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vrm.1.1 Rama" obtained boon from Devas to get all the dead Vanaras up on their feet as though woken up from sleep, and he travelled towards Ayodhya by Pushpaka Aircraft, with all the good hearted friends around him.
vrm.1.1 "Then on boarding Pushpaka Aircraft again after leaving the hermitage of Bharadwaja, and telling episodes jovially to Sugreeva and others about the events in the days of his exile in forests, while flying overhead of the very same places, Rama went to Nandigrama, where Bharata is available.
vrm.1.3 Hanuma s seeing Ravana, and also his seeing Pushpaka, the divine Aircraft, and in Ashoka gardens, his seeing Seetha also.
vrm.1.3 Crowning of Vibhishana as the king of Lanka, after the demise of Ravana, and also Rama s seeing Pushpaka, the divine Aircraft, and returning to Ayodhya in that Aircraft.
vrm.1.70 and my brother presides over that city as if he is sitting in the Pushpaka Vimana aircraft of Kubera, and as though supping the sugarcane juice like waters of River Ikshumati.
vrm.3.32 She saw Ravana who is fulgent with his own radiance, seated with ministers at his nearby in the midst of the divine Aircraft Pushpaka, as with Indra who will be sitting amidst Maruts.
vrm.3.32 a On going to Mountain Kailasa he who has defeated the one who uses humans as his vehicle, namely Kubera, and snatched away his Vimana aircraft, namely Pushpaka, which Aircraft transits at the wish of its steersman, and Shuurpanakha saw such a grabber of others possessions.
vrm.3.48 "I am that Ravana, oh, auspicious lady, who just by his valour acquired Kubera s auspicious Aircraft known as Pushpaka, whose pilotage is just by the wish of its aviator, with which I will be travelling in skies.
vrm.3.55 "Oh, well waisted lady, just by my might I notched up an Aircraft known as Pushpaka from my brother Kubera in a war with him, which is similar sun in its shine.
vrm.5.7 There the great Hanuma saw a great aerial car, the best among best of aerial cars, shining with the name of Pushpaka with the rays of precious stones, and capable of traveling long distances.
vrm.5.7 And also an image of Goddess Lakshmi with four graceful hands and holding lotus in Her hand was made to exist in Pushpaka.
vrm.5.8 That Hanuma the best among Vanara warriors saw there a best plane with the name of Pushpaka with a more beautiful appearance than a group of flowers during spring, a more attractive appearance than even the spring season.
vrm.5.9 Whatever wonderful aeroplane by the name of Pushpaka, decorated with all kinds of precious stones, made by Visvakarma in heaven for lord Brahma, whatever plane Kubera obtained by great austerity from Lord Brahma, Ravana obtained that plane by prowess defeating Kubera.
vrm.5.9 Shone by floors embellished with corals of strange hue and with precious stones of great value, with pearls without comparison Reddish and resembling gold, together with sandal wood having a good smell and brilliant like the Sun at noon The great Hanuma alighted the best aeroplane called Pushpaka with an excellent form decorated by rows of upper floors.
vrm.5.11 Then the blossoming fragrance from the baths and sandal paste and from agallocum fumes blew spreading all around in that Pushpaka plane.
vrm.5.12 Thereafter the son of Vayu Hanuma got down from Pushpaka, obtained thought with a mind overcome with grief.
vrm.5.27 "The valorous best among men Rama together with brother Lakshmana and with Seetha ascended wonderful Pushpaka aeroplane equalling the Sun, went in the northern direction.
vrm.5.27 "Now Ravana fallen down on to earth from Pushpaka aeroplane having the head shaved, wearing black clothes again was seen to be pulled by a woman.
vrm.6.7 Throwing down a group of Yakshas, after causing a flutter among them and taking them in prison, this aerial car Pushpaka was procured by you from Mount Kailasa.
vrm.6.47 Take her in Pushpaka the aeroplane and show her Rama and Lakshmana who were killed in battle.
vrm.6.47 Beholding Rama and Lakshmana fallen under the sway of death on the battle field today, finding no other haven and hoping for nothing else, the large eyed Seetha will voluntarily seek refuge with me! Hearing these words of the cruel Ravana, they all replied, Be it so and went to where the Pushpaka chariot was.
vrm.6.47 Thereafter, the female Rakshasas brought the aerial car, Pushpaka as per the instructions of Ravana and carried it nearer to Seetha who was staying in Ashoka grove.
vrm.6.47 The female Rakshasas brought Seetha who was afflicted with grief for her husband and made her to ascend Pushpaka plane.
vrm.6.47 The female Rakshasas along with Trijata made Seetha to ascend Pushpaka plane and proceeded to show her Rama and Lakshmana.
vrm.6.48 "O, Seetha! This aerial car called Pushpaka by name, celestial as it is, would not have brought you here, if those two heroes have lost their lives.
vrm.6.48 After sending back that aerial car, Pushpaka which was as swift as the thought, the sorrowful Seetha was caused by Trijata to enter Lanka once more.
vrm.6.48 Thereafter, Seetha along with Trijata who descended from Pushpaka the aerial car, were caused by the female Rakshasas, to enter the Ashoka grove again.
