words and determining that every calamity would befall him, that highly illustious descendant, of Raghus, summoned patience.

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