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vrm.1.1 b, a "On seeing the eagle Jatayu almost dead and on hearing from the same eagle that Maithili is stolen, seethed with anguish and senses frenzied Raghava bewailed.
vrm.1.1 b, "That Rama whose arms are highly powerful has eliminated and cremated that Rakshasa Kabandha, and Kabandha while going heavenward told Rama, oh, Raghava, proceed to the ascetic lady of right conduct and an expert in rightness, namely Shabari.
vrm.1.1 b, a Sugreeva" always remained doubtful about the powers of Raghava and by reason of confiding in Raghava s prowess for himself, and by reason of making Raghava to confide in the powers of Vali, Sugreeva has shown him the massive remains of Rakshasa Dundubhi, which is similar to a great mountain.
vrm.1.1 and therein that duel Raghava eliminated Vali, only with one arrow.
vrm.1.1 Thus all the three worlds inclusive of their mobile and sessile beings, all Devas with the observances of hermits have become exultant for this great accomplishment of the great souled Raghava.
vrm.1.1 "In this world Raghava will establish kingly dynasties in hundredfold and he will be maintaining the four caste system positing each in his own probity, may it be caste bound or provincial kingdom bound probity, in order to achieve a perfect social harmony.
vrm.1.3 Disruption in royal unction of Raghava his exile to forests King Dasharatha s grief and bewailing, and thus his departing to other worlds.
vrm.1.3 Raghava s anguish at the loss of Seetha Ravana s slaying the mighty eagle Jatayu Rama s seeing Kabandha, and also Lake Pampa.
vrm.1.3 The wrath of Raghava, the Lion, at the delay caused by Sugreeva, and Sugreeva s foregathering of all troops, and sending them to all quarters, and Sugreeva s description of earth s topography to Vanara troops.
vrm.1.3 Hanuma s action in presenting the jewel sent by Seetha solaces Raghava, and thus the meeting of Rama with the Ocean, and Nala s building the bridge on ocean.
vrm.1.14 "The eminent Brahmans have appreciated the food that is prepared by perfect cooking to be relishable, and it is heard as they said, "oh, Raghava, blessed are you for we are satisfied.
vrm.1.14 That descendent of Raghava dynasty gave an excellent hand ornament to someone who is an impoverished Brahman and who is beseeching.
vrm.1.18 b, a Whenever Raghava mounts a Horse and goes on a hunting game Lakshmana rushes
vrm.1.19 b, a Those two Rakshasas will be rendered incapable to stand fast on affronting Rama in anywise, and none other than Raghava has the fortitude to eliminate those two.
vrm.1.21 "On promising me to fulfil my object in the first instance you wish to repudiate it now, undeserving is this kind of deviation for the kings of Raghava dynasty.
vrm.1.21 "In three worlds you are renowned as the right minded one, oh, Raghava, hence adhere to your own uprightness, and adhering to unrighteousness will be unapt of you.
vrm.1.21 "Promising to effectuate something in any way and not effectuating the given word results in the perdition to the merits of Iatapurta Vedic rituals, hence oh, Raghava, leave hold of Rama.
vrm.1.21 "Thereby, oh, Raghava, nothing whatsoever is unknown to this great souled Vishvamitra, who is a distinguished sage and the knower of virtue, either that has happened or that is happening.
vrm.1.22 b, a My dear Raghava, if bala atibala hymns are practised, oh, impeccable one, none can equal you in the world by your handsomeness, calibre, erudition, by your discernment, and even in replying or rebutting you.
vrm.1.22 Oh, best one among men, Raghava, if you go on reciting bala and atiblala hymns, my dear Rama, there will be no hunger or thirst to you.
vrm.1.24 On hearing the inquisitive words of Raghava that virtue souled sage Vishvamitra started to tell the significance of that sound.
vrm.1.24 "And Raghava, that malevolent Tataka is always destroying the inhabitations at Malada and Karusha.
vrm.1.25 "It is said that Yaksha s strength is trivial, and this is an yakshii, more so a female, how then this yakshii frail by her femineity can exert the strength of a thousand Elephants? On hearing the sentence of Raghava with illimitable dynamism, Vishvamitra said this sentence to the enemy subduer Rama along with Lakshmana, cheering them up with his pleasant words, "Listen by which a female became outstanding by jeer strength.
vrm.1.26 On hearing the words of that unfaltering sage about Rakshasi Tataka, Raghava, best man s son who is firm in his vows, reverently adjoining his palms replied the sage.
vrm.1.26 Raghava on seeing that monstrous looking Rakshasi with a distorted face and who by proportions is very gigantic, furthermore infuriated, spoke to Lakshmana.
vrm.1.26 Flinging up dreadful dust on those two Raghava s, Tataka baffled them for a while with a massive cloud of dust.
vrm.1.26 Then taking hold of witchery she inundated both the Raghava s with highly torrential stone rain, by which Rama became indignant.
vrm.1.26 b, a "Oh, sage Vishvamitra, you are blessed, all the groups of Maruts along with Indra are pleased, so you please show more concern for Raghava.
vrm.1.26 b, a "The sons of Prajapati Krishasva who are valiant by their virtue and who possess ascetic strength, oh, Brahman, they may be offered to Raghava.
vrm.1.27 a Raghava", I am going to give the highly divine Danda disc Punisher disc next, oh, best one among men, Dharma disc Virtue disc, and like that kaala disc Time disc then oh, brave one, Vishnu disc similarly oh, dextrous Rama, Indra disc and Thunderbolt missile the best trident pertaining to Shiva the missile called Brahma shira Brahma crest the missile called the Aishiika missile Grass Blade missile, and that way oh, Raghava, I am going to give the unexcelled and highly formidable missile called Brahma missile.
vrm.1.27 b, a "Oh, Raghava of Kakutstha s, I will give you two missiles named Haya shira The Horse head and Krauncha The Wrester, and two Impellers, one presided over by the power of Vishnu, and the other by the power of Rudra.
vrm.1.27 The comprehension of which invoking hymns of the missiles is impossible even to Devas with their sections and subsections of procedures, that Brahman dedicated such hymns to Raghava.
vrm.1.27 While that intelligent saint Vishvamitra chanted the hymns, all of those highly venerable missiles came nigh and stood accessible to Raghava in their astral form.
vrm.1.28 "Oh, Raghava, take these radiant missile children of Krishasva from me, namely Satyavanta, Satyakeerti, Dhristha, Rabhasa, Pratihaaratara, Paraanmuka, Avaanmukha, Lakshya, Alakshya, Dhridhanaabha, Sunaabha, Dashaaksha, Shatavaktra, Dashasheersha, Shatodara, Padmanabha, Mahaanaabha, Dundunaabha, Svanaabha, Jyotisha, Shakuna, Nairaashya, Vimala, Yungandhara, Vinidra, Daitya, Pramadhana, Suchibaahu, Mahaabaahu, Nishkali, Virucha, Saarchirmaali, Dhritimaali, Vrittiman, Ruchira, Pitrya, Saumansa, and also thus Vidhoota, Makara, are two of them.
vrm.1.28 After learning the nullifying missiles and then while proceeding on the walkway Raghava asked the great sage Vishvamitra with sweet and soft words.
vrm.1.30 "Oh, Raghava s, you have to safeguard this ritual for six nights and days from today, and this Sage Vishvamitra who is under the vow of ritual goes into muteness as required by the vow.
vrm.1.30 a Saying so that agile Rama fitted the very benign and highly radiant arrow Manava on his bow, and taking aim with it at Maricha that highly furious Raghava darted it on the chest of Maricha.