vrm.6.62 Reaching his brother s house and entering the inner apartment, Kumbhakarna saw his worried brother sitting in Pushpaka, a self moving aerial car.
vrm.6.110 "That Ravana, by whom Indra was thrown into fear, Yama was struck with terror, by whom Kubera the king was deprived of Pushpaka the Vimana aerial car, and by whom fear was caused on the battle field in the Gandharva in the sages and the great souled Devas, lies killed in the battle field.
vrm.6.121 O Rama of unequalled prowess! The aerial car shining like the sun, which moves as one pleases, wonderful and excellent, named Pushpaka of Kubera my brother was robbed by the mighty Ravana after conquering Kubera in battle.
vrm.6.121 The generous minded Rama along with Lakshmana felt amazed to see the aforesaid aerial car, Pushpaka, which resembled a mountain and which could travel everywhere at will, arrived on that occasion.
vrm.6.122 Keeping ready Pushpaka the aerial car decorated with flowers, Vibhishana, for his part, standing not very far, spoke to Rama as follows: What more can I do? thus spoke with haste, Vibhishana endowed as he was with modesty and with joined palms, to Rama.
vrm.6.122 Thereupon, that Sugreeva along with the Vanaras gladly ascended that wonderful Pushpaka, the aerial car.
vrm.6.126 Going still faster and ascending along with Seetha, the aerial car, Pushpaka, which was as swift as thought, the mighty Ravana the king of Rakshasas thereupon entered the City of Lanka.
vrm.6.126 "Having been granted boons, Rama for his part flew to Kishkindha in an aerial car called Pushpaka, along with the Vanaras who gathered there.
vrm.6.127 The wonderful aerial car called Pushpaka was built with his intelligence by Viswakarma.
vrm.6.127 That wonderful aerial car, Pushpaka which was seized by Ravana once, went in speed to Kubera, as impelled by Ramas advice.
vrm.7.3 And do thou take for thy vehicle this car, named Pushpaka, resembling the Sun himself, and thus raise thyself to an equality with the Devas.
vrm.7.3 At times the righteous souled lord of riches, mounted on Pushpaka, in humble guise visited his father and mother.
vrm.7.9 And resembling dark clouds, that lord of Rakshasas decked in ear rings of burnished gold, taking his daughter like unto Sree herself without her lotus, and wandering over the earth, saw the lord of riches journeying in his Pushpaka, going to see his sire that lord, the son of Pulastya.
vrm.7.9 And it came to pass that after a length of time the god, Vaisravana lord of riches came to see his sire, mounted on Pushpaka.
vrm.7.15 Conquering the bestower of wealth, the lord of Rakshasas, with a delighted heart, possesed himself of his Pushpaka, the car, as a sign of victory ;furnished with golden pillars, gateways set with lapises, covered with networks of pearls, having trees yielding the fruits of all seasons, endowed with the celerity of thought, ranging everywhere at will, weaing forms at pleasure, capable of coursing in the sky, with golden and jewelled stafs, and daises of polished gold, the vehicle of the gods undeteriorating, bringing delight to the mind and sight ;wonderous exceedingly :painted with images designed to fill the mind with reverence, constructed by Brahma, containing all objects of desire, charming and nonpariel not cold and not yet hot, granting gratification in every season, and graceful to the view.
vrm.7.16 Furnished with networks of solar rays, and appearing like a second Sun, and ascending the mountain, he was surveying the heart of the forest, when, O Rama, Pushpaka was suddenly deprived of its motion.
vrm.7.16 And the lord of Rakshasas, could not comprehend how the car which had been so made as to course in accordance with the wish of the rider, could have its course impeded ;and thereat he in company with his councillors thought, Wherefore doth not this Pushpaka course at my desire over this mountain ?Whose act is this Thereat Maricha foremost of intelligent ones said, That Pushpaka doth not course cannot, sire, be without cause; or it may be that in consequence of Pushpaka not having born;: any other than the bestower of riches, it hath ceased its course not having the lord of wealth for its rider.
vrm.7.16 And the lordly Nandi,undaunted, addressed the sovereign of the Rakshasas, saying Desist thou O Ten necked one Sankara; spoteth in the mountain ;and now He is incapable of being approached by every one Suparnas, Nagas and Yakshas Devas;, Gandharvas and Rakshas Hearing Nandi s speech, Ravana, wrought up with wrath, his eyes coppery, and his ear rings shaking, leapt down from Pushpaka.
vrm.7.16 But without heading Nandi s speech, that highly powerful one Dasanana coming to the mountan, said, O Gopati, I will even uproot this mountain, for whom Pushpaka was deprived of its motion as I was journeying.
vrm.7.16 If disregarded, it will for certain come back to me Having thus received his name from Maheshvara, Ravana, saluting Mahadeva, ascended Pushpaka.
vrm.7.18 When Vedavati had entered into fire, Ravana, ascending Pushpaka, began to range the earth.
vrm.7.20 And that Devarshi the exceedingly energetic Narada of immeasurable splendour, seated on the back of the cloud, addressed Ravana, who was stationed in Pushpaka, saying, O lord of Rakshasas, O placid one, O son of Visrava, stay.
