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vrm.2.101 "Grant me, who am your true servant, a favour! This very day, as Indra himself, receive the royal anointing!" "Grant all these people and these widowed Queens, who have come here to see you, this felicity!"
vrm.2.104 Those large eyed Queens, by means of their pleasantly touching soft fingers and palms as well as charming hands, wiped the dust from Rama s back.
vrm.2.106 The priests, citizens and elders of that multitude as well as Queens, distracted and weeping bitterly, acclaimed Bharata who was then speaking thus, duly prostrating himself before Rama and added theri supplications to Rama.
vrm.2.118 The exceedingly strong Rama bears himself to all other Queens, as he exercises his behaviour towards his mother, Kausalya.
vrm.3.56 "This is that time which has bechanced on you owing to your molesting me, you basely Rakshasa, by which time factor yourself, all of your Rakshasas, and even all of your queens in the Chambers of Queens will be devastated.

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