vrm.1.30 In order to bring felicity to the sages that great glorious and supremely generous Raghava took up the missile of Vayu and hit down the remaining Rakshasas.
vrm.1.31 Hence it is kept in the palace of King of Mithila, and oh, Raghava it is worshipped with a variety of sandalwood pastes, scents of aloe substance, and with incenses.
vrm.1.34 When Brahmadatta has married and left, oh, Raghava, king Kushanaabha he embarked on Vedic ritual called Putrakaamesti in order to beget a son because is sonless.
vrm.1.34 "Even my elder sister who undertook benevolent vows and who is renowned by her name Satyavathi is there, oh, Raghava, and she is given in marriage to sage Ruchika.
vrm.1.35 On seeing River Ganga with her pious waters and adored by swans and saarasa waterfowls, all the sages felt delighted together with both of the Raghava s, namely Rama and Lakshmana.
vrm.1.35 "This Ganga has emerged as an elder daughter to Himavan through Mena, oh, Raghava, and that way a girl renowned by the name Uma has become a second daughter to him.
vrm.1.35 "Oh, Raghava, the prominent one among rivers namely Ganga and Uma Devi as well, these are the two daughters of the king of mountains that are highly revered by the world.
vrm.1.36 When that sage Vishvamitra has finished narration of the legend of the daughters of Himavanta, both the brave ones, namely Raghava and Lakshmana in their turn have extolled that legend and spoke to that eminent sage.
vrm.1.37 "Oh, tigerly man, from then onwards the gold with its brilliance equalling that of the Agni is renowned by the name of Jaataruupa one that retains its birth time form, and oh, Raghava, everything on the mountain, say grass, trees, climbers, and shrubs, all have become golden.
vrm.1.39 "Oh, Raghava, there emerged an unbearable rumpus from the Nagas, Asura s, Rakshasas, and other beings living underneath the surface of earth, while they are killed during hollowing the earth.
vrm.1.43 "But on knowing her hubris, oh, Raghava, that sage Jahnu has become irritated and causing an extreme marvel he drank off all the water of Ganga.
vrm.1.44 "On regaining him as their king the subjects of the kingdom are overjoyed, and oh, Raghava, that king Bhagiratha too is relieved of his febrility as his purpose is achieved and he is happy when devoid of haunting grief of getting Ganga to earth.
vrm.1.45 Thereafter on the next fresh dawn the enemy oppressor Raghava spoke these words to sage Vishvamitra, whose affluence is nothing but asceticism, and who by now has performed his daily chores of rituals.
vrm.1.45 Hearing the words of great souled Raghava, Vishvamitra of Kusha dynasty, started to cross over the River Ganga along with the assemblage of sages, and with both the Raghava s.
vrm.1.45 Oh, Raghava, indeed you may now listen to the quintessence of what has happened in this country.
vrm.1.48 c, On getting high honours from King Sumati, Raghava s stayed there along with Vishvamitra and with the community of sages for one night, and then they all have moved on to Mithila.
vrm.1.48 On hearing that sentence spoken by Raghava, the expert in sententiousness, a great resplendent sage and eminent saint Vishvamitra replied him in this way.
vrm.1.48 "What a pleasure! You may listen as I narrate, Raghava, whose hermitage is this factually, and which great soul has resentfully cursed this.
vrm.1.49 "Oh, Raghava, owing to the efficacy of the great souled Gautama and his ascesis, from then onwards Indra has became one with the Testes of a Goat.
vrm.1.49 a, b On reaching the end of curse she came into the view of Raghava s, and they too gladly touched her feet in reverence.
vrm.1.51 "Hail to thee! Oh, best one among men Rama, your arrival is a Godsend, not only to Mithila but to entire humanity, and oh, Raghava, as an undefeatable great sage Vishvamitra spearheads you, so shall your mission be undefeatable, thus hail to thee! "This highly resplendent Vishvamitra s exploits are unimaginable.
vrm.1.57 "Oh, Raghava, on making that great souled Vashishta an enemy, whenever Vishvamitra reminisced over his subdual by Vashishta, he is seethed at heart and heaved sighs repeatedly.
vrm.1.57 b, a "Oh, Raghava, an idea sprang up in the mind of Trishanku to perform a ritual by which he will go to heaven with his own body.
vrm.1.62 "Then the Thousand eyed Indra who is satisfied with esoteric laudation is gladdened, and oh, Raghava, then he bestowed longevity to Shunashepa.
vrm.1.63 a "When he said thus to her, oh, Raghava, then she made a stopover there and ten years rolled by comfortably, and oh, gentle Rama, because of her staying Vishvamitra is indeed faced with a great hindrance in his ascesis.
vrm.1.66 Then on performing morning time rites in the aurora of next morning, king Janaka invited great souled Vishvamitra, along with Raghava s.
vrm.1.66 On reverencing Vishvamitra and the noble souled Raghava s according to the formalities envisaged by scriptures, then the virtue souled Janaka spoke these words, indeed.
vrm.1.66 When said thus by the foreseer Janaka, who can foresee as to why Vishvamitra came with Raghava s this far, and thus asked him as to what next is to be done, that sage Vishvamitra, for he is presager and wordsmith, and who knows what is to be done next, said these words in reply to that valiant king Janaka.
vrm.1.67 Vishvamitra on listening the sentence of Janaka along with Rama, on his part said to Raghava, oh, boy Rama.
vrm.1.67 people swooned, except for that eminent saint Vishvamitra, king Janaka, and those two Raghava s, namely Rama and Lakshmana.
vrm.1.68 On observing the valour of Kakutstha Rama, noble souled Janaka wishes to gift his daughter as bride to Raghava Rama.
vrm.1.69 b, a "Providentially my hindrances are overcome by the arrival of godlike sages, and providentially my lineage too is gloried owing to this hymeneal engagement with noble souled Raghava s, who are the most valorous among all the valorous people.
vrm.1.73 b, Then that king Janaka led forth Seetha, who by now is decorated with every variety of bridal jewellery, and on positioning her en face Raghava
vrm.1.74 b, a But while going with the assemblages of sages and with young Raghava s, namely Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata, Shatrughna, the sky bound Birds started to screech with startling voice from all around facing that tigerly man Dasharatha.
vrm.1.76 Raghava, the nimble handed vanquisher of his opponents, speaking thus in high dudgeon expropriated that estimable weapon, namely the longbow of Vishnu, from the hand of Bhargava Rama, along with the long arrow that is already fitted on it.
vrm.1.76 "Thereby oh, valiant one, it will be inapt of you to impair this motility of mine, oh, Raghava, I will depart with the speed of cerebration to Mountain Mahendra, a par excellent mountain.
vrm.1.77 On hearing the words of Rama king Dasharatha hugged his son with both of his arms, and kissed on the forehead of Raghava, and king Dasharatha is gladdened to listen about the departure of Parashu Rama, and then he is further gladdened in deeming that he and his sons took a rebirth.
vrm.2.2 "Oh kings, I have a doubt as to why you want Raghava to be the king immediately after hearing my words.
vrm.2.47 As the night was beginning to become dawn, those citizens relinquished by Raghava were perplexed with grief and became motionless.
vrm.2.75 “Otherwise, I for my own satisfaction accompanied by Sumitra, placing in front carried by Brahmana the sacred fire will happily set out to the place Raghava has gone.
vrm.3.1 a The fourth part of Indra is the protector of people, called the king, and hence Oh! Raghava, the king is hailed, and hence he enjoys best and delightful fortune.