vrm.7.21 And dispelling the gloom of that region with the efulgence of Pushpaka, that exceedingly powerful Rakshasa came forward.
vrm.7.21 And those heroes by hundreds and by thousands assailed Pushpaka with Prasas, and bludgeons, and darts and maces, and spears and Tomaras.
vrm.7.21 And in that conflict Pushpaka presided over by divine energy, incapable of being destroyed by virtue of Brahma power, being broken, resumed its former shape.
vrm.7.21 And then pierced through and through by those weapons, with his person covered with blood, the Rakshasa king appeared like a flowering Kinsuka in Pushpaka.
vrm.7.22 Having said this, even thus did he vanish with his car and horses; And having vanquished him and distinguished his name, he again ascended the Pushpaka and went out of the abode of Yama.
vrm.7.23 And hailing him with victory, the councillors headed by Maricha, having been encouraged by Ravana, ascended Pushpaka.
vrm.7.23 And seeing their own forces brought to straits in the conflict and driven back in the fight with networks of shafts, and down on the ground and seeing Ravana in Pushpaka, Varuna s sons swiftly shot into the welkin with their fleet footing cars And after they had attained a station of equal vantage with Ravana in the sky, great was the encounter that then, took place in the sky, resembling the encounter of the Devas and the Danavas.
vrm.7.24 Thereupon, O Rama, having descended from Pushpaka, Dasagriva, black as collyrium, entered that house.
vrm.7.24 In the meantime there arose a sound from Pushpaka, and the councillors of that lord of Rakshasas cried aloud.
vrm.7.25 And ascending the car Pushpaka having the velocity of the sun s steeds, he, by various courses, went on and beheld the glorious sun, gifted with all radiance, purifying all, wearing golden Keyuras and clothes crested with jewels.
vrm.7.29 And the car was ablaze on all sides with the sighings of those damsels and Pushpaka looked like the chamber where fire is kept perpetually.
vrm.7.39 Thereupon having descended from his Pushpaka car he with silent steps approached Vali to bring him under his grasp.
vrm.7.46 Being struck by the radiant heat of that insular continent, the Pushpaka car, of the mighty Ravana, could not stands there like clouds scattered by the wind.
vrm.7.46 And Dasanana too away his golden car Pushpaka with them.
vrm.7.51 O lord, know me as Pushpaka coming from the abode of Kubera.
vrm.7.51 At the command of Kubera I shall valiantly traverse all regions carrying out your behests" Hearing the words of Pushpaka, the highly powerful Rama said to the returning car stationed in the welkin "O foremost of cars, Pushpaka, if such be the case, do thou come here ;while the lord of wealth hath commanded thus, I.
vrm.7.51 Having said this and worshipped it with dried paddy, fragrant flowers and incense, Rama, having long arms, addressed Pushpaka "Do thou go now and come here whenever I shall remember thee.
vrm.7.51 Having been adored by Rama and saying so be it Pushpaka proceeded towards its wished for direction.
vrm.7.51 And the holy Pushpaka car having thus vanished, Bharata, with folded palms, said to Rama, the delight of Raghus O hero, duing thy divine administration, we have seen many inhuman creatures and objects speak like men.
vrm.7.52 Having sent away the golden Pushpaka, the highly powerful Rama entered the Asoka forest beautified by sandal, Aguru, Mangoe, dark sandal and Devadaru trees, and covered with Champaka, Aguru, Naga, Kesara, Madhuka, Panasa, Sarja, Parijata, resembling smokeless fire, Sodhra, Neepa, Arjuna, Naga, Saptaparna, Muktaka, Mandara, Kadali and various creepers, abounding in Priyanga, Kadamba, Vakula, Jambu, pomegranate, and Kadali trees, containing various flowers, picturesque, having many fruits, fragrant, decorated with new leaves and adorned with vaious other trees.
vrm.7.63 Once on a time at the sacred pilgrimage of Pushpaka that king conferred upon the Brahmanas one Koti of kine with calvesadornedwithgoldenornaments.
vrm.7.72 Having invited then all and ascending his Pushpaka car, he went to the place in question, and, descending there, asked the Vulture, "How long has this nest been" made ?Tell me.
vrm.7.88 Hearing the sweet words of Pushpaka the king Rama saluted the great ascetics, ascended the car with his burning bow, quiver and dagger and left Bharata and Lakshmana in charge of the city.
vrm.7.88 And having sat on the Pushpaka car he saw that the eastern quarter was transparent like a looking glass and there was not the best touch of sin.
vrm.7.89 Saying so be it to the words of the Devas that descendant of Raghu ascended his golden car Pushpaka, And having ascended spacious cars the Devas proceeded to the hermitage of Agastya born of a Kumbha.
vrm.7.89 The Devas having depated Rama descended from Pushpaka and saluted that effulgent and foremost of Rishis Agastya.
vrm.7.89 Thou shalt go to thy city next morning in thy Pushpaka car.
vrm.7.95 and with serene air ascended the golden car Pushpaka.

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