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vrm.2.2 "Joyfully, I shall appoint Rama, who shines like the moon together with Pushya star, who is the best among the protectors of righteousness and who is an excellent man, to the realm of prince.
vrm.2.3 "O, Rama! As you with your good qualities cherished these people, you get the princely kingdom on the day of Pushyami star when the moon appears in conjunction with the constellation Pushya.
vrm.2.4 After the citizens left, Dasaratha who was efficient in taking decisions pertaining to place and time of ceremonies, again conferred with the ministers and decided thus: Tomorrow" will be a day when the constellation of Pushya would be in the ascendant.
vrm.2.15 The best of brahmanas were prepared to do Rama s coronation in day time after the sun rises clearly at the arrival of Pushya star and on arrival of Rama s auspicious birth time of Cancer.
vrm.2.26 Oh Rama! It is indeed told by learned brahmanas that today s constellation Pushya which is presided by sage Brihaspati which is propitions, is suitable for coronation.
vrm.3.16 "Precluded is the reclining under open sky as the nights are led by the Pushya constellation, they will now be with brownish grey fog and chilly, and prolonged are the lengths of nights whereby the three watches of night will be quickly slipping away.
vrm.5.57 names of Pushya and Shravana as swans, the clouds as its duck weeds the twin constellations the Punarvasus as its large fish, the planet Mars as its large alligator, a large island as Airavata, graced with a swan in the form of the constellation, Swati, having gales as its waves, the moon beams as its cool water and with the Nagas, Yakshas and Gandharvas as its full blown lotuses and water lilies.
vrm.6.126 Tomorrow, when the moon will be in conjunction with the asteroid, Pushya you will be able to see Rama, without any obstacle.

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