vrm.3.1 Thus saying they worshipped Raghava along with Lakshmana, on giving fruits, tubers, flowers and other varieties of forest foods.
vrm.3.2 Seetha in fear wiggled like a plantain tree in a whirlwind, and on seeing at the auspicious lady gone into the arms of Viradha, Raghava spoke this sentence to Lakshmana, with his face fully turning to pale.
vrm.3.3 Viradha said to that truly valiant Rama, "Ah! I’ll tell you, oh king, be informed of me, oh Raghava.
vrm.3.3 That nightwalker Viradha on placing those two Raghava s on his shoulders gone towards deeper forest yelling very luridly.
vrm.3.4 On hearing that said by Raghava, Rakshasa Viradha sincerely spoke these humble words to Rama, the finest one from Kakutstha dynasty.
vrm.3.4 And Raghava on hearing those words of the Rakshasa ordered Lakshmana, Lakshmana“, a very deep pit be dug for this furious and ferocious reprobate in this forest, as though for an Elephant.
vrm.3.5 On the transit of that Thousand eyed Indra, Raghava with his adherents namely Lakshmana and Seetha, came nearby the Sage Sharabhanga, who is sitting nearby the altar of fire.
vrm.3.5 Then, Raghava enquired with sage about the arrival of Indra and Sage Sharabhanga narrated all that to him.
vrm.3.5 Thus said by Raghava, who is like Indra in strength, that supremely intellectual Sage Sharabhanga again spoke this sentence this way.
vrm.3.7 Then those best ones from Ikshvaku dynasty, those two Raghava s along with Seetha have entered the forest which will always be full with diverse trees.
vrm.3.8 Those two Raghava s, the handsome princes, have swiftly set out when permitted by that august sage, wielding bows and swords, and along with Seetha.
vrm.3.9 a "The habit of telling specious words is not there with you in the past nor it will be there in future, oh, Raghava, then wherefrom the virtue ruining desire for other s women can be there.
vrm.3.10 b, a "Many hurdles are always there in our practice of ascesis, and even the ascesis have become impracticable, oh, Raghava, thus though being eaten away by the Rakshasas we are not issuing any curse.
vrm.3.11 Thus said by that Raghava then that virtuous sage quickly started to tell about the efficacy of that lake.
vrm.3.11 That highly renowned Raghava together with his brother acknowledged the sage Dharmabhrita s account, exclaiming it as amazing is this.
vrm.3.11 While saying thus Raghava has seen a cluster of hermitages nearby, encircled with sacred grass, jute cloths, and even encompassed with Vedic solemness, and he entered that hermitage along with Seetha and Lakshmana.
vrm.3.11 a While Raghava stayed comfortably taking delight in those hermitages of sages, indeed ten years have smoothly elapsed.
vrm.3.11 b, a Oh, Raghava, even I wished to say this to you, that you may approach Agastya along with Lakshmana and Seetha.
vrm.3.11 Raghava spent one night there when that sage received him well and when they dined on tubers and fruits.
vrm.3.11 Raghava spent that night there and when sun rose in solar orbit he took
vrm.3.12 On entering the hermitage Lakshmana, the younger brother of Raghava, reached Agastya s disciple and spoke this sentence to him.
vrm.3.12 Saying thus, Agastya adored Raghava well with fruits, tubers, flowers and others according to his ardency, and then he said this to Rama.
vrm.3.13 Thus said by the sage, Raghava spoke amiable this sentence adjoining his palms to the sage who is glowing like a ritual fire.
vrm.3.13 a That woodland will be delightful, isn t it Raghava, for it is praiseworthy and not very far off from here, and Seetha can take delight in there.
vrm.3.14 Accepting that bird as his father s friend Raghava revered it, and he that Rama then asked for that eagle s name and lineage.
vrm.3.14 "Once upon a time there were lords of people, oh dextrous Raghava, and you may listen all about them from the beginning, while I narrate "Of them Kardama was there at first, and afterwards Sesha, and later Samshraya was there with many children and a vigorous one he was.
vrm.3.14 And oh, Raghava, Daksha, Vivaswan were while the other name of Vivasvan is Aristanemi, and lastly the great resplendent Kashyapa, was there as Prajapati.
vrm.3.14 Raghava revered Jatayu in his turn by gladly hugging and stood by him with his head bent, and that kind natured Rama is indeed regardful of the friendship of his father with Jatayu that is repeatedly said by Jatayu.
vrm.3.15 Lakshmana built a very spacious straw cottage there levelling and raising the clay for raised floor of the cottage, strongly pillared with long bamboos, thereupon on those pillars excellent rafters are made, and the branches of Shamii trees are spread out, twined firmly with twines of jute strands, and with the cross laid bamboos for thatching, and over that blades of Kusha grass and leaves of Kaasha are spread and well over covered for the roof, and thus that very great mighty Lakshmana made that best and very spacious straw cottage with a levelled surface for residence of Raghava in the interests of Raghava alone, and it resulted as a feast to the eye.
vrm.3.15 On saying thus to Lakshmana, Raghava, the enhancer of magnificence comfortably resided in that province which is with many a fruit.
vrm.3.16 When that upright Lakshmana is speaking those words that way out of his fondness towards Rama, Raghava spoke to Lakshmana, intolerant of that slanderous talk about their mother.
vrm.3.17 Nearing that hermitage Raghava along with Lakshmana performed early morning rituals and then reached the cottage.
vrm.3.20 Then on arriving at Raghava s hermitage that ghastly Shuurpanakha has shown the brothers, Rama and Lakshmana, along with Seetha to the fourteen Rakshasas.
vrm.3.20 On seeing the arrival of the Rakshasas, and the Rakshasi Shuurpanakha too, that magnificent Rama of Raghava dynasty said to the radiantly brilliant Lakshmana.
vrm.3.20 On taking up his awful bow that is decorated with gold Raghava stringed it with bowstring and even spoke the Rakshasas as a forewarning.
vrm.3.20 Thus saying that way clamorously they the fourteen Rakshasas, upraising their weapons they unhesitatingly rushed towards Rama alone, and they hurled lances towards that unconquerable Raghava.
vrm.3.20 b, a Then Raghava took up his bow, arched it, and aiming at the targeted Rakshasas released arrows as Indra would release his Thunderbolts.
vrm.3.23 b, a "Let Raghava triumph over these mighty Nisacharas from the lineage of Pulastya, as with Vishnu who once conquered all the mighty Asuras in war.
vrm.3.24 Raghava shall be victorious in the war over the clansmen of Sage Paulastya, the nightwalkers.
vrm.3.25 b, a That Raghava has pre empted those arrows discharged by the Rakshasas with his excruciatingly pointed arrows as an ocean would do with the river s onrush.
vrm.3.25 Those Rakshasas have resurfaced from all around pressurising Raghava in high dudgeon.
vrm.3.26 b, a Raghava, the virtue souled, in his turn has neutralised that ghastly and life taking storm of boulders and trees with his fierce arrows.
vrm.3.26 b, a And on becoming enraged Duushana, the railer of his rivals and the commander of that army, then virtually forestalled Raghava s onslaught with his arrows that are simulative of thunderbolts.
vrm.3.26 While Duushana came falling on, he that Raghava sheared off his shoulders that have wrist ornaments on his arms with two arrows.
vrm.3.26 b, a As one would receive guests meeting his basic needs, Raghava too took on these untimely guests of war, rather the insurgents, meeting their basic needs which now are no more than highly sharpened acute edged arrows, when he saw them coming and falling upon him, inopportunely.
vrm.3.27 On seeing the oncoming of that Rakshasa Trishira, Raghava welcomed him by speedily winnowing smarting arrows from his bow.
