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vrm.3.14 Rig Veda Purusha Shuukta.
vrm.7.24 He is like unto the twelve Adityas, Purana and the excellent Purusha ;he is like unto the red clouds the lord of gods and the best god.
vrm.7.24 All these sages, who long for final liberation, meditate upon him he, who can know this Purusha, is not sullied with sins.
vrm.7.24 And not beholding that Purusha there, the night ranger issued out of the abode of Varuna, shouting with joy.
vrm.7.27 Thou art the protector and the creator of the universe, the Purusha, eternal and certain ;the lord of all religions, Virupaksha, the three qualities and the protector of all beings.
vrm.7.28 Thereupon that Purusha easily struck Ravana with his hands hard as thunder.
vrm.7.28 The Adityas, the Maruts, the Siddhas, the two Aswins, Rudras, the mines, Yama, Kubera, the oceans, mountains, rivers, all the divisions of the Veda and knowledge, ie, Planets, stars, sky, Siddhas, Gandharvas, Charanas, the ascetics conversant with the knowledge of Vedas, Garudas and the Nagas, the other Devas, Yakshas, Daityas and Rakshasas, were all seen in their incorporeal forms, on the person of that great Purusha, lying down.
vrm.7.89 Thou at the lord of all creatures and the eternal Purusha.
vrm.7.98 Therefore, O excellent Purusha, do thou so arrange that he may be freed from sins.

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