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vrm.1.18 The fair minded Bharata is born under Pisces where Pushyami is the star of day, and the so ns of Sumitra, namely Lakshmana and Shatrughna are born under Cancer, where Aasresa is the star of the day and when sun is rising.
vrm.2.3 "O, Rama! As you with your good qualities cherished these people, you get the princely kingdom on the day of Pushyami star when the moon appears in conjunction with the constellation Pushya.
vrm.2.4 Are not the minds of men unstable?" Today", the moon is entering the constellation known as Punarvasu which comes before Pushyami star.
vrm.2.4 The astrologers inform that the coronation ceremony can be fixed for tomorrow, when the moon joins Pushyami star.
vrm.2.4 "Hence, get anointed for the crown on the day of Pushyami star.
vrm.2.4 Hearing that her son will be anointed for the princely kingdom on the day of Pushyami star, Kausalya with controlled breath, was meditating on lord Vishnu.
vrm.2.7 Tomorrow" on the day of Pushyami star, king Dasaratha is going to anoint the fault less Rama for the princely kingdom.
vrm.2.8 Brahmans are going to anoint her son for the great princely kingdom tomorrow on the day of Pushyami star".

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