vrm.3.28 That mighty Raghava who equals Indra in combats, smiling at the warfare of Khara, smashed the yoke of the chariot with one arrow with four, four of the dappled Horses with the sixth, the head of the charioteer of Khara with three, the three pronged shaft from yoke to the base of chariot with two the axels, thus that chariot is fragmented.
vrm.3.30 On smashing the mace with arrows Raghava spoke this sentence to Khara smiling him out of temper, without assaulting weaponless and flustering Khara, because Rama is the patron of virtue following the protocol of righteous war.
vrm.3.30 While Raghava is speaking that way with such an impetuosity in that forest, Khara started to intimidate him rancorously in a voice stridulous than braying.
vrm.3.31 "Oh, Ravana, it will be unbefitting to raise an eye to see Rama in war, who will be then like a majestic Elephant that has an impeccable dynasty and bloodline as its mammoth trunk, personal radiance as its indomitable might, very firm pair of arms as its pernicious tusks, more so, who will be with the redolence of the irrepressible lineage of Raghava s.
vrm.3.37 "Such as you are, you should firstly deliberate with all of your ministers that have a righteous bearing, duly keeping your brother Vibhishana at the helm of affairs, and then you take a decision on your own considering rights and wrongs of the case, and bearing in mind about your own strengths and weakness, and even on making sure of Raghava s capability in its reality, and then it will be apt of you to take up befitting action that will be conducive to your interests.
vrm.3.38 "Unmindfully trivialising him as, this Raghava is just a boy, I made haste and ran towards that Fire altar of Vishvamitra.
vrm.3.40 "My goal will be achieved just by misleading Raghava, and by gaining Seetha without a conflict, then I will proceed to Lanka along with you.
vrm.3.42 b, a On reaching Dandaka forest along with Maricha the king of Rakshasas Ravana has then seen the hermitage of Raghava.
vrm.3.43 "Oh, Raghava, this kind of amazing animal with gemlike dapples is nonexistent in the world, isn t it.
vrm.3.43 As for that deer s horns they vie with excellent sapphires, its golden coat with the glitter of tender sun, and its ambience with silver spots on coat with a milk way containing twinkling stars, and by that reason even Raghava s heart is awestruck when he saw it.
vrm.3.43 In this way, hearing the words of Seetha and observing that wondrous deer Raghava is also amused by its form, and even motivated by Seetha in fetching it, he delightedly spoke this word to his brother Lakshmana.
vrm.3.44 Thus that Deer/Rakshasa has drawn off Raghava very far from his hermitage in this hide and seek game.
vrm.3.44 At that instant Raghava became highly infuriated and unholstered a holocaustic, enemy subjugating arrow that is similar to the flare of the sun, tautening it on his very sturdy bow that forceful Rama forcefully outstretched the bowstring with arrow targeting the Golden Deer alone, and released that fierily blazing arrow missile which is carefully created by Brahma and which is hissing like a snake.
vrm.3.44 Perceptive of the time that chanced bearing his death, and wishful of the death of Ravana too, then made a voice that is a soundalike to Raghava s voice and yelled ha, Seetha.
vrm.3.44 Raghava then on killing another spotted deer and on taking its flesh, he hurried himself towards Janasthana.
vrm.3.45 On identifying the grievous voice that is identifiable with her husband s voice, Seetha spoke to Lakshmana, "you go at once, and check up on Raghava.
vrm.3.45 "Because of me you wish Rama to be completely destroyed, and only because of your cupidity for me you are not following up on Raghava.
vrm.3.45 b, a Raghava in direst strait is the most liked thing to you, thus I deem, as you have no heart for that brother, and as you complacently stay behind even when that great resplendent Rama is unseen.
vrm.3.45 "It is inapt of you to talk that way as Rama is inextirpable in a given war, and as for me, I do not venture to abandon you in this forest in the absence of Raghava.
vrm.3.45 "I drink deadly poison, or I enter a flaring fire, but I will never touch another man other than Raghava.
vrm.3.46 Raghava s younger brother Lakshmana is very much infuriated at Seetha who spoke to him rudely, as such he journeyed towards Rama at once as though he is yearning to see Rama immediately, albeit his heart wanted him to stand guard to Seetha.
vrm.3.47 "When Raghava s anointment was being organised my venerable mother in law known as Kaikeyi begged her husband Dasharatha for a boon.
vrm.3.47 What your father has proclaimed, oh, Raghava, that may be heard from me.
vrm.3.47 "You who are an ill fated Rakshasa, oh, Rakshasa, by your wooing the dear wife of Raghava, thus you must be visualising many golden trees, undeniably.
vrm.3.47 "Do you wish to steal away the massive Mandara Mountain by the sleight of your hand, but how do you wish to decamp healthily without consuming lethal poison? "If you wish to override the dear wife of Raghava, then it is as good as wishing to deeply scrape your eyes with needlepoint, and licking the razorblade with your tongue.
vrm.3.49 "Oh, Raghava, you have relinquished your high life, happiness, and riches for the sake of righteousness, and though you avowed to protect your observants, you are unobservant of me who am being abducted by the unrighteousness itself.
vrm.3.51 How do you untether yourself from that lasso of the Terminator, even if you go anywhere? "But, oh Ravana, the unassailable Raghava s of Kakutstha dynasty will nevermore condone your assailing this hermitage.
vrm.3.52 She who is already detracted from her kinsfolk in Mithila or in Ayodhya, that Maithili with pretty teeth and clean cut smile is then distanced from the only two last kinsmen, for either Raghava or Lakshmana or both are unseen by her, and thus her face is paled for she is chastened by the cumber of consternation.
vrm.3.53 b, a "You are bound by the unpreventable lasso of the Time, oh, Ravana, on going where you will get complacency from that uncompromising husband of mine? b, a "By whom fourteen thousand Rakshasas are killed in war just within a minute, single handedly without any help from his brother, how then that brave and mighty Raghava, an expert in all kinds of missiles, will not eliminate you, the stealer of his chosen wife, with his mordant arrows?" Thus Seetha poured forth her ire at Ravana.
vrm.3.54 "Do not go heedlessly, you all night walkers, for that Rama appears to be too dangerous, and on your going there heedfully, you have to continually try for the elimination of that Raghava.
vrm.3.55 "Oh, beautifully visaged lady, it is needless to have half a mind to see that Raghava, oh, Seetha, even if his wits chariot him what is his calibre to come thither crossing an un crossable ocean? "It is impossible to knot the currents of cyclonic gusts in mid air, more so, it is impracticable to lay hold on the tongues of radiately irradiant fire.
vrm.3.56 "He whose son is Raghava, is a resolute king known as Dasharatha.
vrm.3.56 "Those Rakshasas who are spoken of you to be with ghastly forms and gruelling power, they all will become formless and powerless in face of Raghava, as with all snakes becoming non poisonous earthworms in the face of Garuda, the Divine Eagle.
vrm.3.57 b, Raghava came to Janasthana doubting overly, and the animals and Birds of Janasthana which look doleful have neared him whose heart has become doleful.
vrm.3.58 In this way while thinking emotively about that curvaceous Seetha, Raghava hurriedly returned to Janasthana along with Lakshmana.
vrm.3.59 There is none in all the three worlds who took birth, or going to take birth, to defeat Raghava in any given battle of any terrible nature.
vrm.3.59 Raghava is undefeatable even if all Gods come battling along with Indra in their van.
vrm.3.60 Raghava looked like a flying flutterer as his speed jostled his
vrm.3.61 But when the valiant Lakshmana addressed him in that way, Raghava whose thinking is marred by poignance spoke these pathetic words.
vrm.3.62 Even if Raghava is not able to see Seetha in his presence he started talking to her in a kind of inarticulate wailing, as wailing pampered his articulacy because his speech took shelter of wailing instinct, and as he is cowed down by Kamadeva, and thus he started to vent out his heart in this way.
vrm.3.62 Thus Raghava, the dejected, neared every corner of the forest in his search, and bewailed because that lady with best plaits, Seetha, is not found and missing from him.
vrm.3.64 b, a But on seeing them pryingly that tigerly man Raghava has indeed
vrm.3.64 When Rama spoke to the mountain in this way, that mountain echoed as if it is revealing Seetha, but actually it has not revealed Seetha to Raghava.
vrm.3.67 Even though Rama is elder to Lakshmana he gleaned the ultimate tenor of Lakshmana s words when Lakshmana just said them expediently because Raghava is a best gleaner of the gist of advises.
vrm.3.67 Thus, lamenting in that way for many times Raghava patted the body of Jatayu along with Lakshmana instancing his parental regard.
vrm.3.68 My sight is spinning and my lives are stifled, oh, Raghava, I am now seeing golden trees with cuscus grass as their treetops.
vrm.3.68 Both of the Raghava s took funeral baths in the waters of River Godavari and then made water oblations to the king of Eagles.
vrm.3.69 In this way, Raghava s on offering water oblations to Jatayu went southwestward in the forest and proceeded looking around for Seetha.
vrm.3.69 Thereafter, both the highly vigorous Raghava s have entered the impassable Krauncha forest, on going three krosa s from Janasthana.
vrm.3.69 b, He that overlong armed Kabandha outstretching his overlong arms snatched both of the Raghava s, keeping them side by side in his fists, and wringing them with his might.
vrm.3.69 In that situation, that valiant Rama, the legatee of Raghava s, is not verily anguished owing to his courage, but Lakshmana is very much anguished, as if he is callow and in an unsheltered state, and he that younger brother of Raghava, namely Lakshmana, also dejectedly said this to Rama, the
vrm.3.69 legatee of Raghava s.
vrm.3.69 oh, Raghava, you leave me and get yourself released from the grip of the Rakshasa.
vrm.3.70 Oh, king Raghava, killing the non aggressive is tantamount to the killing of animals that are led into Vedic ritual in its midst is despicable to the kings.
vrm.3.70 Then both the Raghava s are very highly gladdened as the Rakshasa is hauling them towards his eye at shoulder level, and as they are the brothers with circumspection, they instantly mutilated his arms right at their shoulder joints only with two swords.
vrm.3.71 b, a "Oh, Raghava, as to how this has happened in this way according to the sum and substance told by the sage Sthulashira, you alone are that Rama, let safe betide you, and none other than you is capable to mangle me.
vrm.3.71 b, a When Raghava is said thus by that Kabandha, the heir of Danu, that duty minded Rama said this word to Kabandha while Lakshmana is hearing.
vrm.3.71 "Oh, Raghava, utterly distorted is my acumen, indeed, by the blemish of curse.
vrm.3.71 "Oh, Raghava, you have to befriend him with an amicable comportment.
vrm.3.71 "Oh, Raghava, nothing is there in all the three worlds that is unfamiliar to him, for he circumnavigated all worlds once, in a different context.
vrm.3.72 Oh, Raghava, how you will regain Seetha, that you listen from me in its essence.
vrm.3.72 Oh, bold one, you go straight from here to that great mighty Sugreeva, and oh, Raghava, on going from here now and promptly you fraternise with Sugreeva.
vrm.3.72 b, a Oh, Raghava, right away and candidly you make that Vanara Sugreeva, a wanderer in the forest, sheltering himself on Mountain Rishyamuka, as a friend of yours taking an oath on your weapon besides the Fire witness.
vrm.3.72 b, a Oh, enemy subjugator Rama, as far as the thousand rayed sun manifestly irradiates the world, oh, Raghava, thus far, nothing in the least is unfamiliar to him, isn t it.
vrm.3.72 b, a Oh, Raghava, he expedites giant bodied Vanaras in all directions to search for her, who is agonised by your parting, and he quests after the residence of Ravana for that comely lady Maithili.
vrm.3.73 "There the indwellers of Pampa Lake s waters, oh, Raghava, namely the Swans, Cranes, Krauncha s and fish Hawks will be letting out peeps in tuneful voice.
vrm.3.73 b, a "Oh, Raghava, there you will see highly delightful and wide ranging trees like Tilaka and Naktamaala, and fully bloomed red and blue lotuses, as well.
vrm.3.73 "Oh, Raghava, there is none someone to inwreathe the garlands of those flowers, and indeed, they neither dry up, nor drop down.
vrm.3.73 oh, Raghava, since those flowers have emerged from sweat drops, they are imperishable, indeed.
vrm.3.74 Those two legatees of Raghu on making a sojourn on the mountaintop, they the Raghava s drew nigh of the moorland on the westward of
vrm.3.74 When that graceful souled Rama is addressed thus by Shabari, he that Raghava enquiringly said this to that Shabari who is never ever debarred from esoteric knowledge and gnosis.
vrm.3.75 While Shabari ascended to heaven with her own divine self resplendence, Raghava who is with Lakshmana started to cogitate over the magnificence of Matanga disciples.
vrm.3.75 That noble souled Raghava on thinking about the efficacy of the disciples of Matanga, said to Lakshmana, who is the maintainer of Rama s well being, and who is thinking single mindedly.
vrm.3.75 Though both Raghava s came there composedly and dispassionately,
vrm.4.1 dur anvaya wrong parsing of words in verse "If Ravana goes to the netherworlds, or still deeper worlds from there, oh my brother, still he will not live, Raghava.
vrm.4.3 Mindful of the words of noble souled Sugreeva, Hanuma took his flight from Mountain Rishyamuka to where Raghava s are
vrm.4.3 Casting off his Vanara s semblance Vayu s son Hanuma attained the persona of an ascetic, for that Vanara is incredulous in mind about Raghava s.
vrm.4.3 Then on nearing Raghava s that Hanuma voicing softly and well pleasingly like an obedient one, that best Vanara befittingly hailed, greeted and praised those two valiant ones.
vrm.4.4 such a Raghava, my mentor, is now seeking refuge with Sugreeva.
vrm.4.4 Thus Hanuman on speaking melodious words with politeness, also said to Raghava as, “good, we may now approach Sugreeva.
vrm.4.4 Raghava, as to how this Vanara seems to be happy in meeting us, by way of his narration, and he too neared us as an aspirant of some deed to be performed by us, hence joining them seems to fulfil your mission.
vrm.4.4 needless is telling untruths to such a valiant son of Vayu, Hanuma, isn’t it! So said Lakshmana to Rama Then he that very intelligent son of Vayu Hanuma, took those two valorous Raghava s to go to the king of Vanaras Sugreeva.
vrm.4.5 Hanuma on going from Mountain Rishyamuka to Mountain Malaya, has reported to the king of Vanaras Sugreeva, about the two valiant Raghava s.
vrm.4.5 a And then gladdened at heart are those two, that Vanara and Raghava, gazed enough at each other eye to eye, but their hearts did not derive any fraternal satisfaction.
vrm.4.5 b, a Sugreeva rejoicingly said to Raghava, "you are the amiable friend of mine, henceforth our mirth or miseries are same for us.
vrm.4.5 "Oh, Raghava, my brother denounced me, he even made me an enemy of his, such as I am I am living in these forests with scare and fear, and with dismayed vitality.
vrm.4.5 On hearing Raghava s words that are appeasing for his self, Sugreeva is very completely satisfied and said this fine sentence.
vrm.4.6 "You may know that this word of mine is definite oh, Raghava.
vrm.4.6 "We took those jewellery items and stored them, Raghava.
vrm.4.6 Thus said Sugreeva then entered the cavernous cave of that mountain quickly, to fulfil the yearning of Raghava.
vrm.4.8 "He who has gained the one born in Raghava s dynasty as friend, to which sacred fire bore the witness, such a being like me is estimable among his relative, more so among his kind hearted friends.
vrm.4.8 And Sugreeva broke off one branch of that sala tree that is with many leaves and a well charming one, and spreading it out for Rama, he sat on it with Raghava.
vrm.4.8 "Affronted by my brother, oh, Raghava, I am made as his enemy, such as I am, I am living on with a scared and dazed vitality far flung in fear.
vrm.4.8 On hearing Raghava s words, the lord of Vanara force Sugreeva attained much happiness and said, good, good.
vrm.4.8 He that bright Sugreeva controlled those tears, and on wiping his fortunate eyes, but sighing heavily he again started to speak this sentence to Raghava.
vrm.4.8 "He that very evil minded one tried many times to annihilate me, and Raghava, I killed those combatants Vanaras that are deployed by Vali to kill me.
vrm.4.9 Then duly summoned by all of those ministers I was crowned, and while I was ruling the kingdom judiciously, oh, Raghava, that semi human Vali returned on killing that Rakshasa enemy.
vrm.4.9 b, a And oh, Raghava, though I was capable enough to counter him, my reason was controlled by my esteem to brotherhood, and I was indisposed to commit that sin of defying brotherhood.
vrm.4.10 "All this notable account of enmity is reported to you, oh, Raghava, and you may examine the dire straits befallen on me at no fault of mine.
vrm.4.11 Sugreeva started to adore and extol Raghava on hearing the words of Rama that are inculcating happiness and pride.
vrm.4.11 "I know the might of that mighty brother the malice of mine, and oh, Raghava, but your valour in combat is imprecise to me.
vrm.4.11 "It is definite, oh, Raghava, your word, courage, and physique denote some sublime radiance in you, as with ash covered fire.
vrm.4.11 Raghava", now this body is sleazy, without flesh, also rendered into a strawy condition, and oh, Raghu s delight, you too flipped it because you are now energetic.
vrm.4.11 "If it be said something is wet or dried up there chances a lot of difference, oh, Raghava, thereby it may not be possible to assess whether you might is greater or his, as the gravity of the case depends much on that wetness or dryness alone, isn t it.
vrm.4.12 Highly gladdened Sugreeva made palm fold in that astonishment, kneeled while his ornaments dangled, and prostrated before Raghava with his head touching the ground.
vrm.4.12 For which reason Raghava could not differentiate between Sugreeva or Vali, for the same reason did not make up his mind to release his arrow, otherwise it would have been a deadening arrow, as confusion is the only reason for Rama.
vrm.4.12 Meanwhile Sugreeva is unable to spot out his benefactor Raghava as Vali whacked him down, and thereby he immediately fled to Mountain Rishyamuka.
vrm.4.12 Raghava also came to that forest, along with his brother Lakshmana and along with Hanuma, where that Vanara Sugreeva fled.
vrm.4.12 "You should have truly made it known at that time only, oh, Raghava, that you will not kill Vali, then I would not have come here, to Kishkindha.
vrm.4.13 On hearing that sentence of that great soul Raghava, then Sugreeva described about the significance of that forest while proceeding on the way.
vrm.4.13 Raghava", this spacious hermitage with abundant gardens and dainty tubers, fruits and water is a weary remover.
vrm.4.13 "From there artistically worded lyrical and instrumental tunes, and even the sounds of ornaments are audible, and oh, Raghava, one can sense a divine fragrance too.
vrm.4.13 "Offer salutations determinedly and adjoining palms addressing the sages called Seven Persons, oh Raghava, along with brother Lakshmana "Those that offer salutations to those sages with contemplated souls will evince no bodily trauma in the least.
vrm.4.14 When thus said by Sugreeva that enemy destroyer and righteous Raghava said this word Sugreeva.
vrm.4.16 "Also, you need not bother about Raghava s doing some harm to me, as I wonder how a diligent man and knower of virtue can commit sin.
vrm.4.16 b, a Sugreeva became retardant in aggression when Vali routed his pride and then he exasperatedly started searching for Raghava to counteract Vali.
vrm.4.16 Raghava has then seen the lord of Vanaras Sugreeva who is repeatedly eyeing all sides for help and who is even deteriorating in his enterprise.
vrm.4.16 The arrow released by Raghava that has the boom of thunderbolt s thunderclap and the flashes of a lightning fell on the chest of Vali.
vrm.4.17 "Will anybody born in Kshatriya s family, a learned one in Veda s, thereby who is rid of ambiguities with respect to right and wrong, and who is cloaked in an air of probity, execute such a ruthless deed like this? "Though born in Raghava s dynasty and renowned as a moralist you are actually amoral, and for what purpose you run around with this moral aspect?
vrm.4.17 Raghava", five kinds of five nailed animals, viz.
vrm.4.18 "Indeed an ignoble cannot disprove a nobleman, Raghava, and with regards to the undesirable and improper words I have unwittingly spoken earlier, in that mater too it will be truly unapt of you to make me blameworthy, as I spoke them in anguish and ignorance.
vrm.4.22 "You have to accomplish Raghava s mission undoubtedly, and if it is unaccomplished there will be infraction on your part because you befriended him before an altar of fire, and you may even be punished for dishonouring him and your given word to him.
vrm.4.24 On approaching him who is majestic, who is still handling his bow and snake like arrow, a distinguished person with all of his limbs adorned with great attributes that an emperor should have by birth, to such a Raghava who is standing nearby, Sugreeva spoke this way.
vrm.4.24 "How difficult is this insufferable sacrilege of mine, oh, best king, owing to which my good breeding is shed from my heart, as with the gold, which if alloyed will be intolerant of that filth, but oh, Raghava, even the gold sheds itself from scum when melted, and though I melt in grief this scum of sacrilege is unshed.
vrm.4.24 "I think this body of great might Vanara commanders is withstanding its lives in a halfway, oh, Raghava, just because of me and this Angada who is searing in anguish, for it is half dead with the death of Vali.
vrm.4.27 Raghava having said thus resided on that Mountain Prasavana along with Lakshmana, whereat many sightly caves and arbours are there.
vrm.4.27 "Oh, Raghava, in the world you are a result oriented person, and a devotee of Gods for achieving those desired results, you are the theist, moralist, and also the mobilizer.
vrm.4.27 Honouring that expedient and propitious advise of Lakshmana, Raghava spoke this sentence to that good hearted and good natured Lakshmana.
vrm.4.29 "Hence, the task of our friend is delayed, oh, enemy destroyer, searching for Vaidehi is Raghava s mission and let it be done.
vrm.4.29 Raghava" is the cause for augmentation of multitudes, a long lasting covenentor, and even an undefinable one in his proficiency, and an unparalleled one by his grace.
vrm.4.30 But on getting consciousness in a moment, that thoughtful king Raghava started to think of Vaidehi who is abiding in his heart, though not at his side.
vrm.4.31 "This Lakshmana, the brother of Raghava, has arrived here at the decree of Rama on the chariot called his endeavour charioted by the charioteer called the word of Rama.
vrm.4.32 "I have not in the least spoken any ill of them, nor committed any misdeed in their respect, thus I am thinking why should Raghava s brother Lakshmana take offence at me? "Unsympathetic rivals of mine, who will always be snoopy for scope, might have ear filled Raghava s brother about the fabricated faults of mine.
vrm.4.32 "Definitely there is no fear for me from Lakshmana, not even from Raghava, but an unfounded ire of a friend alone is giving rise to disquiet.
vrm.4.32 "On his part Raghava tossed off his fear distantly and eliminated Vali, whose valour equals that of Indra, only to fulfil your cherish.
vrm.4.32 "Anywise, by virtue of his friendliness with you Raghava must be annoyed, hence he must have expedited his brother Lakshmana, whose disposition in effect to is enhance prosperity.
vrm.4.32 Raghava" s bitter words are endurable by you as he is primarily an anguished person, further he is the one whose is wife is abducted, and furthermore he is magnanimous in giving kingdom to you, besides, he is reproachful through another person, namely Lakshmana.
vrm.4.32 "If Raghava is highly infuriated he is capable to keep the world under his control along with Gods, Rakshasas, Gandharva s just on hitching up his bow, isn t it! "It becomes unseemly to infuriate him who is to be placated time and again, especially when remembering his earlier beneficence to you and when you are beholden to him.
vrm.4.33 In that city Lakshmana of Raghava dynasty has seen buildings that are not single storied but multi storied, semblable with Mountain Vindhya and Mountain Meru, and he even saw mountain rapids with pure water.
vrm.4.33 "This brother of Raghava is mellow hearted by his nature, oh, suavely eye browed Tara, but he turned up as if with some disdain, really what must be the reason for a grudge! "What do you see as the basis of this young man s spite, oh impeccable Tara, this best one among men will not invoke despite, indeed, to a fault.
vrm.4.34 "If you do not recognise what the noble souled Raghava has done to you, you will be instantly killed with incisive arrows enabling you to see Vali.
vrm.4.35 "On eliminating that worst Rakshasa Ravana, Sugreeva can bring Seetha together with Raghava, as with the coalescing of star Rohini with the Moon.
vrm.4.35 "Determined to achieve the objective of Raghava this king of Vanaras Sugreeva has not bestirred himself while awaiting the return of those venturesome and very great mighty Vanara warriors who are sent out.
vrm.4.36 Virtue souled Raghava reacquires Seetha, and even exterminates Ravana by himself with his own resplendence, while I and my assistance remain only in name.
vrm.4.37 Then thirty million fly jumpers whose swiftness is inconceivable, and whose shine is like that of black mascara have sallied forth from mountain Anjana to there where Raghava is camping, i.
vrm.4.38 Raghava raised and tightly hugged the king of Vanaras Sugreeva, who has prostrated himself with his head touching the feet of Rama, with care and credit.
vrm.4.38 "Oh, Raghava, the legatee of Raghu, those vanara s with dreadful appearance, and who are the experts in permeating the impenetrable forests, woodlands and impassable mountains are coming.
vrm.4.43 "Great souled Raghava has indeed done a favour to us, isn t it.
vrm.4.44 Raghava started pondaration when he is cognisant of the entrustment of the task to Hanuma and on cognising Hanuma as an efficient cause.
vrm.4.53 "Instinctively Sugreeva is a hot tempered vanara and Raghava is interested in his beloved wife.
vrm.4.53 "That highly impassable cavity is contrived by Maya and it is abundant with trees, water, eatables and potables, and there is no fear even from Indra in that cavity, nor from Raghava, nor from Sugreeva, the king of Vanaras.
vrm.4.56 "Just by giving boons to Kaikeyi, the quandaries like Rama s dwelling in forests along with Seetha and Lakshmana, as a result Rama s fury eliminating complete Rakshasas of Janasthana, and as a result Raghava s arrow exterminating Vali have come to pass.
vrm.4.57 "Then Raghava made friendship with my paternal uncle Sugreeva, an intellectual autocrat, and Sugreeva got my father killed.
vrm.5.21 I am not separate with Raghava like the sun shine with the sun.
vrm.6.31 Bring Vidyujjihva, the Rakshasa of the cruel deed, by whom himself Raghava s head was brought back from the battle field.
vrm.6.42 The Vanaras, who were able to change their form at will, shouting Victory“ to the mighty Rama and the valiant Lakshmana!” Victory“ of Sugreeva protected by Raghava!” and roaring, rushed towards the defensive walls of Lanka.
vrm.6.61 As directed by Raghava, Neela the commander in chief and the foremost of the Vanaras, ordered the Vanara troops suitably.
vrm.7.1 On the Rakshasas having been slain, all the ascetics, for the purpose of congratulating Raghava, came to Rama as he gained back his kingdom.
vrm.7.1 And on arriving at the residence of Raghava, those high souled ones, resembling the fire in radiance, stopped at the gate, with the intention of communicating their arrival to Rama through the warder.
vrm.7.1 And that foremost of ascetics, the righteous Agastya, versed in various branches of learning and cognizant of the Vedas along with their branches, addressed the warder,saying, "Do thou say unto Dasaratha s son that we the sages have come here," Then at the words of Agastya, the gate kepper quick and swift presented himself with celerity before the high souled Raghava.
vrm.7.2 I shall, O Raghava, describe unto thee Ravana s race and birth, as well as tbe boon that had been conferred on him.
vrm.7.4 Hearing Raghava s words, fair and fraught with polished phrase and period, Agastya, struck with surprise, said unto Raghava, "The lord of creatures sprung from water, first created water.
vrm.7.5 At this time, O Raghava, there lived at her pleasure a Gandharvi, named Narmada.
vrm.7.12 And, O Raghava, Lanka was petriied at his voice ;and accordingly his sire himself kept his name, Meghanada.
vrm.7.27 And those waters, parched by the rays of the sun and softened by the wind, pour down holy waters and dews, O Raghava.
vrm.7.36 Hearing the words of Raghava, the ascetic Agastya, having six sorts of wealth, laughing said, like unto Brahma, speaking to Rudra O Rama, O lord of earth, traversing the earth, Ravana arrived at the city of Mahishmati, resembling the city of the Devas, where lived perpetually the deity of fire.
vrm.7.40 Hearing those well meaning words of Raghava, the ascetic Agastya said to him in the presence of Hanuman.
vrm.7.40 But if thou art, O Raghava, greatly anxious to hear it, I shall relate do thou hear with a quiescent mind.
vrm.7.41 Brahma having said this, O Raghava, the foremost of Vanaras saluted that god of gods, placing his head at his feet and said to that Primaeval deity, the creator of beings and the lord of the universe.
vrm.7.43 Hearing this excellent Pauranic theme in the company of his brothers, Raghava was greatly surprised.
vrm.7.44 O Raghava, hearing those words, the highly powerful lord of Rakshasas began to concert plans for entering into conflict with thee.
vrm.7.45 O Raghava.
vrm.7.47 Defeating many brave heroes and the mighty Rakshasa Ravana, O Raghava, didst thou recover thy wife from great distress, enhancing the fame of thy race".
vrm.7.48 Agreeing with his request Yudhajit said, "O Raghava, let jewels and wealth inexhaustible be with thee.
vrm.7.50 And hearing the words of Raghava, the highly powerful Vanaras, one by one, saluted Rama, touching his feet and went away.
vrm.7.50 Having received favours thus from the high souled Raghava the Vanaras went away to their own houses like unto bodied creatures leaving of their bodies.
vrm.7.52 Sita and Raghava thus spent their days happily.
vrm.7.52 What desires of thine can we satisfy ?"Smiling a little the daughter of Janaka said "O Raghava, I wish to behold the holy hermitages.
vrm.7.53 Hear ings those words of Vadra, Raghava was greatly sorry and asked his friends saying "Do the subjects thus talk about me?" Thereupon lowering their heads and saluting him they all said to Raghava, of a depressed mind "For sooth, the subjects thus talk about.
vrm.7.54 "Thereupon being apprised of Raghava s command and saying so be it, Saumitri ascended his car and went speedily towards Rama s abode.
vrm.7.58 But how shall I O gentle one, live in the hermitage being divorced from all my kith and kin ?And being afflicted to whom shall I express my sorrow ?What reply shall I offer unto the ascetics when they shall ask me Child"; why hath the high souled Raghava renounced thee ?What sin hast thou committed O Saumitri, I shall just renounce my life in the waters of Jahnavi ?But I desist from this for it shall bring about the termination O my husband s race.
vrm.7.58 Thereupon saluting the pious King do thou address him, in my name, saying: Thou knowest O Raghava that Sita is pure, ever devoted unto thee and engaged in thy well being.
vrm.7.59 Thereupon proceeding a little on foot with Arghya in his hands, the wise Valmiki reached the banks of the river and saw that Raghava s spouse was bewailing like a helpless woman, Having gladdened a little the aggrieved Sita by virtue his own effulgence the great ascetic Valmiki addressed in following sweet accents "O chaste damsel, thou the daughter in law of Dasaratha, the beloved wife Rama and the daughter of Janaka; thy coming here is auspicious.
vrm.7.62 O Raghava, thou shalt again be blamed by the people.
vrm.7.71 O Raghava, O thou of firms vows thou art an example of examples.
vrm.7.71 The sages conversant with laws having said this, the ascetics addressed Rama, saying "O Raghava, a king is the governor of all specially thyself.
vrm.7.71 the dog said "O Raghava, I was the head of the family of Kalanjava.
vrm.7.71 O Raghava, this Brahmana is angry by nature, and impious, injures others, and is impatient, cruel, harsh in words and ignorant, and therefore shall degrade his seven generations up and down.
vrm.7.72 O Raghava, thou at he preceptor of the mobile and immobile creation, gifted with all sorts of wealth, illustrious, devoid of a revengeful spirit, unconquerable, victorious, and master of all Sastras and laws.
vrm.7.72 O Raghava, I had built a nest for myself; this Own is now occupying it as his own ;therefore, O king, do thou save me.
vrm.7.72 O Raghava, thou lookest upon all creatures, mobile and immobile, with an impartial eye thou dost regard thy friends and foes with impartiality,and thou art duly protecting thy subjects.
vrm.7.72 O Raghava, death pursues him with whom thou art offended and it is for this reason that thou art styled by people the highly powerful Yama.
vrm.7.73 Raghava, restraining himself, with joined hands, observed :"What is the reason of your visit ?What shall I heedfully perform for you ?I am worthy of being commanded by the Maharshis; and I must without demur compass every pleasure of theirs.
vrm.7.75 Thus accosted by the sages, Rama answered them with joined hands: "What doth he live on ?What are his ways ?And where doth Lavana live ?"Hearing Raghava s words, the sages informed him of the way in which Lavana increased in power.
vrm.7.75 Hearing this, Raghava spoke to the mighty ascetics :"I will slay that Raksha.
vrm.7.75 On whom shall devolve this duty ?Whether the mighty armed Bharata or the intelligent Satrughna shall do this work ?"Thus addressed by Raghava Bharata remarked: "I will slay this.
vrm.7.75 On Satrughna saying this, Raghava again said :"Let this be so.
vrm.7.76 And then commenced the auspicious sprinkling of the high souled Satrughna, gladdening the hearts of all in the palace of Raghava.
vrm.7.76 Then placing the installed Satrughna on his lap, Raghava, extolling his prowess, addressed him sweet words: "O captor of hostile capitals, this divine arrow never missing is thine.
vrm.7.77 Do thou please them with sweet words, for the servants, when they face enemies, have not with them friends or wives and so they are pleased, O Raghava when they receive sufficient food and presents.
vrm.7.81 Do thou behold this world of creatures to thy hearts content for I shall by various sharp weapons despatch thee to Yama s abode who is the enemy of the three worlds and Raghava.
vrm.7.84 Raghava, O foremost of men, being present in theassemblage of Vasava I duly witnessed your combat.
vrm.7.85 The kings, O Raghava, are never tired of living in a foreign land.
vrm.7.88 And searching that Sudra devotee here and there Raghava proceeded towards the west.
vrm.7.88 From the east Raghava proceeded towards the south and espied a big tank by the side of the Saivala mountain.
vrm.7.89 O Raghava, with the death of the Sudra the boy has regained his life.
vrm.7.89 O Raghava, we desire to behold the hermitage of the great saint Agastya.
vrm.7.89 Thereupon the highly effulgent and leading ascetic Kumbhayoni said: "O Raghava, I have been greatly delighted with thy coming.
vrm.7.89 Do thou spend this night with me, O Raghava.
vrm.7.94 O Raghava, I have thus related unto thee, all thou didst ask of me.
vrm.7.96 Heaing the words of Raghava, Bharata, well skilled in the art of speech, with folded hands, said "O pious Sir in thee are established piety, earth and fame.
vrm.7.98 Hearing the words of Raghava, Lakshmana, the enhancer of Sumitra s delight, again took up that theme.
vrm.7.104 And the Brahmanas too, beholding the irrepressible celestial, like Raghava, welcomed him with blessings.
vrm.7.111 O Raghava, O highly illustrious one, do thou hear with the Rishis, Uttarakandam, the last portion of this poem.
vrm.7.114 Having reared up those two cities within five years, Rama s younger brother, the mighty armed Bharata, son of Kaikeyi, returned to Ayodhya, And like unto Vasava saluting Brahma he adored the high souled Raghava the very personation of virtue and communicated unto him duly the destruction of the Gandharvas and the establishment of the two cities.
vrm.7.116 Heaing the words of the great saint, Saumitri speedily went to Raghava and communicated unto him the arrival of the ascetic, saying: "O thou of great efulgence, observing the royal duties, mayst thou acquire victory in both the worlds; one ambassador radiant like the sun by virtue of his asceticism, has come here to visit thee.
vrm.7.120 Hearing the words of Raghava, the subjects with their heads downwards remained motionless like so many dead bodies.
vrm.7.121 Having thus addressed the king of Rakshasas always obeying Raghava s command, Kakuthstha said to Hanuman "It is settled that thou shalt live forever, do thou, now observe thy promise.
vrm.7.121 Being thus addressed by the high souled Raghava Hanuman attained to great delight and said: As long as the sacred theme shall pass current in this world I shall live here carrying out thy commands.
vrm.7.122 Thereupon all the subjects healthy and delighted went after Raghava, attracted by his accomplishments and cleansed of their sins.
vrm.7.122 All the females and males, with their beasts, birds and friends, delightedly followed Raghava.
vrm.7.122 And all other animals, that were beyond the view of all in the city went after Raghava proceeding to heaven.
vrm.7.123 Thereupon the Patriarch gave vent to the following accents from tho welkin "Come O Vishnu ;may good betide thee ;by our good fortune thou art coming here; O Raghava hear O thou having mighty arms, do thou enter here with thy brothers, resembling the Devas in billiance in whatever form thou likest either in that of the sky or in thy own vishnu form.

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